A green-haired woman shows off her St. Patrick's Day look.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Style Inspiration

Your Guide to the Hottest St. Patty's Day Looks

If you’re anything like us, you’re always on the lookout for the hottest trends that are perfect for upcoming holidays. Christmas trends? Absolutely. Spring looks? Yes, please. Summer styles? 110% yes. 

No matter what’s coming up on the calendar, we want to know what looks are hot or not. And guess which one is up-and-coming? Yep–St. Patrick’s Day!

We know what you’re thinking–isn’t the only rule on St. Patty’s Day to wear green? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help take your clients’ St. Patrick’s’ Day looks from drab to fab! Keep reading to get the inside scoop on St. Patty’s Day styles that’ll be the envy of everyone.

The Top St. Patty’s Day Cosmetology Styles to Try This Year 

St. Patrick’s Day Hair Trends to Try 

Go for the Green

Now is the perfect time to convince that daring client of yours to really opt for that green-haired look they’ve been vying for. We know, we know–green hair on St. Patty’s Day seems a little cliche. But we’re not talkin’ about box-dyed hair that looks like a green wig. 

A client shows off her green hair, a St Patty's Day look.

Green hair can be sophisticated, flattering, and great for every day of the year. Opt for a blend of green shades to create an ombre look, honor the mid-2010s with a dip dye look, or even opt for some high and lowlights to give your clients plenty of depth and dimension. 

Pay Homage to Ireland with Braids & Curls 

Did you know that Celtic hair is often characterized by long locks, gorgeous curls, and elaborate braids? It’s true! Whether that means adding a few naturally tied extensions in for your clients, busting out your braiding skills, or giving your client a blowout with natural, bouncy curls, all three are a must for every St. Patty’s Day celebration. 

Knots & Buns for All 

Want your clients to rock a traditional Irish hair look? Knot and bun that hair up tight. Top knots? Yep! Half-ups? Of course. Elaborate Celtic knots that test your up-do skills? Of course! Go nuts with the knots and buns this St. Patty’s Day–Celtic heritage definitely calls for it. 

Ribbons & Hair Art

It’s said that the Celtic people often rocked ribbons in their hair, jewelry, and elaborate hair pieces. So, let’s level up that St. Patty’s Day look you’ve got cookin’ for your client with a few accent pieces. Velvet ribbons, anyone? Yes, please! Pins, stones, and gems? All three are a must. St. Patty’s Day hair is all about elaborate, sophisticated looks–and adding in pieces like these can take any client’s style up a notch.  

Must-Try St. Patty’s Day Nail Trends 

Shades of Green, Please 

Can’t choose a shade of green for your clients’ St. Patty’s Day nails this year? No problem–no one said you had to pick just one! 

St. Patrick's Day green nails are shown in here in varying shades of green.

Take a gradient or ombre approach and help your clients rock multiple shades of delightful greens this year. Want to make this look seem extra special? A little green glitter can take an ordinary green ombre look to totally new heights.  

Ireland’s Flag (Green, White, & Orange)

Take your client’s St. Patty’s Day nail look and focus it on what matters–Mother Ireland! Saint Patrick’s Day is more than just a fun holiday; it’s a cultural celebration centered on Irish tradition. Respect and pay homage to that tradition with a tribute to Ireland’s flag. 

All That Glitters is Green 

Did we mention green glitter yet? Who cares if we did–it’s worth a second mention. If you’ve got a client lookin’ for a loud and proud St. Patrick’s Day look this year, make sure they get plenty of green glitter and glam for their nails. 

Lucky Four-Leaf Clovers

You can’t have a St. Patty’s Day nail look without including a four-leaf clover or two! Want to make this nail art really pop? Add a little texture, outline them in glitter, and create your clovers on a subtle, soft background (like a creamy white) for extra exposure!  

Go for Hunter Green & Gold 

So, you have a client who wants to rock green for St. Patricks Day but doesn’t want to look like they’re rocking green for St. Patrick’s Day. We get it. This polished and sophisticated look–a deeper green with elegant gold accents–looks great every day of the year, not just on St. Patty’s. But, you know, it also happens to be a great St. Patrick’s Day look, too. 

St. Patty’s Makeup Musts 

Now’s the Time for Green Glitter Shadow

A client shows off her lime green eye shadow, a St. patty' day look.

This green-lidded look is a must for the holiday, but we can bet your clients might want to rock it more than just one day a year. Sweep a soft and subtle mint shadow across the upper lids, then line their eyes with a deeper, glitzy green. Finish off the look with a big, dramatic eyelash look (compliments of your fave mascara to recommend) and watch their St. Patty’s Day look come to life. 

Shamrocks, Rainbows, Pots of Gold, & More 

There’s never been a better time to get creative with your brushes. St. Patty’s Day celebrations are the perfect time to bust out your artistic skills. Complement your clients’ makeup looks with hand-drawn rainbows, pots of gold, Irish flags, shamrocks, clovers, and so much more. 

Two-Toned Liner

Do you have a client seeking a more subtle holiday makeup look? Don’t sweat it. A two-toned eyeliner can bring the holiday into the picture without saying it too loud and proud. Line your clients' eyes with a deep brown or black liner, giving them a subtle (or more elaborate) cat eye look. Then, double the line with a liquid green liner on top for extra definition. Pro-tip, opt for a felt-tip liner for extra precision. 

Forest Green Lips, Please 

Now is the perfect time to talk your clients into a glorious green lip look! The best way to make this happen without it lookin’ too wild? Opt for deep, richer hues instead of neons to make the green lip look a little more sophisticated.

A client shows off her forest green lips, a look for St. Patrick's day

So, tell us–which of these looks are you definitely trying out on your clients this month? If you want our vote, we’d suggest each and everyone (but hey, we’re biased).

Elite Beauty Society wishes you and your clients a wonderful (and stylish) St. Patty’s Day. And don’t forget, when you subscribe to Elite Beauty Society’s blog, you’ll get a quick ping every time we drop a helpful holiday look guide like this one!