A stylist shows her staff how to perfect the perfect curl–a salon management technique.

Salon Management Tips: Teamwork & Your Salon

You've undoubtedly heard the helpful old adage, "There's no in team," right? 

Well, beauty pros, this one is an adage for a reason–because it holds true. In fact, it holds especially true in the salon. You already know that managing a salon–let alone working in one–can be challenging. 

You're not just managing client expectations, you're in charge of keeping everyone (including your staff) at their absolute best. And that takes some serious skill in any environment, but especially in a creative one (like your salon, shop, or spa).

So,  as a salon manager, owner, or whatever your title might be, how can you make sure that your team is running smoothly and, most importantly, working together? 

By focusing on one word: teamwork

Teamwork is the way to bond a team, create healthy and happy relationships, and ensure that everyone can work in perfect harmony. But how can you encourage being a team player?

Better yet, how can you exemplify being a team player in your shop? 

Here are a few things you can start doing today to help you with salon management.

Hire the Right Staff from the Start 

Look, we get it–it's impossible to know for a 100% fact if you're hiring a team player. But if you focus your interview on what matters–and ask the right questions–you can actually set yourself up for long-term success and hire right the first time

Focus your interivew questions on things that matter to teamwork. Go into the interview with a plan–ask them about culture and working together. Get their honest answers. Then weed out applicants that don't see eye to eye with you on these kinds of things. 

At the end of the day, you may skip over a talented stylist–but if they're a negative force that's only looking out for themselves, they're not going to serve your salon well anyway. 

Help Your Colleague If They Are Running Behind

Believe it or not, some stylists feel like it's a one-person show in the salon. They might not feel the need to step in and help other stylists when they are running behind because, at the end of the day, that client isn't their client. 

On the real, though, this couldn't be further from the truth.

The reality is, when the salon is doing well, everyone is doing well–more people are likely to walk through the doors, sit in your booths, and take a chance on a stylist or two who come from a salon with a positive overall reputation. 

Needless to say everyone has a bad day at the salon, but it is important to work with your team in order to provide a clean, positive, and money making environment for everyone.

Helping a colleague when they are running behind can be simple–it doesn't have to be a grand gesture. 

Rinse their color client, bring back some lunch or entertaining the client that is waiting. Small things that set your colleagues–and their clients–ahead of the curve can set you ahead of the curve. 

Break the habit of sitting in the back when you have nothing else to do. Not only will your colleague appreciate it, but guests like to feel welcomed by everyone and usually reward you with a nice tip. 

Clean Up After Yourself (And Your Coworkers) 

You do this at home, right? Sure you do. Why? Because it sets you–and your family–up for success. No one has to trip over your laundry, the sink is free of dishes, the vacuuming gets done. You do this so you don't inconvenience the people you care about.

Well, your co-workers or your employees are the same. You're sharing a space that everyone needs to use–why wouldn't you clean up your mess? 

If you can make sure you're always clean and tidy–and spare a little help for your coworkers when they're slammed with clients–you put the salon's success. 

And as a bonus, if you do the dirty work regularly, you can bet your coworkers will see that and give it right back to you. So, on your busiest days, you know that your team will have your back (because you've had theirs!). 

Refill And Restock

Refilling and restocking are musts for seamless salon management. 

Use a towel? Make sure you've got a fresh clean one waiting in its place when you're done. Finish off a bottle of conditioner at the shampoo bowl? Good–replace it with a fresh, full one so the next stylist who comes along doesn't have to scramble to find a new one. 

This practice is important for a few reasons. First and foremost, it's going to ensure that you keep your inventory updated and accounted for. If you finish a bottle of something, throw it out, replace it, and make a note of it. 

A beauty pro works on her client's hair, including techniques she learned from her salon management mentor.

Secondly, this is just considerate practice. Your coworkers can continue working seamlessly without having to worry about empty bottles, nearly-empty product, or a stack of dirty towels. 

In turn, your example will ensure that no one else does those things either–that means you shouldn't have to deal with those stressors. 

Spread Love (Not Negativity) 

Last but not least, be kind and leave your attitude at the door. If someone does a great job, compliment their work.

How many times have you seen your guests face light up when another stylist compliments their look. They expect their own stylist to applaud themselves so when someone else agrees it can really make a difference.

Also, never come into the salon with a negative attitude. This can spread like wildfire. You've heard about toxic salon environments, right?

Well, those exist. But so do positive, accepting, wonderful salons with thriving environments. And isn't that what you're striving for? 

At the end of the day, the easiest, most seamless way to keep up with salon management is to focus on teamwork. Sure, the greatest tech can help.

Elevating the client experience does, too. But if you really want to keep things running smoothly, set up strategies to ensure your team looks out for each other. That's the real secret to success.

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