online reviews matter

Five Reasons Why

Salon Reviews Matter

It is important to understand how salon reviews contribute to your business’s reputation and patronage.

Many companies underestimate the power of customer-written online salon reviews—or don’t realize at all what these blurbs can do for their business.

Consider these five factors.

1. Reviews Build Credibility

It’s safe to say that the internet and social media have influenced the way we make decisions. Before visiting a business, most people check out online reviews for validation and to determine quality.

Many consumers rely heavily on reading reviews before deciding on a purchase. Setting up business pages on sites such as Yelp or Google Business will help you look professional and legitimate, but most importantly they will help open the door for customers to start leaving reviews for others to see.

2. Reviews Help With Search Engine Optimization

Great reviews boost your reputation online with potential customers, and having reviews also boosts your page visibility on search engines locally. When someone in your local area types in “hairstylists near me,” nearby salons that have online reviews are more likely to appear near the top of search results.

Reviews affect the way your business is ranked online, and how likely it is for someone to see it on the top of the list among other businesses. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential for organic search engine results, in which clients can quickly find you.

SEO promotes your business, your information, and relevance. Researching and utilizing SEO is one of the best ways you can spend your marketing time.

3. Reviews Let You Connect With Your Customers

Most of your customers use their phone, tablet, or desktop computer daily, which gives them instant ability to read and leave reviews. Replying to customers’ reviews quickly shows your attentiveness to respond and gives you the chance to connect with your clients virtually, outside of the typical social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Leaving feedback on customers’ reviews shows that you care what clients have to say. It validates that customers' reviews are seen, and their opinions are heard.

4. Reviews Give You Constructive Criticism

​Although no one likes a horrible—and sometimes unfair—review of their business, there are times when you have to take the bad with the good. No business is perfect, and you should prepare for the inevitable—hopefully only occasional—bad review.

No matter how unfair a negative review seems, it should still be taken into consideration along with the positive ones. Often these reviews are a way to realize problems within a business that need to be addressed, or improved upon. And don’t worry—a few less-than-stellar reviews actually have little influence when it comes to the public perceiving your credibility.

What’s more important than a bad review is how you respond to it. Try to resolve any issues with a customer. First, understand where they are coming from. Second, plan how you can move forward from the problem.

It is important to resolve issues as soon as you can. If negative reviews start to outweigh the good ones, your business may start to lose patronage.

5. Reviews Build Your Business

Online reviews are helpful in boosting patronage and sales for your business—they can represent an untapped resource for ideas for improvement or expansion. Embrace your online reviews and take into consideration customer feedback for your business’ continued success.