A young girl with strawberry-colored hair lays against vibrant green grass–red hair is one of the hottest summer 2022 trends.

2022 Summer Hair Trends You Need to Try 

Client Trends for the Hottest Summer Looks Yet

Summer is here–you know what that means, right? Summer hair is about to be hotter than ever. Do you have a go-to list of trends to try out on your bold clients this season?

If not, don’t sweat it (you’ll be doing enough of that in the summer heat!). Peep the little list of must-try styles right here right now for a can’t-miss peek at what the hottest trends are going to be this year.

In other words, if you’ve got a hankering for summer 2022 hair trends, you’ve found the perfect article to get your summer styling on!

2022 Summer Hair Trends Your Clients Need to Know About

Strawberry Sweet Strands

Strawberry fields forever?

 Step aside, Beatles, we’re actually in the strawberry strands forever business.

This year, summertime strands are opting for the strawberry blonde and red sides–and we just can’t get enough.

A hot take on a vibrant hue, this shade is perfect for natural blondes or brunettes who want to spice things up for the summer without going too wild.

It’s fresh, it’s different, and it’s a fun take on the usual going-platinum blonde for this season. We love the fun summertime look that a strawberry strand can bring to the table.

A young girl poses with her strawberry locks, a summer hair trend that's hot in 2022.

Shullets For All

Yeah, you heard us–we said shullets. You know the mullet, and you know the shag; now, meet the beautifully blended look we like to call the shullet.

These babies are super-hot right now and tons of fun for your edgy clients who want a little extra spice this summer.z

This sort of resembles the epic TikTok wolf cut you’ve undoubtedly seen (and cut) a few times–but with a shorter look around the hairline but some nice length in the back.

The best tip to this trend? Don’t be afraid to let it evolve.

There’s no hard and fast rule to the shullet­–let your client’s hair be your guide and go for it!

Early 2000s Spiky Bun is Back

Believe it or not, the spike bun is back–and it’s better than where we left it in the early 2000s.

If you were rockin’ the spiky bun of 2000-2005, then you’re probably about to really feel the nostalgia.

The only difference? The 2022 spike bun is a little more styled, a little more sophisticated, and a whole lot cooler, too–just ask Gen Z because they’re flawlessly rocking this trend.

The one part of this trend we couldn’t leave behind in 2000?

The signature two strands framing the face. Yep. Even that part of the trend is back in action.

Bobs for All

In our hearts, the bob has never gone out of style–and it’s especially poignant in the summertime!

Think choppy, layered bob with some cheekbone-sweeping pieces for a real summertime steamy look.

The best part about this 2022 summer trend?

It doesn’t just look good; it feels good–your clients will 100% love the airy feeling of that summer breeze on their necks. So much so that they might keep that bob year-round!

A summer hair trend you need to know is this beautiful, short bob.

Lobs, Too

We already gave you the dish on bobs, but we’re not stopping there­­–summertime lobs are back for those clients who want that polished, shorter look without going all the way into the short-haired world.

Lobs are relaxed, cropped, and likely never go further than that sweet spot at the collarbone.

If you’ve got a client who wants a fresh, cool look for the summer but doesn’t want to chop it all, the lob is a must consider.

Bottleneck Bangs are Brilliant

We’ve seen the curtain bang trend really make its mark; well, now comes a look that’s just as stylish (but with a touch more edge).

Meet the bottleneck bangs, a sweet lil hybrid moment between a grown-out fringe and a full fringe.

What do we love about this look?

It’s sweeping, it’s romantic, and it’s totally cool-French-girl inspired. It’s also a sweet way to grow out your current bangs if you’re lookin’ for a fresh take on a tired style.

The good news? Unlike most bangs, they’re not exceptionally high-maintenance. Mostly, they just need a lil trim here or there–but they’ll grow out into a full fringe if left alone (perfect for that summer vacay where your clients won’t be visiting you every week or two).

 So, tell us–which of these looks will be the go-to summer trend for your fave clients? Keep us posted!

And while you’re at it, drop any hot summer trends you’re def going to implement this year–we love to add to our posts from badass stylists like yourselves.

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