salon marketing basics

Salon Marketing Basics

If you want it to expand, try giving your salon marketing strategies the tools it needs to grow and succeed. Like a child, a salon or business also goes through pesky, moody adolescent phases on the road to maturity.

When you own a business, things can become downright chaotic and frustrating. Sleep deprivation, worry and exhaustion are inevitable; but in the end, if you put in the time and effort, your business will very likely thrive.

Some entrepreneurs come to the conclusion that once they’ve attracted clientele, then all the hard work is done. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you’ll have to keep those clients loyal—and if you desire growth, you can’t be idle and expect people to flock to your company. You’ve got to dedicate time, energy and money to putting your company out there.

The following are some basic strategies to adopt in the early phases of your business. As it grows, you will need to refine and enhance the techniques that work best to get clients in your chair.

Be Proactive Online

Playing an active role in your business is what gives it life. Sit around waiting for clients and you can be sure of failure. However, if you can manage to go out of your comfort zone and talk to strangers daily about your business, then you will create more interest.

When prospective clients are attracted to a business they’ll come. If they love it, they’ll sing its praises via social media, word of mouth and in reviews—and all of this buzz will potentially expand what you’ve created.

Thanks to ubiquitous social media platforms, there are countless ways to market online. Blogging and then sharing your posts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter will help you gain followers, as well as provide a way to share your company’s story, products and services while inspiring others.

You can even link all of these platforms together so you won’t have to post individually to each platform. After all, you’ve got places to be and a business to create. You’ll need all the time you can get!


A network is a way to come together with like-minded people who share common interests. It’s a form of sharing ideas and acquiring knowledge pertaining to your field.

If you need help in certain areas, you may even be able to gain a successful mentor, who will show you the ropes of how a highly successful business should be run.

Networking also helps you expand your connections. You get to know individuals who know other individuals, and so on. It’s a web of influence that connects you to those who have different roles within an industry.

When networking, try not to sound gimmicky or immediately throw out sales pitches, as you will want to naturally show those around you how much you value them as people first. Always have business cards with you just in case someone is interested in your business.

Know Your Market

Learning your demographic—the target consumers that will utilize your services—is a way for you to hone in on the people who will bring your business the most money, and focus your marketing efforts there.

For example, if your hair-cutting business is for men only, you may find success marketing at a sports event or other places where men tend to gather in large numbers. If luxury is your brand’s mantra, then be where the affluent are.

Know your target market, because these people will be the ones who pay the bills and keep your business in business. If you don’t study your market, you set yourself up for failure because your business model won’t suit the needs of the customers you want.

Dress for Success

Dressing the part is an important stepping-stone to creating success.

An appropriately well-dressed person is going to be taken more seriously than someone who is a bit sloppy or doesn’t appear dressed to relate to the target customer. You don’t get second chances and most importantly, if you are marketing your business, you’ll want prospective clients to take you seriously.

If you want to impress professionals, then dress more business-appropriate. If your market is families and soccer moms, dress accordingly so that engagement with them becomes easier.

Even if you lack confidence, dressing well will give the impression that you respect and believe in yourself.

Business is give-and-take. Put in the work to create what you want your business to be and you’ll be on your way to success.