Salon Suites: Everything For Your New Beauty Business

Salon Suites: Everything For Your New Beauty Business

Starting a new salon suite is an incredibly exciting time in the life of an inspired beauty pro. You’re taking the reins and opening up your own shop that you have complete control over the operations. But renting a salon suite comes with its own suite of considerations before jumping in. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide to the wide world of suite rentals. 

Here, we’ll cover everything aspiring salon suite owners need to know before they sign a rental agreement and begin offering their services to clients.

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Salon Suites Everything For Your New Beauty Business

We’ve crafted the ultimate salon suites go-to guide for entrepreneurial beauty professionals out there who are looking to break away from the pack, do something different, and create your ideal, personalized business.

We’ll talk about rent, marketing, benefits, and yes, we’ll even talk about some of those super scary negatives that you’ve been avoiding in your head.

Brew up a cup of your favorite tea (or grab a bottle of wine, for all you people who know exactly what you’re about) and settle in for a while to have your questions answered, and your concerns met about getting into the salon suite business.

Salon Suite Guide PDF + [Bonus] Business Starter Checklist

Enter your best email address below and you'll get immediate access to a PDF version of this guide along with a business starter checklist to easily go through the steps of starting your own salon suite.

Table of Contents

The Salon Suite Movement

Chapter 1
Why Salon Suites?

Chapter 2
Getting Started With Your Salon Suite

Chapter 3
Salon Suite Design

Chapter 4
Marketing Your Salon Suite

Chapter 5
Taking The Next Step
In Your Career

Introduction To Salon Suites

You may have been dreaming about opening up your own salon since you were little and now are finally exploring what you need to actually pull it off. 

Congratulations on taking the first steps in starting a well-thought and planned out business venture. Salon suite rentals can be your ticket to actually having a thriving salon in your town, where you can employ a lifetime of skills and passion with whatever clientele you wish to cater to.

You get to call the shots and see how far you can take your new salon! 

Perhaps the greatest aspect of renting a salon suite is that the possibilities are almost endless for where, when, and how you decide to grow your business. 

The biggest shocker to most aspiring suite owners is just how many choices they have. Operate an entire suite or rent a booth? Build out a new salon suite or rent a fully furnished unit?

The good news is that there are so many resources out there to help you chart the best path forward for your unique situation and future goals. 

At Elite Beauty Society, our entire mission is around supporting beauty professionals through whatever comes their way, including with renting salon suite space.

We’ve made this comprehensive salon suite rental guide just for all the cosmetologists, estheticians, and other professional beauty bosses that are wondering if renting is something they should consider. We’ll outline all the steps to take to help you get off the ground — from finding the perfect location to negotiating lease terms, all so you can have the best start possible.

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Everything For Your New Beauty Business

While we’re sure some of you pros out there know all the basics, we’re going to get in-depth and start from the beginning. 

That way, everyone who wants to start from scratch will be able to keep up with us later.

For anyone who’s feeling confused about the term “salon suite” we keep throwing around, that’s okay.

Let’s start right there to begin

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What Is A Salon Suite?

 A salon suite is when you enter into a rental agreement with a commercial landlord. The landlord owns the building and leases out space to businesses or individuals.

A salon suite can either be furnished or unfurnished, depending on the situation so keep that in mind as you start thinking about start up costs.

If a salon suite comes furnished and ready to go as a salon, it will generally cost far more than an empty space. There’s pros and cons with each set up.

The easiest and fastest method is going with a salon suite rental that’s 100% set up and ready to move in and start booking appointments.

The downside is the monthly rent for this suite will most likely be considerably higher.

On the other side is an empty space. With this set-up, you can take your time to build out a tailored space just for your unique business.

The upside for an empty space is that you can usually save money on monthly rent, as well as have a customized location that fits your business plan.

The downside is the time and expense of building out the space.

Whichever salon suite rental situation works best for you is going to depend on your goals and aspirations for the business, the location, clientele, and other variables affecting the business.

Going through the process of creating a solid business plan can help you work through these different factors and choose the best path based on your unique circumstances.

Why You Should Consider It

Salon suite rental means that you are your own boss. Whether you are renting out a booth to provide your services inside a larger salon or want to have your very own salon that you are renting from a commercial landlord, you alone get to decide how your operations are performed.

This can be incredibly advantageous since you are the one that knows your business better than anyone else. You know what services you are best at and may already have a dedicated client base that loves your work.

Besides being your own boss, setting your own hours, and deciding what services to provide, there are many reasons why cosmetologists and other beauty pros have decided to start renting space.

While money in no way guarantees happiness, it sure can provide a safe and sustaining career in an industry you love. Planning is key, however, and part of planning is effective risk management.

For beauty professionals, risks are unfortunately all around you.

Remember all the classes in safety and hygiene you took at cosmetology school to get a license?

Safe work habits are taught and retaught because one slip can be all it takes to really hurt someone who was trusting you to keep them free from harm.

By far the best protection possible for any professional in any line of beauty is comprehensive beauty insurance.

When renting your own salon suite, you’re keeping 100 percent of the rewards and bringing in all the profits.

Not having insurance before you rent a salon is like driving down the highway blindfolded and hoping for the best. For a fraction of what you will pay in rent each month for a salon suite, you can get millions of dollars of coverage, great benefits, and support from the leaders in insurance just for beauty professionals like yourself.

Who Should Do It?

Salon suite rental makes many people automatically think of hair or nail salons but there are salon suite rentals for every kind of beauty professional. No matter what your brand of beauty may be, you too can benefit from renting salon space to provide your services to paying clients.

Of the many different professionals who have found it to be highly advantageous to take the rental salon suite plunge you’ll find:

  • Estheticians - these skincare professionals offer top-notch regimens to cleanse, strengthen, and beautify their clients’ skin. Primarily centered around the face and neck, an esthetician works to provide cutting-edge skin treatments like microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, algae peels, light therapies, and more.
  • Microblading Professionals - microblading requires the use of specialized tools, equipment, and training to pull off the perfect shape for clients’ eyebrows. Microblading professionals need steady hands to apply semi-permanent pigmentation directly to the skin. EBS has a tailored policy just for microblading professionals or those who provide this service as an add-on in their salon suite.
  • Cosmetologists - cosmetology is a broad vocation where a license is required in most states to operate. From hair to makeup, cosmetologists are like the swiss army knife of the beauty world. Going through cosmetology school exposes students to a wide array of different beauty aspects that can be deployed either independently or in conjunction in a full-service salon.
  • Makeup Artists - these talented artists are responsible for finding the right product and the right application to pull off the perfect look for their clients. From bridal makeup artists, model photoshoots, or just special occasions, makeup artists can be in high demand year-round. 
  • Spray Tan Artists - spray tanning is a very popular option for clients wanting to showcase a beautiful glow no matter what time of year it is. Far from a simple process, spray tan artists take the time to find the perfect hues to complement their clients’ features and the desired look. 
  • Nail Technicians - nail technicians employ great skills on the nails of the hands and feet to both beautify and strengthen what can be rather sensitive areas. From manicures and pedicures to acrylics, a skilled nail technicians can design the perfect look to match their clients’ expectations.

One of the prevailing themes with all the above professionals is that each requires a unique set of skills, as well as equipment to provide a great session. With so many products used in cosmetology, something every beautician should be aware of is product liability protection.

This important provision is one you will find in all EBS beauty insurance policies and protects a professional in the event a client has a bad allergic reaction to a product you use during a session. It’s a good idea to compare beauty insurance plans to make sure you have this in place before beginning a session.

Salon Suite Guide PDF + [Bonus] Business Starter Checklist

Enter your best email address and you'll get immediate access to a PDF version of this guide along with a business starter checklist to easily go through the steps of starting your own salon suite.

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