Salon Management Tips

Have you ever heard the saying “There Is No I In Team?” This saying definitely holds true in the salon.

Working in a salon can be challenging, especially when each stylist is considered an entrepreneur.

I am here to tell you that the you will only go so far in a salon before everyone becomes miserable and the environment becomes toxic when all you think of is yourself. Nobody likes being the only one running behind or staying late to wash dishes and towels. If the whole team participates it becomes a less daunting task.

So, what does it mean to be a team player in your salon without doing all the work? Here are a few things you can start doing today to help you with salon management.

Help Your Colleague If They Are Running Behind

Many stylists feel like they do not need to step in and help other stylists when they are running behind because it is not their client. However, this cannot be more untrue. The client is also considered the salon’s client, and when the salon is doing good, so are the stylists. It is important to build a positive attitude towards each person that walks through the door.

Needless to say everyone has a bad day at the salon, but it is important to work with your team in order to provide a clean, positive, and money making environment for everyone.

Helping a colleague when they are running behind can simply mean offering to rinse their color client, bringing back some lunch or entertaining the client that is waiting. Good karma will come back to you and there will be a day you are running behind and they will step in.

Break the habit of sitting in the back when you have nothing else to do. Not only will your colleague appreciate it, but guests like to feel welcomed by everyone and usually reward you with a nice tip. 

Clean Up After Yourself

The same way you do at home, I hope. Nobody likes to clean up after you. Dirty dishes in the back are a big no. Never leave the stuff you have used to sit in the back of the salon all day. I know there will be days when you are in a hurry and if you do not get a chance to wash it right away, make sure when you have free time you are washing dishes for those who did it for you.

This goes for sweeping as well, never leave your station unswept. Not only does this create a dirty environment, but it is a slip and fall waiting to happen. If this ever happens to be the case make sure you are protected with liability insurance.

Refill And Restock

This is important when it comes to salon management, refill and restock. Let us start with towels you used while washing your clients. Make sure to fold and put clean ones back in their place and if there is no clean towels run the washer/dryer so that others can have clean towels to use.

Secondly, never leave an empty bottle of shampoo or conditioner behind the washbowl either.

Getting ready to wash your guest’s hair just to find out you need to go on the hunt for more product while their head is getting cold can be an unnecessary headache (literally). This goes for styling products as well. Is there anything more annoying than going to the product station and finding an empty bottle?! I think not. Be respectful of your team and make sure if you finish it, you refill it.

Spread Love

Last but not least, be kind and leave your attitude at the door. If someone does a great job, compliment their work. How many times have you seen your guests face light up when another stylist compliments their look. They expect their own stylist to applaud themselves so when someone else agrees it can really make a difference.

Also, never come into the salon with a negative attitude. This can spread like wildfire. I have seen salons where you can cut the tension with a knife and that is one environment nobody wants to be in! Clients notice when there is tension in the room so make sure you are avoiding gossip at all costs.

Keep salon management at the top of your mind in order to create a successful salon.