Should Your Salon, Spa, or Shop Start a Blog?

The Pros and Cons of Running a Beauty Blog

We know, we know, there’s some irony here, and we definitely see it. You’re reading about starting a beauty blog on a beauty blog.

It’s like blog-ception, or something clever like that.

Blogging is something we’re all familiar with—mostly because we read blogs constantly (even if we don’t realize what we’re reading is a blog, necessarily). Think of your fave influencer in the beauty world, your personal cosmetology hero, or someone you look up to that has a large following or tons of clients—odds are, there’s a blog on their site.


We’re diving into that today.

Blogging might seem overwhelming, like a ton of work, or maybe totally out of your league (we’re not all writers, there’s no shame in that game), but honestly, there are few things more beneficial than adding a blog to your site.

While it might not seem like it, blogging is a hugely powerful promotional tool—something that can attract people to you, retain clients, and increase bookings in a snap.

Maybe you’ve already tried the blogging life. Maybe you’ve got 1-2 posts that you put up last December that are just sitting there on your page, stale as can be. Maybe blogging just doesn’t give you joy.

But guess what? Most marketing pros would tell you that blogging is a must—even if you outsource the task to someone else. But we’ll get to that later. For now, let’s talk blogging positives.   

Keep reading to get a clearer picture of how starting (and keeping a blog) can benefit you.

The Pros of Beauty Blogging

Google Loves to See It

You guys know about SEO, right? We won’t dive too deep into search engine optimization (it can take you down some serious rabbit holes, trust us), but ultimately, the more quality, helpful, and informative content you have on your site that’s associated with your name (and the keywords that clients will look up to find cosmetologists in your niche / area), the better you’re going to rank on search engines and the easier it will be for prospective clients to find you.

Imagine popping up first, second, or third on a search list for something semi-vague but super helpful like, “best balayage stylist.”

Writing up a ton of blog content—especially blog content that targets SEO keywords while being actually informative and well-written—can do that, and more, for you and your business.

Your Fans, Clients, and Would-Be Customers Count it as a Bonus

People come to you because you’re a badass cosmetologist—why wouldn’t they want another way to pick that beauty pro brain of yours?

Blogging is an insanely productive way to connect with people, communicate with your clients, and share real, helpful information—something that people count as incredibly valuable. 

Don’t think of blogging like some stiff, boring, informative essay—think about it as if you’re talking directly to someone else about your beauty experience, because that’s precisely what a blog is all about.

You Don’t Actually Have to Write It

Newsflash, we’re not all good at everything. You’re a badass cosmetologist, right? That’s your gift, your talent, and your skillset—you don’t have to be God’s gift to writing, too. There are so many experts out there you can outsource your blog writing to.

That’s not to say you have to be totally hands-off—you should make sure you’re outlining, making notes, picking topics, and ensuring that your spark is in there.

But if you absolutely hate writing, there’s no rule that says that you must write your own blog. There are all sorts of copywriters or blog writers out there (on all budget spectrums) who can help you make your blog dreams come true!

The Cons of Beauty Blogging

It’s Another Task

It might seem entirely overwhelming and damn near impossible to add another task to your plate—and blogging is, let’s face it, another task.

Especially if it’s not something that lights up your life with joy. We won’t beat around the bush, blogging can be a bit of a burden every so often, but so can every other task on your marketing to-do list. 

Blogging is going to be hugely helpful for your business, but it will occupy a portion of your effort. It’s going to be crucial that you learn how to balance even better if you choose to add blogging to your marketing repertoire.

It Can Be Time-Consuming

Blogging can be a time-suck—and that can be both good and bad. If you truly enjoy something, it can take up a chunk of your time and you won’t think a thing. If it’s not your bag, well, you’ll feel every minute tick by.

But like we said before, blogging should be a part of your digital marketing strategy—why not consider hiring someone (a new part-time employee, a freelancer, promote a staff member, etc.) to tackle this task so you’re not losing your valuable time?

Topics Don’t Always Come Easy

Blogging isn’t always a walk in the park. There will be days when you have thousands of ideas, then there will be days where it might feel like you can’t come up with the right topic if your life depended on it. The only thing we can say to that is, well, it happens—and that’s just that.

One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to really capitalize on those moments when you feel inspired. If you have 100 ideas, write them down and save them—that way, when you run into one of those writer’s block moments, you’ll have plenty of prepared topics awaiting you.

Do you run a beauty blog for your shop, spa, or salon? Tell us about it! Share your blogging knowledge with your beauty community—we’re positive they’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

Not sure where to start with your blogging journey? Don’t sweat it. Drop a comment in the reply section—there are plenty of folks out there willing to get your blogging adventure started with you!

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