Nail tech liability insurance matters, as displayed by this nail tech giving her client a manicure.

The 3 Types of Nail Tech Liability Insurance 
The Must-Know Nail Tech Insurance for Beauty Pros 

Nail technicians–just like all cosmetologists in all niches– need liability insurance.

We know, we know. That’s a bold statement to start this blog off. But that’s how strongly we feel about it.

And, yeah, we get it; it’s hard to take that super seriously from a cosmetology liability insurance company that’s selling nail tech liability insurance.

But we’re so serious about this that we don’t even wanna try to sell you on our liability insurance. Nope. If you can read through this blog and recognize the importance of liability insurance and still decide our liability insurance isn’t the right pick for you, we’re good

Above all, we want you to have coverage. We want you to protect your future. And we want to see you thrive in your career.

Cosmetology liability insurance is the most important way to make sure that happens.

If you’re a nail tech and you’re not sure what liability insurance you need, consider this blog your guide. We’re about to dive into the must-know, gotta-have liability insurance you need as a nail technician.

If you’re looking for a no-frills but comprehensive policy, make sure your coverage has these three types of liability insurance on deck.

The Top 3 Types of Liability Insurance for Nail Technicians

Even though we’re industry experts, we know that liability insurance isn’t exactly a streamlined conversation.

Unfortunately, liability insurance has become sort of a jargony-filled subject that’s confusing for most people who don’t deal with it on the regular.

Hopefully, this guide will smooth out any confusion that might arise when you’re on the hunt for nail tech liability insurance.

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Professional Liability Insurance for Nail Techs

This type of insurance protects you against claims of things like negligence, incompetence, or damage. You might know this insurance as malpractice insurance. Basically, professional liability insurance is all about protecting you from claims–alleged or actual–that happens during the course of your professional services.

Think about it like this. Let’s say you’re giving a client a manicure, and you accidentally cut her cuticle a little too short.

No harm done; she’s fine. But then later, she claims you cut her and gave her an infection that led to serious damage. Did this actually happen? Who knows–but whether the claim is actual or alleged, you are still on the hook for getting to the bottom of it.

That means you’ve got to shut down your shop, pay for a lawyer, rebuild your reputation, and potentially offer her repercussions if you’re found to be responsible for the damage.

Professional liability insurance for nail techs like you is going to help cover those costs and keep you going while things get sorted. It will likely even pay for the repercussions if you’re found to be responsible.  

General Liability Insurance for Nail Techs

Do you know those old stories about how someone slipped and fell at a store, sued the company, and ended up a millionaire?

Even if those stories are super dramatized, versions of that stuff happen.

And that’s exactly why slip ‘n’ fall insurance exists. You might know this as accident coverage or, as the industry pros called it, general liability insurance.

General liability insurance is coverage that’s meant to protect you, your business, and your money should anything happen on your property.

So, unlike professional liability insurance, general liability insurance is less about protecting you based on your skills, techniques, and interactions with your customers and more about protecting them from damages and harm that could come their way while they’re in your shop, salon, or spa.

Product Liability Insurance for Nail Techs

You try to use the best products out there, but the truth is you don’t know how every client is going to react to the things you use. And guess what? They won’t know, either.

Often, someone’s not going to come in with malicious intent to react negatively to the products you use, but they might–and then you’ve got to deal with what happens next.

It’s important to ensure you’re covered in this regard.

So, what do you think, nail techs? Does it sound like it might be time to get yourself a suite of protection?

 Comprehensive nail tech insurance can do that for you.

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