An esthetician gives a client a facial in honor of National Esthetician Day.

The 4 Ways You Can Celebrate National Esthetician Day 
Top Tips for Celebrating Adored Estheticians 

Every year, a wonderful, one-of-a-kind day rolls around where we cherish, celebrate, and highlight special members of the beauty community who are always doing the absolute most–especially for our skin.

Yep, October brings about the epic day we know and love–National Esthetician Day. 

Whether you're an esthetician, have an esthy in your life you love, or just appreciate TF out of the estheticians you work with, October 15 is the perfect (and national-recognized!) day to show that support with all you've got. 

Before we dive into the point of the blog–giving you all the esthetician inspo for the big day–we want to throw a "thank you, thank you, thank you!" in the direction of every esthetician out there. Your place in the beauty pro world has changed the cosmetology industry as a whole. 

And it's because of you that so many of us look and feel so dang good! So, yeah, we're stoked to celebrate you on this epic day, but we absolutely wish you had a whole week (or even a month!) in your honor. 

If you're like us and are totally on board to support National Esthetician Day (duh), that just leaves one big, looming question ahead of us–how the heck are you planning to celebrate it? 

This blog has your back on must-try ideas and esthy-envy inspo that's sure to make your celebration–whether it's for an adored esthetician in your life or even for you!–is flawless. 

Top Ways to Celebrate National Esthetician Day 

These next few tips are all about inspo. Steal 'em, snag 'em, totally ignore 'em–do whatever you want with them! Just make sure you're finding ways to celebrate all the estheticians you know, love, and appreciate. 

Throw an Esthy-Themed Party 

Deck your spa or salon out in esthetician style and throw the biggest, baddest esthetician party you've ever been to. Invite all your bestie esthies in the biz, invite your clients, pump up the jams, decorate, and make this party one that can't be missed. You can make this as casual and chill as you want, or you can go all-out and bring down the house (or salon). Just make sure everything about this party is dedicated to honoring estheticians. 

Connect with Your Esthetician Community 

In honor of this epic day, connect a little bit with the other estheticians in your community. Remember, it's not about competition–it's about celebration! Get your esthetician crew together and host a celebration, offer esthetician education for new estheticians in the game, and share your career advice with all your esthy friends.

An esthetician plucks and shapes her client's eyebrows on National Esthetician Day.

If you want to start planning for a more sophisticated celebration next year, get all your community estheticians together and organize esthetician panels, form groups within your community for outreach and training, and create organizations for estheticians to network. 

This day of celebration can be about more than just partying–you can form new bonds with estheticians and find unique ways to branch out in the community now and in the future. 

Social Media Shoutout Your Fave Estheticians 

Want to make your fellow estheticians feel extra special on this day? Spend some time putting together social media shoutouts for your most cherished and appreciated beauty pros. Use your platform to honor them, drive attention to their pages, and give them a little love from a fellow esthetician. 

If you really want to take it a step further, you can run a month-long social media campaign that highlights the best esthies in your community, share information about the world of esthetics, and create a social media schedule built around appreciation for the industry (and its pros) as a whole. 

Run Specials, Deals, & Bundles in Honor of the Big Day 

Really want to celebrate this holiday? Get your customers in the building and in on the party. Create special deals and bundles based around your all-time fave services to offer as an esthetician. 

Love doing custom facials? National Esthetician Day sounds like the perfect excuse to run a series of month-long specials for your custom facials! Is it sort of a marketing schtick? Sure–but it's a fun one that celebrates you, your fave treatments, and gets the awareness out about this amazing and epic esthetician appreciation day. 

Are you ready to party like an esthetician deserves to? We sure hope so. Whether you roll with some of our sweet ideas or use this inspo as a jumping-off point for an extra epic celebration all your own, we're glad to help you cherish and appreciate the adored estheticians in your life (including you!). 

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