Ushering in the Ho-Ho-Holidays with Beauty Pro Style

Marketing Your Cosmetology Services the Right Way This Season

It might only be October, and you’re probably still in the spooky-Halloween- state of mind (we don’t blame you, you better boo-lieve we are, too), but ready or not, it’s already time to get your holiday marketing plans up and running!

Can you believe that November and December (the most important holiday months) are actually almost here? Despite the craziness this year threw at us, there’s no denying it’s going by in the blink of an eye!

Even though we’ve got plenty of time before the holiday craziness actually hits, starting your marketing and holiday campaign plans early is going to ensure that you’ve got a packed schedule for the last two months of 2020—something that this year totally owes you, right?

But how exactly should you go about planning for your holiday season, and further, how exactly can you make sure you’re bringing the holidays to your clients? Setting up a marketing campaign can be tough (especially if you’re not feeling particularly holiday inspired this year), so we’re here to help.

Check out a few of our fun, holiday-themed ideas for marketing your services this year. We totally encourage you to think up a few of your own original ideas, but if you’re having trouble getting those creative juices flowing, this is the article for you!

So, get ready to deck the halls, listen for those sleigh bells, and wish everyone you love some serious holiday cheer—we’re bringing the holiday season to your marketing plans right here.

Don’t Underestimate Digital Marketing & Social Campaigns

Holiday social media campaigns are a great way to reach your target market, enhance your customer’s experience, and grow your online following!

Running a holiday-themed giveaway or promotion just in time for the seasons is a phenomenal way to boost your social media efforts, reach a larger market (making a social media campaign shareable is an easy, effective way to spread the word about your business), and remind your current clients that you’re running awesome specials this holiday season!

Holiday-Themed Promos Are a Must

Whether you take a 12-Days-of-Salon-Offers approach or a Deck the Halls With a Half-Off Haircut strategy, themed promos are an absolute must. Why? Because people love a fun, little angle where they save, receive awesome services, and feel totally in the holiday spirit while doing it.

The holidays are the perfect time for you to really flex your creative marketing muscles.

Not sure where to start? Gather up your trusty staff and have a holiday-themed brainstorming session (PS, you better bring Christmas cookies and eggnog for optimum staff creativity).

Figure out what promos are holiday-esque and which type of deals you can offer to clients that are still profitable for your biz. 

Decorate Your Brand in Holiday Cheer

Atmosphere is everything, you guys—so decorate accordingly. While we can’t guarantee that a holiday-themed salon, studio, or spa is 100 percent going to bring in clients, we do know that clients are all about experience.

In other words, sure, your skills can be unmatched, but if your client’s experience at your business isn’t premium, they’re probably going to feel wishy-washy about their customer loyalty.

Adding in a ton of holiday cheer to your salon, spa, or studio can take that customer experience to the next level! Plus, c’mon, decorating for the holidays is a ton of fun.

And remember, holiday décor doesn’t have to be kitschy or tacky. Your version of holiday decorations should match your brand’s voice and message—make sure you have some fun with it!

Holiday Cards for Real-Deal Customer Service

Whether you roll old-school and send holiday cards or you decide to go paperless and digital (there’s no wrong or right way, it’s totally up to your preference), sending holiday cards to your clients can be a super great way to show them you’re thinking of them, you value them, and low-key want them to come visit you for their holiday beauty needs.

Our best advice for this type of campaign? Send out your cards early and include whatever deals, packages, or promos you’ve decided to include in your holiday specials—this way, your clients can get in your books early and take advantage of your holiday deals ASAP.

(Virtual) Holiday Party

If you’ve got a tight-knit salon, spa, or studio that’s filled with regulars you love, a holiday party can be an exceptional way to show your appreciation, celebrate the holidays, and get new customers in your chairs (because loyal customers most likely will bring their friends and family to your party, right?)

Obviously, we’re living in a super unique time (we’re looking at you, COVID-19), so an in-person party with a bunch of folks smushed into a single salon isn’t going to work.

Enter the idea of the virtual holiday party! You can run fun giveaways for all who attend the virtual party, offer special holiday promos, and even run fun, holiday-themed DIYs and tutorials for everyone who shows up for the virtual holiday party.

It’s a great way to get people into the holiday spirit, but it’s also a super wonderful opportunity to provide a community event for your target audience in a safe (but fun!) way.

Plus, it’s a great chance for you to tell everyone who attends all about the holiday deals and specials you’re running.

We hope our holiday marketing blog inspired you to no end—remember, there are no bad ideas when you’re brainstorming, so we highly encourage you to use these tips to get your creative juices going and flowing.

Do you have your own, holiday-tastic marketing ideas this year? Let’s hear ‘em! Share your genius with the rest of us—we can guarantee your cosmetology brothers and sisters would love to hear your ideas!

Looking for more inspo and advice? Good, because we’re here to dish it out on the reg.

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