Should You Be a Brand Ambassador?

How to Tell If Partnering with a Brand is Right For You

It seems like we can’t scroll through Instagram these days without seeing some adorable little stylist (probably a very talented one whom you’ve admired for a long, long time) peddling some product or brand that they absolutely swear by.

Yeah, sometimes we roll our eyes, too.

Look—we’re not saying this is a bad thing, a bad business decision, or a bad move. In fact, we actually think exactly the opposite.

And believe us, we’re not hatin’ on this trend at all—being a brand ambassador can be a really positive thing for you, your business, and the consumers who trust your opinion.

The issue? Sometimes, being a brand ambassador can be a bad deal for you—and even worse, it can leave you stuck trying to back a product, service, or brand that you really just don’t believe in.

The best way to avoid that nightmare? Really think hard before you dive into the world of brand ambassadors. There’s a lot to consider, even if it seems pretty tempting to jump in with both feet without ever looking at what’s waiting at the bottom of the cliff.

If you’re thinking about becoming a brand ambassador, we suggest thinking about a few, really important things, like:

The Brand, The Company, The Product​​​​

Think about all of these elements and aspects.

Ask yourself, “do I agree with the ethics of this company?” or “would I recommend this product even if I wasn’t working with the company?” or “would I honestly use products from this brand regularly for myself?

If you can’t back a brand on a personal level, and if you never would recommend them without incentive, it’s likely not a good partnership.

Remember, no matter how big or small your platform is, you’re a professional—you have people who trust your opinion and look to you for advice.

Do you really want to peddle a product or brand you don’t believe in?

The Symbiosis

If you’ve never heard the term symbiosis, we’ll give you a brief biology lesson.

A symbiotic relationship is essentially when two people (or brands or whatever you want to use here) are mutually interdependent. Or rather, when you and the brand you’re thinking of partnering with are both benefiting. It might not always be equal (in a perfect world it would be), but it should be pretty damn close.

If your end of the deal doesn’t seem to be quite as beneficial as the brand’s end of the deal (according to each of your own scales, of course), you might not want to partner with them. Ultimately, both of you should benefit in a way that makes sense for you.

The Gut Feeling​​​​​​

It’s not science, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it. Sometimes, your gut—your intuition—can be a guiding light.

If something doesn’t feel right about your proposed partnership, maybe that’s because something isn’t right

We’re not saying you should always let your gut lead the way in your business decisions, but don’t ignore what your heart is telling you if something feels off.

Explore it.

The Responsibilities

Does the responsibility of being a brand ambassador, or the obligations that go hand-in-hand with your partnership going to take precedence over your own goals?

This one’s easy—if this partnership is going to get in the way more than it’s going to make a way, it’s probably not a good deal for you.

The Marketing Prowess

Think about how this brand partnership could benefit your marketing prowess. Will you have access to a larger audience? Will this marketing maneuver help you get more customers, followers, etc.?This isn’t a bad thing—trust us, marketing is insanely important.

So really take the time to examine how this can benefit those efforts.

See what we mean? Just acknowledging a few of those simple considerations can be the difference between signing on to a bad brand partnership and a great one. 

No matter what, always make sure your brand ambassadorship is serving your goals, your audience, and your purpose!

Got more tips about what to look out for before signing on with a brand? Leave them in the comments below—don’t be shy, guys, that’s why we have a comment section! 

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