The 2022 Holiday Beauty Trends You Need to Know
Must-Know Beauty Trends for the Holiday Season  

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Nope, we’re not talkin’ Christmas, friends. We’re talkin’ about the holiday season show-stoppers we all know and love–the beauty looks that are super hot and super in for this season’s holiday looks. 

Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty to love about the holiday season–but for cosmetologists like you, we’re willing to bet the highlight are the hot trends that sizzle during this time of year. 

This blog is all about giving you the holiday gift of a trend watch. We’re laying out the best looks, the latest must-try styles, and the gotta-give-your-clients-a-makeover-ASAP designs that are sure to knock some socks (or Christmas stockings) right off. 

So, what are you waiting for? Consider this your exclusive invite to start scrolling this blog immediately to get your hands on the latest, hottest looks for the 2022 holiday season.

The Must-Know & Must-Try Holiday Beauty Trends of 2022 

First things first, beauty pros. We totally recognize this isn’t the only what’s-hot-this-holiday-season list out there. And we totally get that there’s a lot more for you to try out this season. But we compiled and curated the baddest looks trending right now to help you help your clients pick the perfect look for all their holiday showdowns. And of course, there’s def something in here you should try out, too. 

This slicked back bun is one of the go-to styles for the holiday season

Slicked Back Chic Buns 

She’s a classic look for those sophisticated holiday parties–and maybe that’s why this do has never gone out of style. As always, the slicked-back bun makes a holiday comeback to ensure that you can take your look from a lump of coal to a kickass Christmas. Our best advice to accomplish a sleek bun on your clients? Give it a little extra pizzazz in the back by twisting it, braiding it, or clipping it back with something truly ornate. Want to take your look the extra mile? Add an accent of glitter or a little seasonal ornament to give this look a total top-off. 

Kitten Liner 

We know you’ve heard of cat eyes, beauty pros. Now we present the latest holiday buzz–kitten liner. Kitten liner is a modern, more subtle take on the cat eye. Think the same dazzling shape as a sultry cat eye but with a smudgier line, lighter color, and a more elegant, sophisticated take. 

Bouncy Blowouts 

Take a walk on the wild side and make your clients' holiday look fun, big, and oh-so-bouncy! You know blowouts are always a good go-to for holiday events, but if you add a little volume and bounce to your clients' look, you’ll make sure they’re the life of the holiday party.

A bold red lip, like the one pictured, is a must-try look for the holiday season.

Bold Lips 

Take that subtle lip look and let it go. This season, we’re all about the bold lip. Whether you’re rockin’ a true red, a pop of orange, or something truly wild (we see you out there with your dark brown and black looks, ladies). Save those subtle pinks for another season–2022 holidays are all about bright and exciting lips! The only requirement to rock this look? Make sure your lips are bold, bright, and vibrant! 

Glitter eye shadow is a must-try look for the holiday season.

Glitter Accents 

Whether it’s a subtle dab of glitter on the lips or a full-on lid rockin’ an all-glitter look, we highly recommend taking the glitter to new heights this season. Name a better time for a glitter makeup look? Go ahead–we’ll wait! How about a glittery hair accessory? However you want to add glitter this season, we highly recommend just going for it! 

Hollywood Waves 

Go classic with stunning, vintage waves this holiday season. Encourage your clients to opt for something with a deep side part featuring bold, bouncy waves to really make a splash at their holiday parties and events this year.

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