Spooky liability insurance issues can be a problem–having insurance is the best fix for that!

Spooky Scenarios Beauty Pros Can Be Liable For

It’s no secret to you that your job comes with some inherent risks. You’re a smart cookie, so you get it–anytime you’re working with people (especially in a hands-on way), you’re going to be balancing several risk factors.

This shouldn’t scare you necessarily–but it should be on your mind.

This is especially true if you’re not wholly aware of what spooky and unexpected things actually do fall under your responsibility as a salon owner, cosmetologist, or service provider.

Take a moment and think about it–what is part of your inherent liability as a cosmetologist? What are you responsible for? Who are you responsible for? And what falls under your category of liability, exactly?

Some of these answers are spooky–but not knowing them is even spookier! The last thing you want is a surprise liability issue, right? Our best advice is this–read this blog and prepare to be spooked by what could fall on your shoulders without the right cosmetology liability insurance.

And be warned, beauty pros–if you don’t have beauty pro liability insurance, get ready for a world of horror!  

Spooky Scenarios Beauty Pros Can Be Liable For

Children Getting Hurt in Your Salon

Yep, children getting hurt in your salon can absolutely be your fault.

Here’s the deal. Even if you put up all the signs, ask your customers not to bring their kids, and keep all the dangerous stuff on the high shelves, it’s still likely going to fall in your liability court if a child gets hurt, injured, or experiences damage in your salon.

The solution? Come up with some strict rules about kiddos in the salon (if you do plan to allow them, create a child-proof, safe area within a parent’s view), make sure you’ve got bulletproof liability insurance, and be very clear with adults about the expectations of children in your salon, shop, or spa.

Want to bump your protection up a notch? Consider having parents who bring children into your salon sign a waiver that absolves you of direct responsibility if they injure themselves doing something they weren’t supposed to in your shop.

Slip ‘n’ Falls in Your Space

Even if it’s not inherently your fault, if someone slips, falls, and injures themselves in your space, then that incident is all on you.

Here’s the thing, sometimes, these situations are cut and dry. Maybe you left a wet floor in your wake and didn’t put up a wet floor sign. 

Maybe something totally out of the blue happened, like a customer broke a heel on your floor. Or maybe something totally routine occurred. People trip on carpets and rugs all the time, right?  

Accidental and alleged allegations happen all the time–the best way to combat these is with quality professional cosmetology liability insurance.

The reality is that accidental or not; if this happens in your space, it’s possible you’ll be left dealing with the repercussions–financial and beyond.

The only way to ensure you’re protected (aside from just being conscientious about your space and how it impacts those who experience it) is to invest in general liability insurance that protects you from slip ‘n’ fall incidents. Want to learn more about general liability insurance? We’ve got plenty of information for you to check out.

Losing Someone’s Private Data

It’s 2022, after all–so data is part of the deal. If you do end up losing someone’s private or personal data, that liability could be on you. Our advice? Make sure you’ve got your bases covered. Does your liability insurance policy cover identity theft? It might be time to figure that out!

Accidental & Alleged Damage

Guess what? Even if nothing actually happened and there’s an incident or claim that’s totally made up, you’re still on the hook for dealing with the repercussions if you don’t have liability insurance. Accidents obviously fall under liability jurisdiction, but what most cosmetologists don’t consider is that so do allegations of accidents.

Sure, it might come out later that you didn’t actually do anything wrong–but it took a lot of money, time, and effort to get there. Without liability insurance, you could be on the hook for it all.

An Employee Incident

Your employees are an extension of you–that means you’re responsible for them. While we always advise employees have their own liability insurance as a backup, it’s important to tack on additional insureds to your policy so that you’re covered in the event one of your employees either majorly screws up or someone simply alleges they did.

The best solution you can invest in?

Top-notch professional cosmetology and general liability insurance. 

We know, we know, coming from the insurance company, of course, that’s our answer–but the fact of the matter is, without liability insurance, you could be left to deal with the realities of these risks all on your own. 

That means tons of financial burden, the potential to have to rebuild your reputation, and even court and legal fees are all on you. With a quality professional and general liability insurance policy, you don’t have to face these risks alone!

Looking for more information? We’ve got you covered. Check out our site and policy plans today–and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with questions!