Summer Trends for the 2019 Season

Gone are the days of wintery-bundle-up-jacket-hoods hiding your glorious locks; no more do you have to stuff your unmanicured hands into mittens and gloves; your skin, dry from the winter, is now soft, dewy, and ready to be a blank canvas.

It’s summer, guys.

And it’s time to hit up the hottest summer trends you’ve been dying to try out for months! Plus, your clients will be asking for these hot trends all summer long.

Ready to dive into the pool of summer-style possibilities and make a splash? If not, get ready anyway, because we have all the hottest hairstyles, makeup trends, and nail-need-to-knows you’ve been craving all winter long.

Check it out!

Hair: Retro Silhouettes 

Curtained face-framing hair, choppy bobs, shaggy layers, brushed out curls—if it was cool in the 70s, you better believe it’s cool again. Whether your client is after a no-fuss lob that needs a little tousling or a rounded bob that’s vintage as it gets, this summer is all about going retro. We’re talking volume, shaggy layers, wavy texture, and more. Get retro, get vintage, get the summer look your cents have been craving!

Hair: Beach-Texture

As if beachy curls could ever go out of style. Seriously, we know this is a style you probably read about every single summer, but there’s a reason—it’s always good, it’s always summery, and the fad is never going to fade. Why mess with a classic summer look? Embrace the curls! Let them out and encourage your clients be proud of the volume. If your clients are straight-haired gals or guys, get some sweet texture spray to get the curls curlin’.

Hair: Wearable Wet

Wearable wet looks are HUGE on the runway this year, and while this might not be the perfect style for winter, there’s nothing like a good wet look during the hot summer months. I mean, it’s summer, right? You’re going to be in the ocean, in the pool, running through sprinklers, and more anyway—sounds like a pretty dang easy way to capitalize on this trend, right? Our advice: do your best to avoid a greasy, shiny look and aim for glossy and effortless!

Makeup: Au Natural (BONUS: Sunny Freckles)

Even if your clients don’t want to go fully Au-natural, looking like you are is one of the hottest summer 2019 trends. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Summer is about being carefree, having fun, and not stressing the small stuff—nothing says carefree like a beautiful, bare face! Focus on skin—make it glowy, dewy, and natural-looking! Step away from heavy contouring and give your clients' faces a little breathing room. Condition and moisturize those lips and swipe a muted, natural color on top (with SPF sun protection, of course). Want to really amp up that summery, natural look for your fave clients? Adding freckles is a super popular trend right now! A few flecks of sun-kissed spots on the cheeks and nose and they'll be looking summer-ready in no time!

Makeup: Bright Eyes, Popping Colors

Colorful eye shadow is SUCH a stand-out trend that’s perfect for summer. And why not? Bright yellows, hot pinks, beautiful blues—they’re the perfect fun addition to any summer face. Practice with every color of the rainbow for fun summer events and don’t be afraid to go bold—summer is the perfect time for fun makeup trend!

Makeup: Bring Back the Bronzer

We know, we know—you’re probably thinking, “didn’t bronzer already have its time?” You’re totally right. But friends, just like with hair and fashion, makeup trends recycle and renew—and oftentimes, they come back better than freakin’ ever. Forget contouring for the summer and slap some quality bronzer on the cheekbones for a sun-free, sun-kissed look!

Nails: Neutrals Rule

Sure, summer is a time to bust out bright pops of colors dotting manicured hands, but this year, we’re not overlooking neutrals. Think muted peaches, corals, caramels, and coffee-colored nails—the perfect pop of well-groomed color without any neon-flashing-look-at-me bright blue, green, or pink shades.

Nails: Rounded Tips

The time of sharp, jagged, pointed manicures might be here, but this summer, it’s all about the rounded nail. Summer 2019 is all about sleek and natural looking manicures that are functional and fashionable. Wave goodbye to your cleints' claw nails—for now, anyway—and welcome in those beautiful rounded, well-groomed nails! You= clients will  look polished, well-kept, and fashionable.