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Top 5 Takeaways 

from the EBS Salon Marketing Guide

If you’ve seen our Salon Marketing Guide for Beauty Professionals eBook before, you’ve probably wondered if it’s even worth it.

Seriously, if you’ve thought something like that—we’re cool with it. 

We’re not upset by that thought process at all because we get it—your time is valuable and likely pretty limited (you’re trying to run a badass cosmetology career over here, we see you). You don’t have the time, the energy, or the free time to invest in something that’s not going to be worth it.

So we did something helpful to help you answer that “is it worth my time” question. We went ahead and summed up what you’ll get what you read this eBook. It’s def not a *spoiler alert*—there’s still so much to learn.

 It’s more helpful to consider it an article chock-full of insight that’ll show you super clearly why this eBook is a must for all things salon marketing.

Like we said, your time is precious AF, so we’ll jump right in and give you a better idea of what kind of takeaways you’ll receive from the Salon Marketing Guide for Beauty Professionals eBook.

The Top 5 EBS Salon Marketing eBook Takeaways

An Intro to Salon Marketing

Let’s just go ahead and face it you guys—marketing can be a confusing world. If you feel like you’re constantly asking yourself things like, “seriously, what the heck is marketing, anyway?” or “wait—am I doing the whole marketing thing right?”—please know that you’re not alone.

One of the biggest takeaways you’ll get from this eBook is a deep, insightful, and comprehensive look at what the heck marketing is in the first place.

That doesn’t mean we’re going to give you a one-sentence definition and send you on your way. Instead, it means we’re taking a look at marketing—from a micro and a macro perspective—to explain it to you in a way that’s relevant and applicable to you.

Ultimately, our goal with this intro to marketing is to ensure you’ve got a solid understanding of what marketing is, but more importantly, why it matters and how you can use it to better yourself, your business, and your future.

Tips on Salon Marketing Tools & Why They Matter

What’s the point of knowing what marketing is if you don’t know how to implement it in your day-to-day tasks? Without applicable direction, marketing remains as this abstract, intangible concept—how does that help anyone?

That’s why we’re laying out some of the best marketing tools to help assist you with your salon marketing tasks—whether that’s automating salon marketing to make it easier for you, bringing your marketing efforts into 2021, or aiding you in scheduling your salon marketing calendar.

In the eBook, we dish out some serious advice and share our long list of digital tools that we believe can take your marketing to the next-level seamlessly and simply.

Trust us, you’re going to want to see this list—your to-do list will thank us. 

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Some Serious Confidence

Running your own salon marketing regime (successfully) takes insight, guidance, the right tools, and a little direction. You know what else it takes? A whole lot of confidence.

No, we didn’t sprinkle magic dust into this eBook that’ll suddenly turn you into an overly-confident marketing guru, but we do offer you plenty of guidance, tricks, tips, and insight into how you can boost your own confidence with your social media marketing job.

Ultimately, you can do this—we know that. This book is just going to show you that you know it, too.

A Foundation of How Salon Marketing Can Transform Your Career

Like it or not, marketing is one of those factors that can take your cosmetology career from so-so to so-hot. Salon Marketing has a substantial impact on your professional beauty career—but why? 

This eBook is going to provide you with applicable, real-life scenarios to help you understand the significance of a bomb marketing plan.

The EBS Salon Marketing Guide as an Instant Download 

All the other takeaways you’ll get from this salon marketing eBook are helpful but in reality, they’re mostly intangible and conceptual.

While that’s definitely needed, this last takeaway is a concrete benefit—you’ll get the EBS Salon Marketing Guide as an instant download. This salon marketing guide will offer you a one-stop-shop guide that you can access anywhere, any time.

Personally, we’re always going to opt for you to download the eBook—sure, it might be a little biased, but we absolutely believe this eBook has all the tips and tricks you need to better understand marketing, kickstart your marketing gusto, and give you the confidence you need to put in actionable steps toward improving your salon marketing.

We’re linking you to the eBook right here (one last time) so you can download it ASAP—we’ve got a pretty strong feeling you’ll be glad you did.

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