The Summer Updo Styles Your Clients Need in 2021: 

Summer Styles to WOW Your Clients

That #hotgirlsummer your clients keep talking about? You’re a big part of that.

As a kickass cosmetologist, it’s your duty—nay, your obligation—to bring your clients that hot girl (and guy, of course) hair that they’re looking for come summertime.

That means it’s on you to create a killer suggestion list of summer styles that are sure to sizzle.

If you’re not already stoked to give your clients the killer summer styles they’ve been dreaming of, then this blog is going to provide you with all the inspo you could ever want to get there.

We’ve done summer articles before (and we highly recommend you take a look at our Summer Beauty Trends article and our Hottest Summer Hairstyles & Colors for 2020 article), but we’ve got a little somethin’-somethin’ different to offer this time around.

The twist on this article?

This is def a summer-style article, but it’s the updo edition. Help your clients beat the heat and dish out some serious summer looks with this updo must-do list.

The Must-Do Updos of Summer 2021 

Bubbly Bubble Ponytail 

We love a good sleek pony for a summertime look, but if you’re lookin’ for a twist on the iconic pony that screams summertime fun look no further than a bubble ponytail.

The concept? A simple look that requires just a few clear elastics to make this style pop.

The best part? It’s an easy one to teach your clients so they can replicate the look over and over (AKA, all summer long).

Out-Of-This-World Space Buns

We’re very much obsessed with space buns and probably will be forever.

We’ll keep this short and simple, but we highly recommend advocating for space buns at all costs.

Want to add a little spice to this summertime look? 

Throw in a few fancy French braids that weave into those badass space buns.

Fishtails Forever 

This classic braid is an absolute must for every summer look your clients plan to rock this season.

The best part about the fishtail?

It’s versatile AF—whether you have your clients rock one, big solid fishtail braided back, a three-way fishtail braid, small French-braided fishtail sections added to a total updo look, nothing says summer style like a beautifully done fishtail.  

The Perfect Summer Pony 

Want to keep it simple? Nothing says summer like a sleek pony.

Show your clients how to master all sorts of go-to ponytails (low ponies, high ponies, and more) that offer a simple, sleek look that’s perfect for summer.

Does your client want to spice it up a bit? Teach them a few simple braids, fishtails, or Dutch French braids to mix into their ponytail look.

Terrific Teased Bun 

Does your client really want their hair out of the way?

Summer is hot, we get it. But that doesn’t mean their summertime hair looks need to suffer.

Show your client how to create a classic, teased bun look that says “look at this hot hairstyle” while always keeping cool.

Want to really take this look to the next level? Throw in a waterfall braid to really enhance this style.

Top-Notch Twisted Half-Up, Half-Down

Twist things up with a totally terrific half-up, half-down style that’s easy to replicate over and over again.

The concept behind this one? 

Sectioning off hair and twisting it back to create a beautifully simple (but incredibly elaborate-looking) half-up, half-down look.

Delicious Dutch Braids

Not feeling the French braid vibe? We feel that.

If you’re looking for something different to offer your clients, show them the Dutch braid—otherwise known as the reverse braid. Want to really take this look up a notch?

Double the trouble with double Dutch braids that amp up any summer look.

Florals Galore 

Our tip for really upgrading and enhancing any summer updo style?

Add a little floral twist to the mix!

Whether you braid, go for space buns, or feel a little fresh and add some fishtails to your look, we highly recommend throwing in some cute flowers and florals (real or fake, totally up to you!) to bring a fresh, fun, summer vibe to any updo!

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