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Should You Introduce an Salon Express Service Menu? 

The Top Services All Stylists Should Consider

Trying to decide on the perfect menu of services is tough enough—add the way the last years has gone into the mix (we’re lookin’ at you COVID) and the reality of that action gets even tougher. 

Not only is there pressure to create a great offering of services that people are actually looking for, but you also want to ensure that you’re not stretching yourself too thin or offering too few services.

That balance is tricky and because trending services are always changing, crafting the ultimate list of services (that are inclusive, on-trend, and doable for you) might seem impossible.

But that’s where an express list comes into the picture to save the day.

In this article, we’re going to lay down some hard truths about the salon express service menu. We’ll talk about what it is, why you should consider it, and we’ll even clue you in on what types of services could live on that kind of menu.

We’re pretty pro-express service menu (obviously), but we’ll do our best to give you the facts so you can decide for yourself if a salon express service menu is right for you.

So, let’s do this thing—keep reading to learn more.

What is a Salon Express Service Menu? 

A salon express service menu is a list of services you offer that take less time than a normal session while maximizing the time someone is in your chair. In other words, express service menus should deliver immediate gratification, fill empty time in your chair, and only require a fraction of the time that normal services would. 

Though an express service can be any amount of time, the general rule of thumb is that an express service should be about 30 minutes, give or take a few.

Typically, they’ll be affordable options and minor services, but that doesn’t mean they’re always subtle—even express service items can transform a client’s entire look. 

Salon express service menus are great choices for stylists or salons that are still feeling a little of the loss in revenue from 2020. Because these services are short, sweet, and simple, they can provide you an incredible little bump in revenue while attracting a market that you might not have before. 

But that’s not the end of the benefits list—express services menus can bring about a ton of advantages, like:

  • Increased staff efficiency and workflow 
  • Attract a new target market 
  • Gives you an opportunity to sell product and services that support express services
  • Move people in and out of your salon quicker (AKA, you can serve more customers)
  • Maximize safety for customers (get people in and out fast with less time between services)
  • Acts as a year-round promotion—there’s no seasonal gimmick to it

Remember, no matter what you want your express services to look like, the general idea is to make sure you’re doing a few important things—maximizing a limited amount of time, filling an actual need for your customers, and respecting their need for affordable, quick, and COVID-safe services. 

The Top Salon Express Services You Should Add to Your Menu 

Adding a new salon express service menu doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Because these services are going to be quick and easy, they shouldn’t require much—as such, they can end up being pretty dang profitable. 

While there’s no single success-formula for express services (even though we wish there was), some salons, stylists, and cosmetologists have added some simple services to optimize the services.

Some common services include: 

  • Styling—bring your A-game with some of your best products and help your clients achieve that top-notch, fresh-from the salon look they love 
  • Money Pieces—3-4 foils (max) and voila, you’ve got beautifully, freshly-colored hair framing your clients’ faces. Who says a statement piece needs to take 2 hours? 
  • Fringe Bangs—one of the easiest ways to help a client transform their look 
  • Quick Gloss—help your clients kick fading color to the curb with a quick service for maximum impact
  • Blowouts—a service everyone should offer, TBH 
  • Toning—your clients don’t need to schedule an entire color session to get a fresh tone, add a 15-minute toning sesh to your menu for a quick touch-up for those clients with low-maintenance color 

Adding new service—and an entire new menu of service—can totally be intimidating.

But with a salon express service menu, you get the chance to take the risk and the investment out of switching up your main service menu. And honestly, it’s pretty dang profitable.

Give it a go and tell us all about it! Whether you’ve got creative services of your own on your express list or you try some of our suggested tips, we want to hear about—let us know in the comments how your salon express service menu goes over with clients.

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