A cosmetologist holds a nail polish bottle against a pink backdrop as she considers how to balance self-care and her career.

Self-Care in the Beauty Biz
Finding Beauty Industry Balance Through Self-Love

It’s no secret that the beauty industry primarily focuses on service. Beauty, as it turns out, is secondary. That means, as a beauty pro, you’re technically in the business of serving others. And for exceptional beauty pros like you, you’re probably really good at it. 

The problem? Being so absorbed with others–caring for them, serving them, and providing for them–can become all-consuming. And with a hectic job, a passion for people, and a focus on doing for others, it can become incredibly easy to ignore yourself. 

The problem? That’s no way to live. Yes, the career you chose does prioritize your focus and attention on others. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

But you do need to learn how to find balance, how to create more time for yourself, and how to focus on self-care every now and again. 

How can you figure out creative ways to force yourself into these even when you don’t want to? We’ve got some ideas for you. But first, let’s take it back to basics and refocus. What are self-care and self-love all about in the first place? We’ll dive in next.

What’s Self-Care, Anyway?

Everyone thinks self-care is all about eating a treat, getting a haircut, then moving on and getting back to your on-the-grind mentality. But self-care is a lot more than that–and self-love is, too. 

Self-care is the genuine act of setting time aside for you to check-in and assess yourself. How are you feeling? What’s bothering you? Are you overworking again?

Self-care and self-love are also all about making adjustments where needed after doing that little evaluation.

If you are working too much–ask yourself why. But then fix the problem. If you’re not feeling your best, figure out what’s causing it–then remedy it.

If you’re truly not taking breaks and disregarding what’s healthy for you, self-care is the act of changing that narrative and taking better care of yourself. 

And the thing about self-care is, it looks different for everyone. Sure, sometimes self-care is going to be eating a chocolate bar before going back to work. But sometimes, it’s scheduling an extra session with your therapist, making time to go out for drinks with your friends, going on a run before it gets too late in the day. 

Self-care is simply the act of taking care of your needs–whatever that might look like. 

A stylist gets her hair done for a change, an act of self-care and self-love.

The Best Ways for Cosmetologists to Show Themselves Some Love 

What is the best thing about self-care? You don’t have to drop a ton of money or do anything elaborate–but you can, if that speaks to you. Self-care is specific to what you need, want, and desire, so don’t get caught up in anyone else’s definition of what self-love looks like. Here are just a few inspo ideas to get you started. 

Get Pampered for a Change 

In the beauty biz, you do the pampering. Now, it’s time to flip the script. Turn the tables and go get pampered for once. Get a haircut. Get your nails done.

Go for that facial. Get a massage. Get pampered instead of doing the pampering and see how it feels to be taken care of. 

Do Things You Love 

Whether you absolutely adore hiking in the mountains or your idea of a perfect day is a movie marathon on your couch, do whatever brings you joy.

No, you can’t set aside three days a week to binge-watch your favorite show (we wish sometimes) or hike a through-trail whenever you feel like it, but giving yourself a little self-care day where you take the pressure off and relax is a must, no matter what that might look like. 

Take Time Off 

Sit down with yourself and get serious–when was the last time you took a vacation? When was the last time you didn’t work nights and weekends?

When was the last time you turned down a last-minute client? If you’re not taking time off, you’re setting yourself up for the perfect formula for burnout. Be cautious about overworking yourself and schedule time off as you need it. 

Go Ahead–Do the Face Mask

Yep, it’s a cliche–but what we really mean here is to do a little something that makes you feel good. A facemask, a bubble bath, a new coat of nail polish–do something that makes you feel energized, refreshed, and renewed.

Who cares if it’s super silly to do something the recharges you? Do it! You deserve it. Grab a face mask, hop in the tub, and get your favorite bottle of wine. Take time for yourself, do what you enjoy, and don’t be afraid of being a cliche. All that matters is that you’re relaxing, taking care of yourself, and giving yourself all the love you can. 

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