Get Ahead of the New Year Craziness

Start Your Salon 2021 Planning Right Now

This year has been a crazy year, so if you’re sitting there in your salon, spa, or shop and praying for 2021 to start like, ASAP, trust us—we don’t blame you for a second. The months of 2020 have felt like they’ve dragged on, the first half of the year basically lasted forever, and most of us have spent the entire year just trying to keep our heads above water.

All that to say, it’s probably pretty standard that most of us haven’t started our 2021 planning quite yet. While we totally relate to trying to finish out 2020 strong without focusing too hard on the upcoming year (mostly because we’re all running low on energy and morale), we’re here to share a crucial fact with you—it’s hugely important to start your 2021 planning ASAP.

In other words, if you haven’t already started your 2021 planning, you’re going to want to get a jumpstart on that—like, right now.

It’s no secret that we’ve all had a tough year—cosmetologists know this to be all too true. But 2021 could be the year to turn it all back around.

We love the promise that a new year brings. The problem? That’s not going to happen all on its own. In order to make the new year an amazing one, you need to plan and strategize in order to make it so—that’s going to take some perseverance, some patience, and you—guessed it—some serious planning.

We’re not saying that planning for the upcoming year should be a sprint—successful planning strategies are more of an ongoing marathon. But if you can summon up a last-minute burst of energy to help you with your planning, we can be that’s going to carry you across the finish line of 2020 all the way toward a well-deserved victory.

Why You Should Kickstart Your 2021 Planning Process

Free Up Your Holidays

This isn’t as trite as it sounds, you guys. As cosmetologists, you know that your holidays are already jam-packed—why waste the precious free time you have with obligations to plan for the new year.

If you tackle 2021 planning ASAP, you can leave yourself some extra breathing room at the end of the month to spend with friends, family, and deeply indulging in self-care before the new year kicks you back into high gear.

Boost Your Morale for 2021

Nothing says “I’m ready to kick 2021’s ass” like busting into the new year with a comprehensive plan. Being prepared allows you the chance to get a jump-start on the new year before it arrives—you’d be surprised just how morale boosting that can be for you and your team.

Planning for the Unexpected & Unprecedented

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we can’t always know what to expect. If you start your planning process ASAP, you can work in even more valuable planning time to strategize for some unprecedented events for the next year.

We’re trying to be all doom and gloom here, but we do think that we should take 2020 for what it was—a lesson in the unpredictable.

How to Get Your Planning Gears Going

Conduct a 2020 Year in Review

This part might be a little painful but trust us when we tell you it’s oh-so-important. Take a deep dive into your past year—check out your financials, the plans you’d made, your marketing strategy, your customer service tactics, any feedback you’ve gotten, and of course, any and all data you’ve compiled over the year. Take a good, hard look at the year in its entirety—most importantly, be straightforward and honest about what worked and what didn’t.

Keep some perspective in mind when you do this—remember, 2020 was an unprecedented year full of things none of us could have predicted. In other words, don’t let this part of the process get you down.

Poll Your Staff & Colleagues

Gather the group in a safe, healthy way (this might mean a Zoom call, and that’s A-OK) and do a run-down of the year together. Talk to them about what worked, what didn’t, what they want to keep as procedure, and what they want to get rid of.

Sure, you could (in theory) do this part without them (especially if you’re the boss), but your team’s input is super valuable to your success—you’ll want to include them in the planning process.

Create a Preliminary 2021 Goals List

Start brainstorming and listing out all the goals on your mind. Don’t be shy—just start listing. Then, organize those goals into categories that make sense—yearly goals, attainable goals, two-year goals, etc.

There’s no shame in coming up with goals that might take longer than 2021 but recognizing them now can help you jumpstart your long-term goals quicker than if you hadn’t acknowledged them at all.

Compile a List of Actionable Steps for Goal Tackling

Don’t just stop at the categorizing, start putting these goals into action! Take the time to think through these goals and really come to terms with what needs to happen to get them going.

Goals exist for a reason—to help drive you forward. But you need to help yourself put the keys in the ignition—having a road map can be the first step toward finding the success you’re looking for.

We know that you’re ready to kick 2020 to the curb—now let us help you kick-off 2021 the right way! Institute some of these planning tips early so you can tackle the new year like the straight-up boss that you are.

Got some tips for your fellow cosmetology pros out there? Share your knowledge with the group!

Our reply section below is just waiting for you to add your two-cents—so what are you waiting for? All in all, we know that 2021 is going to be a kickass year. If you start planning now, nothing can stand in your way.