A client shows off her Fall beauty trend hair that her stylist completed for her.

The Spooky Season Beauty Inspo You Need to Try
Your Top Autumn Trends 

Bold. Beautiful. Bewitching? When Fall is in the air (think changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything), that can only mean one thing–the Autumn trends are on their way. Are you as hyped as we are? 

There's something special about Fall, right? It's cozy, it's cool, and it's gearing us up for a heck of a holiday season. But before we fast forward through Fall and into Christmas, let's pause and appreciate the absolute most out of this crunch-leaf, spooky season that we all know and love. 

The best way to do that? Diving pumpkin-head first into the latest and greatest need-to-know trends that should dot every beauty pro's Autumn season.

Every year, we share our must-know trends, the best of the Fall stuff, and even some spooky-inspired Halloween beauty looks, too.

This is the can't-miss Autumn goodness we think you should try on every client who walks through your door–this year is no exception! 

The Must-Know Spooky Season Beauty Trends to Try 

Neat Nails for Fall Style 

Velvet Nails

Velvet is such a go-to fabric when it comes to Fall. Instead of just decking out your closet, why not replicate it with a bewitching nail look? Velvet nails are cozy and fun way to opt into the Fall look without going strictly rich earth tones or metallic sheens. All you need to make this look happen for you and your clients? A little magnetic nail polish to replicate that fuzzy look! 

Deep Maroon Nails 

Rich and little vampy, dark maroon nails are a classic go-to for the Halloween season. They give off that sophisticated but oh-so-spooky sort of vibe, which is kind of the point of Halloween and fall nails. Right? Maroon is an undying, never-ending go-to if you're trying to channel some of those vampire vibes. Want to add a touch of sophistication to your look? Try a little glitz, glam, or bedazzling to really amp it up. 

A client shows off her olive nails, a fall beauty trend.

Cozy Brown + Mocha French Tips 

Nothing says sophisticated and cute like a French manicure–but this one has a Fall twist. Instead of a classic frenchie, opt for a deep brown and a lighter tip for a little iced coffee-mocha look that screams Autumn. 

We Love Olive Nails 

Autumn is characterized by rich hues, deep shades, and earth tones that reflect what's happening in nature–dark reds, rich oranges, and deep greens. If you've already tried the other end of the spectrum–maroon–why not give olive a go? This neutral tone is fun, cozy, and oh-so Fall–plus, it's great for both short and long-nailed folks who want to add a  little dab of Fall into the mix. 

Metallic All-Around 

OK, we get it–up until this one, all the fall trends have seemed pretty on par with the Autumn color scheme. So, how does metallic fit into the mix? Metallic nails are bright, shimmery, and make a fun statement. They tend to go with all those deeper earth tones that you'll be rocking all Autumn through, and they give every fall look you've got in your closet a little extra pop. As a bonus, they're a little unpredictable–which is one of those fall characteristics we can't help but love. 

A client shows off her metallic nails, a Fall beauty trend.

Must-Try Fall Makeup Looks 

Blood Red Lippies 

Go ahead, act like you're mad that blood-red lips are back into the mix. (We know you're not!) Fall means it's time to drop those warmer red-pinks (lookin' at you, fuschia and coral) and go full send into that vampire red look. Just make sure you're offering your clients a variety of blood red to work with (you know how red looks different on everyone). 

A woman shows off her red lipstick–– blood red lips are a Fall beauty trend.

Barbie Blush 

Hi Barbie! We know, Barbie premiered in the summer–but her inspo is following us into Fall (and we couldn't be more pleased). A hot pink blush on the apple of the cheek remains a must-have look for the Autumn season and is espeically hot in Barbiecore style. Make it extra natural and mix a go-to blush with a drop of foundation to give your clients that I-woke-up-like-this sort of glowy look. 

Hot pink barbie blush, a fall beauty trend, is broken all over a surface.

Glazed Skin

Matte is out, glowy is in! For Fall makeup looks, be sure to offer your client a little extra glow by going heavy on the gloss. We want to see your clients lookin' like a glazed donut when they walk by. We're not talkin' sparkly shimmer; we're talking natural shine–so don't be afraid to add a little non-shimmer highlight all over to give your clients that glow-ahead-girl look. 

Spider Lashes 

It sounds spooky, but spider lashes are actually the ultra-sophisticated look for lashes at the moment. Think of Spider Lashes as a clumped (but in a good way) mascara look that goes extra bold on volume, color, and thickness. 

A woman shows off her spider lashes, a fall beauty trend.

Fall Hair & Hairstyles to Try 

Vintage Velvet Ribbons 

Fall is all about fabric–and velvet is a go-to year in and year out. Rock this Fall look with a vintage, velvet ribbon look on your clients. A little preppy, and a whole lot sophisticated, this velvet ribbon look says, "yeah, it's Fall and I've got it all." Try vintage ribbons in every style–high up on a Barbie party pony or scattered throughout with smaller bows. 

A velvet bow, a Fall beauty trend, is shown in a blonde client's hair.

Pumpkin Spice Hair, Please 

You thought pumpkin spice was just a drink? No way, buddy. This Fall, we want to see pumpkin spice color all over the place. We're talkin' rich hues of orange and brown with little flecks of warm red. Whatever your brain conjures up when we say pumpkin spice, that's the color we want to see your clients rocking. This copper-with-a-twist look should fuse all the rich and warm browns and oranges that will make your clients' hair look good enough to order at their fave coffee shop. 

A client shows off her pumpkin spice hair color, a fall beauty trend.

Ashy Bronde Highlights 

Let go of the beach blonde, give in to the ashy bronde. Fall is all about mellowing out those bright blondes and moving toward something a little more on the dark side (which makes sense, right? It is the spooky season, after all).  Tone those blondes down to an ashy hue and offer a little dimension to your brunettes to give their Fall looks a little something special. 

High Gloss Cold Brew Looks 

This Fall is all about shiny coffee looks. Up the gloss, mellow the blonde, and deliver a mocha-inspired cold brew look that's just as warm and cozy as it is glossy and sophisticated. We want this color to channel healthy Fall goodness! 

Vintage Velvet Ribbons 

Fall is all about fabric–and velvet is a go-to year in and year out. Rock this Fall look with a vintage, velvet ribbon look on your clients. A little preppy, and a whole lot sophisticated, this velvet ribbon look says, "yeah, it's Fall and I've got it all." Try vintage ribbons in every style–high up on a Barbie party pony or scattered throughout with smaller bows. 

A client shows off her high barbie ponytail, a fall beauty trend.

Claw Clip Updos 

The claw clips are here to stay–and we like it that way. Fall is all about neutral claw clips for the ultimate casual updos. Messy twists, half-up and downs–no matter how you want to use your clips on your clients, these tools are a must for Autumn's windy days. Bonus points if you opt for a tortoise shell color or a dark earth tone to really channel Fall. 

Got a few go-to fall trends of your own you want to share? We want to hear about 'em! Drop them in the comment section below and get the word out there about the latest and greatest of all things Fall. Want to keep up with the best of the best in the world of the beauty biz?

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