The 8 Things Every Esthetician Should Do in Their First Year
How to Kick Off Your Career the Right Way

It’s your first year as an esthetician—are you ready to totally crush it?

We’re sure you’re about to do some seriously awesome things (and we’re rarely wrong, BTW), but if you’re nervous about starting out, know that it’s totally normal to have some anxiety about your first year.

Luckily, we’ve been in business for a long time, and in that span we’ve cultivated a few tips from uber-successful estheticians who have paved the way for soon-to-be big-time esthetician (um, like you!)—and the good news is we’re happy to share that advice with you.

So, buckle up for a heck-of-a-year and let this advice guide your new journey—you’ve got this, you esthetician superstar.

8 Things Every Esthetician Should Do the First Year They're in Business 

Get Esthetician Liability Insurance ASAP

There’s a reason we put this one first on the list—and it’s not because we’re an insurance company looking to make a sale. This HAS to be first on the list because, without liability insurance, everything that comes after this is sort of moot.

Why? Because if you build up your entire esthetician business following each and every one of these steps except esthetician insurance, you’re still subject to lose it all should something terrible and unexpected happen.

We’re not trying to be bleak; we’re trying to be realistic.

So, yes, every other step on this list is important—but esthetician insurance has to come first, or else you’ll be dealing with a whole lot of complications should claims arise.

The good news? We can help—check out Elite Beauty Society’s esthetician insurance to see how we can cover you!

Build a Website

Even if this makes you groan and roll your eyes, you gotta do it. Why? Because this is 2022, people—websites are a must for social proof, credibility, and bringing in new clients.

Your website doesn’t have to be the fanciest right away, you just need to have something that’s easy to navigate, informative, and provides would-be clients with the answers they need to make the plunge and take a chance on you.

Prioritize Learning & Continuing Education

Even though it seems like your first year is a whirlwind of constant learning no matter what you do, it’s important to focus on prioritizing this part of your career. In your first year as an esthetician, you have an opportunity unlike any other—to start your career with gusto and zest!

How you look at this first year—and how you commit to continuously learning—could change the track of your career forever. So, embrace learning and prioritize education in all aspects of this business.

Make Social Media Marketing Your Thing 

Don’t ignore social media platforms. Even if the digital world drives you bonkers, it’s crucial for you to establish a presence and make yourself known. Need some social media advice? Check out some of our resources here to get your feet wet:

Find a Trusted Mentor

Remember that conversation we started a few paragraphs about learning?

Nothing says “I’m committed to education” more than finding the perfect mentor to take you under their wing and teach you everything they know.

We’re not saying this is easy (it’s not, spoiler alert) and we’re not saying you’ll find the perfect-fit mentor right away but opening yourself up to help and experience from the very start of your career is a wise move.

Don’t be afraid to learn from those who know more than you.

Network with Other Estheticians

Broaden your circle! It’s impossible to stay in the know about the esthetician world if you quite literally don’t know any other estheticians.

We’re not saying your entire social and personal circle needs to be centered on work but getting involved in your industry’s community can help open the door for opportunities, great friendship, and endless possibilities.

Learn From Your Competition

Don’t take competition too seriously—but take what you learn from them seriously.

This is a short piece of advice, but it’s incredibly important.

Don’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to your competition. Do you need to be cutthroat? Nope, not always. Do you need to dislike your competition? Absolutely not. There’s plenty of work for everyone out there.

But what you do need to do is pay attention—who knows, you might learn a thing or two (you will, trust us).

Take Advice to Heart & Figure Out What Works For You

Keep an open mind, learn from your mistakes, and listen to genuine insight and advice. 

Above all, realize that there’s no one way to do anything—be creative and figure out what works best for you, your business, and your peace of mind.

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