Summ​​er Side Hustles Just For You

The sun is out, the warm air is here, and it’s time to take a vacation day and get to those travel plans you’ve been pining for all through the long winter. Summer is also the time to take your beauty pro skills to the next level.

We know what you’re thinking—how can I possibly invest in summer travel plans when I’m trying to bust my butt and boost my beauty biz?

We live in a world full of opportunity, friends. 

Translation? We live in a world full of creative side-hustles that can lend themselves to both your travel plans and your business.

Luckily, you’ve invested yourself in a career that’s easily transferable to all sorts of creative side-hustles. Being a modern-day cosmetologist doesn’t mean being stuck inside a salon or spa all day anymore—there are so many different ways to take your business on the road, profit while you travel, and craft a career that makes the most sense for you and your goals.

If you’re looking to be on-the-go this summer while making money, it’s time to get creative. 

We’ve laid out a few of our favorite side-hustle plans here—take a look, get inspired, and try them all this summer (hopefully while taking time to lay out on a beach somewhere drinking a tropical cocktail out of a coconut).

Rent Your Chair

Planning to get your travel on this summer but you’re worried about losing out on money? 

Rent out your chair! 

There are tons of mobile apps and services out there that help you connect with local  stylists who are looking to rent out a spot in a salon or suite space. Try out apps like ShearShare that let you sign up and rent out your booth (they also let you rent a booth somewhere else, but we’ll get to that in a minute).

By doing this—and possibly investing in a few different apps and services—you can ensure your booth is always rented out, making sure that you’re cashing in on some passive income while you’re making your travel dreams come true.

Sign Up For On-Demand Services

We talked about ShearShare a little bit above, but we want to dive a little deeper in this app thing—and other apps like it. 

This is a real thing in our modern-day society and it’s gaining huge popularity.​

Mobile stylists operate in a ton of different ways—they work on-call and arrive at client’s homes, they go to work-places, and more. If you’re really craving an opportunity to work on-the-go, consider investing your time and efforts into establishing a mobile brand—that way, you can travel and work from anywhere while offering your services and making great money! 

Summer plans don’t have to take a backseat to business—you can truly do both!

If you're looking to be truly independent this summer and not tied down to one location look into exclusively on-demand service apps, like beGlammed.

beGlammed is the leading on-demand hair and makeup company and has now introducing nail services in more than 23 cities across North America that delivers cosmetology services directly to our clients’ homes, hotels, offices and weddings.

Rent a Booth, Work Freelance

These digital services are awesome because they link you up with salons and spas all over the world to help fill unused suites, stations, and more. Obviously, you’ll need to be licensed (which, we’re sure you are already!)

You’re solving a few problems all at once—you’re traveling where you want to, you’re helping salon and spa owners fill their chairs, and you’re making money while you’re living your best life.

There are always well-known salons, hotels, spas and malls that will need licensed beauty pros—especially during busy seasons like summer. If you have travel plans in a specific area, look into the local hot-spots and see if they’re looking for a temporary stylist to help them out with the summer-time rush!

Pro Tip: If you're performing beauty services outside of your salon or suite, through a mobile service, or just freelance you NEED to protect your license. Learn more about professional liability insurance, why you need it, and what additional benefits there are! 

P.S. there's also stolen equipment coverage for when your tools go missing at that new place your'e working from!

Social Media + Summer Specials

This is a new-age beauty pro thing, but it’s an awesome side-hustle for stylists who want to constantly be on-the-go, traveling, and living their best lives.

If you don’ have  YouTube Channel or a social media presence for your business yet, we definitely think you should consider creating one. We even have your complete guide to social media success here.

Even if you don’t want to monetize these efforts to bring in income (so you can travel more!), ensuring that you’ve got an online presence is huge for your brand.

If you do want to utilize these platforms to create a passive income, then establishing yourself is going to be vital. There are tons of stylists out there who run popular YouTube channels and Instagram pages who are monetizing their efforts. There are plenty of creative ways to do this, and it doesn’t require that you’re stuck in a salon all day.

If you’re interested in monetizing your brand, traveling the world, making a profit, and providing lasting and valuable information to the beauty community, this could be the perfect side hustle for you!