abstract cuts

Have You Had Clients Wa​​​​​​​​​​​nting To Try A New, Expressive Haircut But You're 

Lacking The Creative Inspiration?

Each of these iconic cuts are sure to get your creative juices flowing and your clients’ confidence rising. Here are the top short haircuts that have stood the test of time and are making their creative comeback. 

1. Go Bold With A Classic Mohawk

The mohawk haircut has stood the test of time with its popularity spanning over decades—and is not going away anytime soon.

It originally started as an unconventional and grungy look, but the mohawk has transitioned into a fashionable style for various hair types.

There are many variations of this classic cut to suggest to your clients, such as pompadour, choppy, or spiked-out styles. This cut itself gives just enough edge, where a bold color isn’t needed unless you are going for a complete transformation!

mohawk abstract cut

2. Try A Textured Shag

Another timeless cut on our list that hasn’t gone out of style is the textured shag. This haircut is perfect for different textures of hair and creates an effortless, chic look.

This cut is a direct nod to the sixties and has continually evolved over the years into a modern-meets-vintage look that is always is in trend. Try matching the cut with a brighter, vivid color, for even more flair.

The cut compliments many face shapes with its long, wispy layers on the sides, and shorter textured pieces on top. To achieve a voluminous, textured style make sure to use a flat iron to straighten the pieces out, then fluffing out the hair with your hands for more volume. Finish with a light spray wax for hold and shine.

textured shag

3. Go Shorter With A Pixie Cut

Enhance and show off your client’s facial features with this bold cut! The pixie is great for different textures and is great for those who want minimal maintenance. You can look to celebrities, including Katy Perry, Twiggy, Halle Berry, and Kristen Stewart, for pixie cut inspiration.

Pixies have many length variations from longer sleek layers in the front to shorter spiked pieces on the sides. Choosing a length and style for your pixie cut should depend on your preference and how bold your client wants to go.

Some clients may want to pair this cut with vivid or bright colors, completing the overall look. Add highlights, balayage, or go full platinum blonde with this cut for an enhanced transformation.

pixie cut

4. Get Creative With Undercut Designs

Undercuts gained popularity in the early 80s, and re-emerged in the past few years as the choice cut for many celebrities and trend-setters alike. Undercuts are great for whether your clients are looking to have a subtle, edgier change, or a stand-out, transformation.

This cut gives the opportunity to go as bold as the client would like. You can shave one side, both sides, or go all out shaving underneath and connecting the sides.

Add bold, geometric designs or even a pop of color to this cut for an even more creative statement.

undercut design for short hair

5. Add Some Fringe

In addition to any haircut, try doing a stylish, fringed front. From short and straight, long and wispy and everything in between, bangs add extra style to any cut.

If your client wants a more retro-inspired look, try looking to Bettie Page for bang inspiration. Or if your client wants a lighter, more modern bang, try looking to Zooey Deschanel for inspiration.

When it comes to styling your client’s hair after the cut, be sure to blow-dry the bangs left to right with a small round brush or boar brush for best results. Then, use a flat iron to smooth them out, and finish with a texture or styling spray.

front fringe