How To: Keep Your Spa Booked All Summer Long

Listen up—we low-key love summer.

The hot weather, the bright sun, the fruity cocktails, the long and warm summer nights—not to mention the chance to do away with those bulky winter clothes and let our summer skin shine in shorts, tanks, and cute swimsuits.

There’s just one problem—your clients have probably already gotten rid of your winter clothes. They still have that winter skin, though. 

As an esthetician or spa professional, you probably already know summertime is all about skin—protecting it from the sun, ensuring it’s glowing, and making sure your clients look as good as they feel. To give your clients that coveted summer skin, it’s vital you’re providing them with those summer skin services they need!

Not sure what to add on for this sunshine season? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few must-adds to your spa service list for summertime clients!


First things first, let’s make a point here that you already know—there’s no such thing as a bad type of facial out there. Whichever type of facial you’re planning to offer this summer, it’s undoubtedly going to help your clients attain a semblance of that bright, glowing, summer skin they’re craving. But, have you considered a hydrafacial?

Think about summer for a second. It’s hot and dry, right?

Plus, you’re coming off the winter, a time of intense cold weather and even more dryness damaging skin—all of that adds up to some seriously scaly and flaky skin. Which—obviously—isn’t what anyone wants for their summer skin look.

That’s where the hydrafacial comes in. This super effective moisturizing procedure is designed to send all types of hydration to your clients’ faces—it’s customizable, quick, and can help with all sorts of skin issues (fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, elasticity, etc.), not just dry, flaky, patchy skin.

Airbrush Tans

Everyone loves the look of a beautiful, bronzed tan all over—but as a skin specialist, you know just how incredibly damaging and dangerous the sun’s harmful rays can be. Instead of advising your clients to hop out into the sunshine for that brown-n-bronze look, offer airbrush tanning services at your spa for the summer.

This service provides your clients with all the benefits of getting a great summer skin look without any of the damage. 

The best part? Your sunless tanner can be crafted with things that help your clients with their summer skin—we’re talking antioxidants, pure botanicals, and all-natural ingredients that will benefit them entirely!

And the best news? Elite Beauty Society insurance covers spray tanning with up to 2 MILLION in product liability coverage. If you're spraying chemicals (organic or not) directly onto a client's skin, you need to make sure you, your license, and your bank account are covered.

Exfoliating Body Scrubs

Nothing solves the winter skin blues like an all over body scrub—and nothing does the trick like a sugar, salt, or enzyme body scrub. Work with your clients to determine the type of exfoliating treatment that works best for their skin.

Exfoliation, as you know, is the key to removing dead skin and impurities to help clean up skin, but also leaves your clients’ skin looking healthy, glowing, and fresh!

A little tip? If you can get into the summer spirit with a little tropical scrub (we’re thinking pineapple enzyme scrubs, people), do it! Nothing says summer skin like a little soupcon of tropical magic in their scrub.

Detox Wraps & Masks

Help your clients pull out those harmful toxins in their skin leftover from winter with an all-over body detox wrap! Treat them with a fun massage at the end to stimulate blood flow and add on some serious hydration for the summer skin glow they’ve been craving!

Whole Body O2 Treatments

Remember that point we made earlier about your clients’ skin feeling dry and scaly after a long, harsh winter? We weren’t just talking about their faces. Sure, a hydrafacial can tackle that issue in a pinch, but if your clients are looking to moisturize their entire bodies, eliminate stored toxins in their skin, and get rid of that excess dryness, there’s nothing like an O2 Body Treatment.

This experience is meant to be both revitalizing and oxygenating. By using purifying ingredients as well as antioxidant-rich products, your clients can count on an all-over skin moisturizing experience that helps to solve severe dryness, prevent premature aging issues, help deliver maximum elasticity, and even provide that last-minute boost of perky hydration your clients need before they throw on their itty bitty bikinis as the beach this summer.