A stylist give her client a last-minute Thanksgiving beauty look.

Thanksgiving Beauty Inspo Your Clients Will Gobble Up

Thanksgiving is one of those meaningful holidays where you get that glorious chance to gather around with the people you love and celebrate like there's no tomorrow. So, obviously, lookin' put together and fabulous is a package deal. Right? 


But let's face it. This holiday isn't just about the opportunity to embrace your loved ones–it's a holiday where you get a lot of face time with a lot of people.  

That means you're going to want to look your absolute best. 

And your clients? Well, they're thinking the same thing.

They want to slay their Thanksgiving looks and fill the room with envy (especially from that cousin they don't like–you know how it goes). 

This year, give your clients something they'll really be grateful for with a list of tips and inspo for straight-up rockin' their Thanksgiving looks. And guess what? You don't even have to source it all. That's what this blog is for! 

Take a peek at the Thanksgiving looks your clients are sure to gobble up! 

Thanksgiving Hair, Makeup, & Beauty Inspo for Your Clients' Holiday Looks 

Glitz & Glam Updo 

Listen, we think Christmas gets all the glory. 

Often, Thanksgiving is the afterthought–especially from a look perspective. Why not get glitzy and fabulous for Thanksgiving? Why not push it up a notch? Why not forgo the loose and casual waves and go all out with an updo? 

If you've got a client who loves to push the envelope, is going for a super fancy Thanksgiving holiday, or just wants to bring the heat this year, don't be afraid to give them a glitzy, glam updo that knocks everyone's socks off. Add a little embellishment to really make this pop. We're talkin' clips, jewels, and anything you need to add some shine to an elaborate updo. 

Sleek High Ponytails  

A client shows off her sleek ponytail from her thanksgiving beauty appointment.

We don't know about you, but we're always endlessly grateful for a high ponytail. It's sleek, it's sweet, and it's painless to put together. All you need to do is give your client a little how-to tutorial, offer them your fave smoothing serum or oil, and watch them wow at their Thanksgiving events.

Add a Ribbon! 

Perfect for the client who wants to keep this casual but also wants a little spice and pizzazz. The ribbon should be thoughtful, of course. Opt for a texture that makes sense for the seasonality. Think silk, satin, or velvet. And keep things within a color palette that aligns with the Fall and winter. 

Pigtail Twists

Wanna get playful with your clients' looks? Think pigtails, but with a twist! Opt for high-on-the-head pigtails that you twist tight all the way down. This look is great for clients who have long locks that they want to be pulled back and away from their faces during their Thanksgiving feast. Extra tip? You're going to want to add a touch of pomade or smoothing serum to their roots all the way to their tips for a sleek and shiny look. 

Messy Updos 

A stylist creates an updo bun for her thanksgiving beauty look.

If your client wants a casual look for their Thanksgiving event, there's always an opportunity to rock a messy updo. You know the kind–it looks casual and effortless (even if it's not). Offer your best advice for a dry shampoo and a texturing spray. Advise them to add an extra touch at their roots to get things lookin' casually messy. Then, teach them your go-to method for a perfect bun (because we know you have one).

Oranges & Bronze 

A client shows off her dusty brown look during her Thanksgiving beauty session.

Channel that Fall-time look–orange-pumpkin-inspired blushes, bronze eyeshadows, and blush lipsticks! Your clients' faces should look like an ode to the Fall holiday we all know and love before Christmas gets her chance in the limelight. 

Dusty & Rosy 

There's nothing quite like leaning into the feeling of a season–and in our minds, Thanksgiving calls for a dusty rose color palette. We're talking creamy, beautiful rosy blushes, perfectly dusty lipstick palettes, and a dreamy, slightly shimmery pinkish eye for the perfect dusty look. 

Classic Cat Eye 

It's a classic for a reason! Pair your classic cat with something a little less traditional (like a bright shadow color or a glorious bold lip!) to blend some tried-and-true inspo with a pop of fun. Of course, make sure you're painting your clients' cat eyes according to their comfort level–you can go casual or bold; just make sure they're on board. 

Natural & Glowy Makeup 

A client shows off her natural look created by her stylist during her thanksgiving beauty appointment.

Add a little natural flush to those cheeks this holiday! For clients who want to look their best but don't want to go over the top, a natural, soft makeup look with a touch of shine is the perfect way to let their natural, beautiful features dominate their look. 

90s Glam

Take your clients' look back–like, way back. All the way to the 90s back. Play with nude or brown matte lipsticks, go bold with spider lashes, and opt for blushes that give them that perfect natural contour. Make their eyes the star of the show, and you'll be delivering a 90s look they'll be ever-grateful for. 

This year, let your turkey day be more than just a time to gobble up the good food–make it a time for your clients to slay at the dinner table. This holiday is all about being grateful, right? Well, give your clients one more thing (and one more look) to be grateful for with these epic, glam, and perfect-for-everyone Thanksgiving styles. 

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