The 7 Things Beauty Pros are Thankful For 

The 7 Things All Beauty Pros Can't Live Without

There’s no argument that most cosmetologists (no matter how different we all are) share some unique similarities that only people in our industry can bond over.

We won’t do a whole you know you’re a cosmetologist when thing right now, but you probably are catching our drift.

One of those similarities woven throughout the beauty industry?

The career-specific things we’re all grateful for come Thanksgiving week.

In other words, when you’re making your mental list of gratitude over your Thanksgiving meal this week, we’re willing to bet that at least a few of the things we list below are popping into your brain.

Want to test our Thanksgiving theory?

Keep reading to see what we think every cosmetologist and beauty pro out there is grateful for this year.

The Top 7 Things Beauty Pros Are Thankful They Don’t Have to Live Without

Black Clothing—But Seriously

Chemicals, color, products—oh my! Just think about the daily stains you deal with as a beauty pro. Now imagine that the industry standard wasn’t black clothing—yeah, that’s a major yikes moment right there.

This year, cosmetologists and beauty pros, we’re sure you’re exceptionally grateful for your all-black clothing wardrobe (because, seriously, who has the time or budget to stock back up on professional clothing every single time a stain finds its way to your non-black items).

Our Clients, Duh  

This one is a given. Without your clients, you wouldn’t be where you are—like literally, you’re in the service industry. Think about it, without your reliable band of regulars (and the new clients who take a chance on you), you wouldn’t be able to practice your craft, build your career, and do the thing you love (and get paid for it).

So, yeah, even on the days where clients annoy the heck out of you (don’t play, this totally happens to everyone), you’re probably so grateful for them in every way. Don’t leave them off your gratitude list this year—without them, you wouldn’t be where you are.

Automated Apps and Salon Software

Because let’s face it, otherwise, we’d be doing it all ourselves.

And who among us has time to deal with scheduling, marketing, automating your emails, coming up with campaigns to draw in new clients, scheduling and posting content on your social media platforms, collecting reviews, honoring referral programs, and more?

If you do, we applaud you—but let’s be honest, for as frustrating as technology can be, sometimes it really helps cut down on our workload (which is busy enough as it is).

Your Go-To Tools

Be grateful AF that you have a tried-and-true list of go-to products when your clients step through the door. Why? Because that takes time, effort, and lots of trial and error to develop. If you know exactly what trust tools and products to snag for every scenario, then you’re def in a place to be grateful as can be for your go-to repertoire.

Elevated Safety Protocols in the Midst of a Pandemic

It’s been yet another unprecedented year, and even though 2021 might not have been quite as unpredictable as 2020 (as a whole), the fact of the matter is we all still faced a weird year that left lots of people fearful.

So, this year especially we’re sure you’re grateful for safety protocols that protect you, your clients, and everyone who walked into your salon, shop, or spa this year—because keeping people safe is more than just important to your livelihood, it’s important for the entire world.

Beauty Pro Liability Insurance

C’mon, you had to know we were gonna throw this one in here. But we’re not just making some last-ditch effort to sell you some insurance, we’re seriously adding this one for a good dang reason—having this type of protection is legit something that beauty pros are so thankful for (especially when they need to lean on it).

Think about what it would be like without beauty pro liability insurance—you’d be on your own, constantly worried about missteps, consistently concerned you were going to mess or get sued, or worse, totally clueless to the damage someone could potentially do to your career with one allegation.

So, yeah, we’re def a little biased—but this is also one of those things that beauty pros and cosmetologists are *truly* grateful for (trust us).

Showers (No, For Real)

It’s not that you don’t love being covered in hair, skin, and nail stuff (that aren’t even yours), but like, c’mon—even the most seasoned stylist gets sick of all the gunk they deal with. So, yeah, we’re being cheeky, but beauty pros are damn grateful for a long, hot shower at the end of a long day of being elbow-deep in product, other peoples’ hair and other salon or shop gunk. Ain’t no shame in admitting that, beauty pros—go ahead and be thankful for your fave time of the day.

So, how right (or wrong) were we?

Either way, we’re adding the entire beauty pro industry as something we’re grateful for this year—because protecting you and giving you resources to build successful careers are basically our favorite things to do, and without you, we couldn’t make that happen.

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