A woman shows off a few beauty basics from mom, explaining to her daughter a few beauty tricks.

Beauty Basics From Mom
5 Lessons You Didn't Learn in Beauty School 

Cosmetology school probably taught you a ton of things you didn’t know about the beauty industry, cosmetology techniques, and must-know beauty tips–but we can safely agree that it didn’t teach you everything, right?  

In fact, it’s probably super likely that a lot of the stuff you know and a lot of the things you do stem from a single source of influence–your momma.

Yep, moms, they teach us so much–especially when it comes to things you wouldn’t normally expect.

Like, be honest, did you totally anticipate your mom would teach you the cosmetology basics you’d build your whole foundation on?

Probably not–but it’s likely that if you examine a lot of what you do and how you do it, your mom’s beauty influence is there (even if you have to squint hard to see it).

Your mother figure–no matter who she was in your life­–probably influenced the way you think about beauty and cosmetology in general from a very young age.

Is this a bad thing? Not to us–even if the beauty stuff you learned from your mom is technically not accurate “according to industry standard.”

Whether your mom or mother figure taught you something super accurate or she just had a unique way of applying skincare, it’s always amazing to look back on the things you do and say, “wow, my mom had quite the influence on me.”

But how?

We’re not going to pretend to know every mom’s little beauty quirks, but we are sharing a few of the most common out there.

Ask yourself–is this something your mom did? Did she do the exact opposite?

No matter what your momma taught you, we're willing to bet it led you to great things in the beauty industry (or at least led you to some really great stories you share with your clients). 

Beauty Tips Straight from Mom: What Cosmetology School Couldn’t Teach

Beauty is a Mood Booster

Whether it’s just for fun, accomplishing the ultimate look, or for no reason whatsoever at all, our moms taught us that dressing up, swiping on some lipstick, going for a pedicure, getting a tan, or doing our hair can really just perk us right up.

No, we’re not saying beauty is the cure-all for everything, but you know there was probably a time in your life where you were down and your mom let you play with her makeup, or took you for a facial, or painted your nails–and it helped!

Every Beauty is Different–And That’s a Good Thing

Mothers say it best–you’re beautiful just the way you are. 

Sure, cosmetology school taught us how to tweak certain things, use techniques to highlight features, and give our clients the ultimate perfect-for-them look, but the fact of the matter is there is no one look.

Our moms taught us that there's no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to beauty, and that’s the damn truth. Preach, mommas.

A mom and daughter act silly with a hair dryer and a brush, another beauty tip picked up from mom.


Have Fun with Your Look

This isn’t the case for every mom for sure, but lots of moms taught their kiddos one thing–having fun with your look–and finding a beautiful look that’s right for you–is the primary goal.

Want to cut your hair off? Go for it; hair grows back.

Want to try a new makeup look that’s a little edgy? Do it; makeup washes off. Want to take a stab at a new nail trend? They’re just nails; why not do it?


Having fun with your look is a big factor when it comes to beauty–and beauty is different for everyone. Why not make it a blast? Especially if your mom said so.

"Leave Your Brows Alone" 

If you ever over-tweezed or plucked-to-death your brows, you probably wish your mom had said this to you

But for all those folks out there whose moms told them to leave their eyebrows alone, it’s likely you’re thanking her big time now that the overly thin brows of the 90s and early 2000s are long gone.

Treat Yo’Self to the Good Stuff

And by the good stuff, we don’t mean the “fancy expensive” stuff–we mean the stuff that works and the stuff you deserve. Want to splurge for some mascara that makes you feel fierce? Momma says it's worth it. Totally dying for a facial? You deserve it (mom said). Whatever you need in the beauty department, sometimes you just need to treat yourself–and that’s a beauty lesson we all can stand by.

So, tell us, was your mom’s beauty thing on this list?

Did we miss it? Make sure you drop a comment in the reply section below to let us know what her unique beauty quirk is–and what she passed on to you!

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