A group of women join together to celebrate women's history month.

Small Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month 
How to Celebrate In & Out of the Salon

March marks a momentous month–one that the team at Elite Beauty Society looks forward to recognizing, commemorating, and celebrating every time it rolls around. Yep, it’s Women’s History Month, and to us, that means a full month of paying homage to the amazing women who paved the way for us all. 

Women’s History Month–according to the official Women’s History Month site–is all about encouraging and commemorating the study and celebration of the “vital role of women in history.” 

And at EBS, we know that without women, the beauty industry would never be where it is today–focusing on those achievements and celebrating that progress are what we live for.

If you’re ready to celebrate this month along with us but aren’t sure how to go about it, we’ve got good news–this blog is all about sharing special, small ways to make your Women’s History Month amazing! 

Keep reading to learn more about how you can pepper a few fun celebrations into your month and celebrate Women’s History Month the right way! 

Ideas for Celebrating Women’s History Month 

Thank Your Inspiring Female Mentors 

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate the impact of strong, amazing women is to recognize the ones closest to you. Do you have a female mentor you admire in your life? Is there someone you look up to and couldn’t have made it this far without? 

No matter who that person might be–within the beauty industry or not–make sure you drop them a special thank you this month! Whether it’s as casual as a post-it note or a bouquet of beautiful flowers, there’s no better way to appreciate women’s impact this month than by sharing your gratitude with those closest to you. 

An All-Female Playlist All Month Long 

Want to take your salon to a new celebration level? Give your go-to playlist a makeover and stock up on a women-only selection for the entire month. Let your customers know that you’ll be jamming to your one-of-a-kind, female-appreciatin’ month of March playlist.

Want to make it a little more hands-on for your customers? Have them contribute to the playlist, too! Make your playlist public and let them collaborate with tracks from their all-time fave female artists. Then pop that playlist on all month long for proper women’s history appreciation. 

Pick a Women’s Charity for Month-Long Donations 

Whether you want to fundraise in a special way or leave a donation jar open for business at the reception counter, choosing a non-invasive and cool way to donate to women’s groups could be a great way to honor women and celebrate the month.

Make sure you’re vetting the group you want to donate to and that you’re being upfront with your clients, too, so they know all about the group you’re planning to support. 

Hang Art from Inspiring Female Artists 

Seems like your salon–or even your house?–could use an art refresh. Hang up work from inspiring female artists throughout history–someone from decades ago or now.

Give your space a real refresh with a purpose behind it–to celebrate some of the greatest artwork from some of the most talented artists of all time. 

Dive Into Women’s History 

Sure, you know about women’s history–but how much do you know about women’s history? Now is the perfect opportunity to expand your mind, glean more knowledge, and share what you’ve learned with your colleagues, clients, and friends. Brushing up on your women’s history is a great idea for the month–but it’s also a fabulous idea for every month. 

Our advice? If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around the whole of “women’s history,” start with a smaller niche that’s near and dear to your heart.

How exactly have women impacted the beauty industry? What is evidence of the major progress they’ve made along the way? Start small, then branch out–and watch how your knowledge of women’s history grows. 

Love our ideas? We hope you do! If you’ve got some inspo to share from your own repertoire, we encourage you to drop a comment in the reply section below–our beauty community loves to hear from experts like you! 

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