Salon & Spa Valentine’s Day Promos

You (and Your Clients) Will Love 

Whether you love love or you just love makin’ a profit, you’re going to absolutely want to capitalize on your Valentine’s Day rush.

Let’s face it, people, V-Day is a big deal (even if it’s not for you), and people are looking to either get glammed up for a special night out or purchase something special for their significant other—and who would we be to deny them exactly what they want?

While Valentine’s Day can (oftentimes) bring in clients on its own (just because of the nature of the beast), there’s no reason you shouldn’t make extra marketing efforts to really bring people in. That’s right, people, we’re talkin’ about promos, specials, and perfect packages that are guaranteed to have your clients giving you heart eyes in a flash.

We highly encourage you to get super creative on this lovey-dovey holiday (PRO TIP: don’t forget to place special emphasis on self-love), but if you need a little inspo to get you going, we got you covered. 

Check out a few of our valentine’s day promo and special ideas that we think your clients will weak-in-the-knees-heart-skip-a-beat-can’t-stop-thinkin’-boutcha love.

Roll out the Red Carpet for Rose Gold & Red Styles 

If you guys follow along with our blog, you already know we’re rose gold crazy, so why not use Valentine’s Day to really spread the word? It’s a holiday that’s basically overflowing with pink and red, people, it makes total sense to sell this style hard on the day of love. 

Set up a red or rose gold color special for valentine’s day (or leading up to it) to really get your clients interested in a little color flair dedicated to a darling day of l-o-v-e.

Check out our post here for more rose gold info! 

Treat Yo’Self Spa or Salon Specials 

Whether you want to market these as gifts for clients’ significant others or you want to take more of a self-love-treat-yourself approach (or heck, why not both), offer discounts, deals, or special packages that are designated to a treat-yo’self kind of service. 

If you’ve got the wiggle room, allow the purchaser to make it customizable so they can create a gift that’s perfect for their SO (or for themselves). 

Gush About Galentines 

Offer your clients a group discount if they bring the gals in for a day of pampering at your salon. Maybe add in a few bonus extras, too (a-la-champagne, chocolates, or other delicious treats that the ladies are bound to love). 

A great way to really sell this special? Make it a gift card option, too! That way, the gals can purchase and use it on a different day as a post-galentine’s day treat!

Add a Little V-Day Special to Your Client’s Retail Purchases

You’d be surprised how a little extra somethin’-somethin’ can go a long way—especially when it’s Valentine’s Day themed.

Do a little research and align your inventory with some of the most-purchased Valentine’s Day items, like candy, a gift card, flowers, etc. It doesn’t have to be exceptionally expensive, but if you pair up something cute and thoughtful, you’re likely to make a V-day themed sale! 

Put Some Focus on Couple Love 

Offer partners a little duo discount if they come in together to prep for date night (or whatever their Valentine’s Day plans might be). 

Create promotions for pairings that go perfectly together, like two shampoos + conditions, a service and a retail product pairing, a buy-one-get-one promotion, etc. 

Get creative and be sure to show those couples how much you appreciate that they chose you for their Valentine’s Day treat. 

Client Appreciation + V-Day = The Perfect Combo

This idea won’t bring you any immediate ROI, but it certainly will help with your customer satisfaction.

Create little Valentine’s Day gifts for your clients and send them out on the day of love! They don’t need to be expensive—just little homemade cards show some serious thought—and your clients will absolutely love the fact that you’re thinking of them on such a fun day! 

Creating epic valentine’s day special doesn’t have to be complicated—just a little something from the heart can go a long way!

Have a tried-and-true Valentine’s day promo you run every year? Want to share it with us? Drop us a line in the comment section below to share your lovely V-day ideas with your community of beauty biz pros.

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