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What Does Hairstylist Liability Insurance Do?

Hairstylist insurance helps protect you if a client sues you with a liability claim or another form of covered loss is experienced. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there is a real possibility for accidents and a client filing some sort of claim against you over the course of your career as a hairdresser. Beautician insurance helps cover the costs related to such a claim in the case of a lawsuit or other costly issues. 

The protection that stylist insurance provides means that you have help covering the cost of a liability lawsuit and other accidents. This not only ensures your financial security and protects your personal resources but gives you confidence knowing that you are covered in case of a variety of unforeseen circumstances. 

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What is the Cost of Hairstylists Insurance?

As an investment in your career and the financial security of your future, it is important to know how much it will cost and compare options. Our comprehensive coverage for hairstylist liability insurance offers incredible rates for flexible coverage terms. With the same great coverage for each option, we provide the ideal plan for every stage of your career.

  • Full-time hairstylists for $179: If you work as a full-time stylist, you can get a year of liability coverage for $179.
  • Part-time hairstylist for $149: If you only work as a stylist part-time, you can receive a year of hairdresser insurance for $149. 
  • Full-time coverage for two years for $299: You can prolong the length of your coverage to two years for $299 and receive $59 in savings.
  • Student rate for $49: If you are still learning your craft and perfecting your skills, we offer a student rate for the first year of just $49. You still receive the same excellent coverage, just at a significant price break. We believe in investing in the future generation of hairstylists and are here to help you on your career journey.


Two Year

Lock in a rate of $150 per year by purchasing our two year policy, with all the same benefits.




One Year

Protect your career for a single year. Get comprehensive coverage at the most affordable rate.





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What Services Do We Cover?

EBS offers coverage for more than 450+ beauty and wellness services.

  • Hair Extensions
  • Instruction
  • Permanent Hairstyle
  • Wig Stylist
  • Thermal Styling
  • Esthetician Services
  • Hair Coloring
  • Men's Grooming
  • Shampooing/ Conditioning
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Hair Braiding
  • Children Services
  • Micro-needling
  • Facial Waxing

Protect Yourself with Hairstylist Insurance

Working as a hairstylist can be an incredible experience. At Elite Beauty Society, we understand the everyday ins and outs that beauticians go through, as well as the tools you use to make magic happen for your clients. You have put in hard work to get where you are and deserve to know that your financial future should be secure if something unforeseen happens. That’s why we offer top-tier hair stylist liability insurance. 

Hairstylist insurance is the protection every beautician needs to protect themselves and their finances in the event of a liability lawsuit against them. Whether you are a student still learning your craft or it has been a lifelong career, protect yourself with insurance for hairstylists. 

Hairstylists Insurance Coverage Details

Professional & General Liability

$2 Million per occurrence
$3 Million per year

Product Liability Coverage

$2 Million

Personal Injury & Advertising Injury

$2 Million

Identity Theft Protection


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EBS Plan Details

Professional & General Liability

$2 Million per occurrence
$3 Million per year

Product Liability Coverage

$2 Million

Rental Property Damage Protection


Identity Theft Protection


Stolen Equipment Protection


What Could Go Wrong: Types of Liability Claims

Not all liability claims are created equal. Elite Beauty Society offers comprehensive liability coverage that covers professional, general, and product liability, as well as additional coverage. Each type of liability is related to specific circumstances that may occur and potentially result in a lawsuit. 

General Liability

General liability claims have to do with incidents that are not correlated to your work as a hairstylist. General liability claims are commonly called “slip and fall” claims as these are often the incidents that result in a claim. General liability claims will often be trips over a loose rug or out-of-place piece of equipment, slips on neglected puddles or slick floors, or falls on the premises. 

Here is a potential example of a general liability claim:

A client is walking in for a wash and trim. While they are walking in, they slip into a puddle on the ground from a leaky water fountain that has not been fixed. As they fall, they reach out to catch themselves and break their wrist on the impact. They need to take an ambulance to the emergency room to receive treatment. 

After they have been cared for by the emergency room, your client contacts a lawyer to hold you responsible for the cost of their medical treatment, their attorney fees, and the loss of income while they recover. The cost of this incident adds up quickly and could leave you in a difficult place financially. 

In this situation, general liability coverage would help you cover the expense of a liability claim. EBS would cover up to $2 million per occurrence with an annual aggregate of $3 million. As a hairstylist insurance policyholder, you would be well protected from a general liability claim. 

Professional Liability

Professional liability claims are those that are directly related to your occupation as a hairstylist. Professional liability claims for hairdressers often include incidents like burns, cuts, punctures, and scratches. As beauticians work with sharp or hot objects every day, there is a natural risk that an accident could occur during an appointment with a client. 

Here is an illustration of when professional liability coverage would be necessary: 

You are working with a client on styling their hair using a bubble wand curler. As you work, you lose your grip on the hot iron, which falls on your client’s lap, causing them searing pain. They quickly stand up, but they are severely burned and need to go to the hospital for treatment. This incident requires a while to heal and resulted in a permanent scar on their leg. Once they have been treated, they contact their lawyer to file a liability suit against you for the cost of the medical treatment plus the pain and suffering they endured during the incident. 

In this unfortunate circumstance, professional liability insurance for hairstylists would help protect you from paying the expense of the claim from your personal resources. EBS would pay up to $2 million per occurrence in a professional liability claim. The comprehensive coverage ensures that your financial resources are protected should a professional liability suit be filed against you. 

Product Liability

Product liability claims are another of the three main types of liability claims that EBS hairstylist insurance covers. As a beautician, you use products with nearly every client you see. Whether it is hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, or serum, hair products are a natural part of being a hairdresser. The most common product liability claims include allergic reactions to products or irritations because of a product. 

Let’s take a look at a potential incident of a product liability claim:

You are finishing up styling a client and are using hairspray to hold the style in place. You use a visor to protect your client's eyes, but some hairspray seeps through and gets in your client’s eyes. This causes severe irritation, and they want to go to a doctor because they are in pain from the hairspray in their eyes. 

Once your client has seen a doctor, they learn they are allergic to some of the ingredients in the hairspray you used on them, which is why their reaction was so extreme. They hire a lawyer to file a product liability claim against you. They are demanding compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as their medical expenses. 

In this incident, product liability insurance would help cover the expense of the liability claim. The coverage that EBS provides for hair stylist liability insurance would help keep your financial resources secure in a circumstance like this and cover up to $2 million per occurrence.

How We Stack Up Against the Competition

 Associated Hair ProfessionalsNext Beauty InsuranceElite Beauty SocietyHands on Trade AssociationBeauty & Bodywork Insurance
Professional & General Liability Included?
Product Liability Included?
Personal and Advertising Injury Included?
Identity Protection Coverage Included?$$$Add'tl Cost
Health, Dental & Vision Coverage Access Included?
Includes Member Benefits?
Coverage in 50 States?
Monthly Payment Options?
Price$199At a Quote$169$169$96

Still Have Questions?

Our live customer service representatives are available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday & 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday. EST. If you need to update your policy information or have any questions about our program, email or call us at 1 (866) 868.2689.

Insurance Guide

Hairstylist Insurance FAQs

What insurance do you need to cut hair?

As a hairstylist, you will want to ensure that you are securely covered in the event of a lawsuit. To begin, you will want to have the following coverages at the very least:

  • Professional liability coverage: This coverage will help protect against catastrophic loss due to a professional liability lawsuit. In many states, you are required to have professional liability insurance to become a licensed hairstylist.

  • General liability coverage: This coverage is for accidents that are not related to your profession. General liability coverage is often called slip-and-fall insurance as these are typical examples of a general liability claim. 

  • Product liability coverage: As a hairstylist, you will use several products with every client. You will want to ensure that you have protection if a client has a bad reaction to one of the products you use. 

Why do I need hairstylist insurance?

While liability lawsuits used to be a last resort, they have become more frequent in the previous several years. The truth is, it is more likely that you will face a liability lawsuit over the course of your career as a hairstylist. In addition to general accidents, you may make a mistake that leads to a client’s physical injury. If that happens, they may have grounds to sue you for their pain and suffering. 

Professional hairstylist insurance helps protect your financial resources if someone sues you for a liability claim. If a client sues you for the cost of their medical bills, lawyer fees, or time away from work due to recovery, the bills could stack up quickly. However, if you have hairstylist insurance, you could keep your financial resources secure, while simultaneously enjoying a host of insurance member benefits and discounts

What is product liability?

Product liabilities are those that are related to the equipment and/or products specific to your profession. For a hairstylist, these tools or products may include hairdryers, coloring, sleeking agents, hairspray, washing stations, etc. Each of these products is something you may use with each client when they sit in your chair. 

Because of the frequency with which you will use hair products, it’s important to have product liability insurance if something goes wrong with a client. For example: let’s say that a client has an allergic reaction to a type of conditioner you use. If they are injured, they may have grounds to file a liability claim against you.  Product liability insurance helps protect you from financial loss if a client sues you. 

What is professional liability?

Professional liabilities are the inherent risks that are associated with your profession. These are specific to your work as a hairstylist and unique to hair and beauty professions. Some examples of professional liability claims include burns, cuts, scratches, etc. 

As a hair professional, you work with a number of hot or sharp instruments that could potentially harm your clients. While you would never intentionally hurt your clients, you could still be at risk of a liability lawsuit from one of the above occupational hazards. That’s why having a solid safety net of protection is an important part of being a professional beautician. Elite Beauty Society provides the best hairstylist insurance in the industry. If you want to protect yourself from liability lawsuits, get insured today.

What is general liability?

General liabilities are those that are not directly related to your profession. These are accidents that could occur in any occupation or field. Think about general liabilities such as accidents like slips and falls. These could be due to a problem with your facility, left-out equipment, or a slippery floor. While slips, trips, and falls are not the only types of general liabilities, they are among the most common. 

General liability insurance for hair professionals is a key part of their insurance coverage because accidents can happen to anyone. If a client slips and injures themselves on a puddle that wasn’t cleaned up, it could mean that you are held liable for their injuries. General liability coverage protects you from situations where you may face a lawsuit.

How much does hairstylist insurance cost?

We know that your budget is important to you. That’s why we promise to keep our rates for professional hairstylist insurance competitive. We offer a few options for our insurance plan to help meet different budget needs. 

  • Full-time professionals: for full-timers, we have a one-year option for $179 and a discounted two-year option for $299.
  • Part-time hairstylists: For those who only work part-time, we offer one year of coverage for $135.
  • Students: For the next generation of hair professionals, we offer one year of coverage for just $49. That way, you can still get the same great coverage while you learn and hone your hairstyling skills. 

What is an annual aggregate?

An annual aggregate is a maximum that an insurance plan will cover for the entire year. This is different from the per-occurrence maximum amount. The annual aggregate is typically a higher amount that allows for more than a single claim to be covered within a 12-month period. While you may have coverage for a large sum, the per-occurrence maximum is lower than the total coverage. 

For example, the annual aggregate for professional and general liability is $3 million per year. However, each claim or occurrence is eligible for up to $2 million in coverage. This allows your coverage to handle the possibility of multiple claims throughout the year, all the way up to a $3 million cap

Do I still need hair stylist insurance if I only work part-time?

In short, absolutely. If you work as a part-time hairstylist, you are still responsible for your clients while they are under your care. Even though you may not work as many hours as a full-time hairstylist, you could still be held liable if you cause a client harm or injure themselves while seeing them. 

If you work as a hairstylist in any capacity, it’s important to have protection and insurance to cover yourself. Elite Beauty Society offers a plan just for part-time beauticians for this very reason. It still includes professional, general, and product liability coverage, but at a discounted rate. We make it easy to get the protection you need to keep yourself covered.

What does hairstylist insurance cover? 

Elite Beauty Society’s hairstylist insurance plan is a fully comprehensive policy. While other insurance companies will make you choose your coverage, the whole enchilada is included in our policy. With each of the options for plans, you will receive: 

  • Professional and general liability coverage: Per occurrence, we’ll cover up to $2 million with an annual aggregate of $3 million.
  • Product liability coverage: We’ll cover up to $2 million for product liability claims.
  • Personal Injury & Advertising Injury: We cover up to $2 million for personal and advertising injury claims
  • Identity theft protection: be protected in cyberspace too with $25,000 in coverage.
  • Full suite of profession-specific benefits: enjoy thousands of dollars worth of ready-to-use insurance member benefits and discounts.

What is occurrence form insurance? 

Occurrence form insurance is the preferred type of liability insurance because it extends past the policy's life. As opposed to claims-made insurance, which only covers you if a claim is filed during the term of the insurance policy, occurrence form insurance will protect you if a claim is made after the policy expires. If the incident occurs during the coverage term, having occurrence form insurance means you are still eligible for coverage. 

We choose occurrence form coverage because claims made all come down to timing. If you have an incident towards the end of your coverage, but don’t file until after it expires, claims-made coverage will more than likely leave you footing the bill yourself.

Are there any discounts on hairstylist insurance? 

Certainly! The best way to get a discount on hairstylist insurance is to purchase the two-year professional plan. At the price of $299, this plan saves you almost $60. By bundling your coverage for two full years, you not only get peace of mind for 24 months, but you get to save some cash as well. Plus, you have the option to pay in a lump sum or in easy monthly payments over the first 12 months of your policy. We’ll always do all that we can to make hair stylist insurance affordable and accessible.

Why do I need hairstylist insurance as a student? 

Even though you may still be learning all the skills needed to be a hairstylist, you could still make mistakes. If you cause one of your clients' harm or injure them in some way, you could be held responsible for the cost of their medical expenses or other fees. 

While you are studying to become a hairstylist, Elite Beauty Society offers beauty student insurance plans at a deeply discounted rate. With this plan, you’ll have the coverage you need to protect your career from the start. 

Do I need multiple hairstylist insurance policies for numerous salons? 

Nope! A good number of hair professionals operate out of multiple salons. While this can be an excellent opportunity to maximize your client base, it can also leave you liable for the facilities you work in. However, you don't need an additional policy to cover the other facilities with hair stylist insurance. When you sign up for coverage from EBS, you can select to add additional businesses to your policy. We even have the option to add unlimited businesses if you have several places where you work on hair. 

There is a small fee for adding an extra business, but you do not have to have a completely separate policy to ensure them. We make it easy to add an extra workplace. So you do not have to worry about coverage, no matter where you go.

Is my insurance still active if I transfer to a new job? 

Absolutely. When you sign up for coverage from EBS, you are covered for the entire policy term. If you make a move to a new state or job, the insurance will follow you wherever you go. If you are operating out of a new facility, just let our team know through your member login or by calling us. 

While you do not have to worry about your insurance coverage, you may have some other items on your moving checklist. If you are moving to a new state, be sure to check the state regulations for hairstylists. That way, you can ensure that you meet the specific requirements. EBS provides the resources you need to transition to a new state or job easily.

What are the benefits of being an EBS policyholder?

Here’s the deal, we like to pamper our policyholders. As a member of EBS, you gain access to the royal treatment of benefits and profession-specific perks. As soon as you purchase hairstylist insurance, you’ll have instant access to all of the following member perks:

  • Discounts and deals on industry-related products and services

  • Exclusive deals on business services to help you excel

  • Access to affordable health insurance plans through the marketplace 

  • Resources from experts in the hairstylist industry

  • Self-care guides

  • Exclusive member discounts on services to improve your daily life

  • A professional website to promote your services

Why do I need identity theft protection with my hairstylist insurance? 

In today’s era, you likely use several online platforms to promote or conduct your services. While this gives an incredible opportunity to have a broad reach and attract new clients, it could also attract the wrong attention. If an online identity thief steals your information from social media or your website, it means financial loss or significantly impacts your work. 

By including identity theft protection in your hairstylist insurance policy, we help protect you from online predators. We have identity theft coverage to give you complete peace of mind. EBS can help you get back on your feet if you are a victim of identity theft. With our insurance policy, you have the assurance that you are well protected.

How much does it cost to add an additional business to my coverage?

Adding an addition to your policy shouldn’t break the bank. If you operate out of multiple salons, you will want to ensure that your policy protects individual facilities. Each additional building on your policy will cost only $10 for one-year policies or $15.95 for two-year plans. 

There’s no need to pay individual fees for each salon. We know this can add up quickly and have the perfect solution for our policyholders. If you have several salons or places of business, you may want to add the unlimited additional business package. This plan lets you have coverage for as many facilities as you need for just an additional $30 per year. This option is perfect for hairstylists who travel frequently or have several locations.

How can I know my state’s requirements for being a hairstylist? 

Every state is different and will have specific requirements for hairstylists. Knowing what each state requires can be a chore to memorize. Fortunately, EBS has you covered. We offer a vast library of resources to our members. We keep our list of state requirements as up-to-date as possible. You can rely on us to have the inside scoop on each state and the obligations of beauty workers, but always check your state authority if you have questions. 

If you are moving to a new state, no stress, we have a list of the requirements for hairstylists. Our expansive resource library is just one way we care for beauty professionals.

Hairstylist Resource Center

Elite Beauty Society is dedicated to empowering the career of all beauty professionals. We have provided the latest news, trends, and business tips to take your career to the next level.

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