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Create a Positive Environment in Your Salon During COVID-19

As the regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic start to subside and the world begins returning to some semblance of normal, all of us at salons are dealing with lots of new, tough challenges.

How do we make sure everything is clean enough? How do we ensure our clients are safe? How do we ensure that we’re doing everything possible to limit the spread of the virus?

Luckily, we’ve got a lot of resources out there to provide us with helpful answers to those questions. But as our salons open up and our clients flood in, we’re all undoubtedly feeling the uneasiness, the negativity, and the paranoia that comes with, well, letting people back in.

So, that begs the question—how exactly are we supposed to adjust the environment in our salons? How do we ensure that our salons are positive, optimistic, and safe places?

That’s what this blog post is here for. (You can thank us later).

Set Up a Weekly Staff Meeting to Hash Everything Out

Your staff is the heartbeat of your salon, shop, or spa—so if they’re not positive, feeling uncomfortable, and have low morale, then you can bet that your clients are going to feel that.

One of the best things you can do is be a constant resource for your staff so they can feel comfortable and happy. Set up a weekly staff meeting with the sole intention to answers your staffs’ questions, discuss policy, and provide protocol for them.

The more informed they feel—and the more transparent you are—the better they’ll feel. And in all honesty, your customers are going to feel that and it will make an impact on the overall environment of your salon.

Create Strict Sanitation Policies—Explain Them to Customers, Too

There’s a better chance of creating a more positive environment when your customers and your staff feel like they’re safe, protected, and in a healthy space.

Creating strict sanitation policies, ensuring your staff is following them, and letting your clients know ahead of time what those policies are can go a long way for boosting the morale in your salon, spa, or shop.

Remove the Pressure from the Situation

Make sure your staff and your clients know that there’s no pressure to do everything 100% correctly every time. If your staff is feeling uneasy because of a lack of productivity, talk to them about it. If your clients are feeling unsure of how what they can do in your salon, talk to them about it. 

It’s your job to help normalize the stressors in your environment, and the best thing you can do is remove that pressure and talk about it so everyone understands that—despite these new challenges—we’re all in it together.

Be Open, Be Communicative, Be Direct

With your staff, with your clients, with everyone—the more transparent and direct you can be about your process and procedures, the better. It’s also important to be direct and honest about the fact that you’re not always going to get everything right.

Try your hardest to do your best but be upfront when you make mistakes or when you’re unsure of something—your clients are going to respect your transparency.

Look, none of us have experienced this before. There’s no way any of us could know how to handle this seamlessly and flawlessly.

But the more open and direct you are with your clients and staff about the prospect, the more respected they’ll feel, the safer the salon will be, and the more positive the environment will be, too.

Show Your Staff That You Care

This goes without saying, but the people who will have the biggest effect on your salon’s environment are the people who are in there constantly—your staff. In order to promote a positive environment, you need to make sure they’re in a positive environment. 

Check-in with your clients and staff (in a safe way) to see how they are. Remember how we advised scheduling regular meetings to check-in with your staff on policies, best practices, and questions? Do that.

But also make time to just have an agenda-less meeting. Let them talk about whatever they want—let them vent, let them cry, let them laugh. Just have a meeting that’s about your staff.

Buy them pizza, have drinks together, host a game night. Just show your staff that you love, appreciate, and care for them—show them you have their back and you’re listening to what they need to feel better.

Take Time to Be Normal

Talking about the virus over and over and over might be necessary in a lot of ways—but it can also be draining and overwhelming and take a huge toll on morale. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is not talk about it.

We’re not advising you to ignore it or put anyone at risk, we’re just saying that taking a break from the big, heavy discussion can sometimes provide levity, make things feel brighter, and create space for optimism.

Talk about things that make you, your clients, and your staff happy—did your client’s granddaughter just learn to walk? Is your new puppy up to no good, again? Is your veteran stylist approaching a huge milestone in their career?

Take time to celebrate. Take time to be normal. Take time to just be a person without talking about the virus. You’d be surprised what it can do to the environment.

Have you found that certain tricks work to boost your salon’s morale? Share them with us! We’re all about droppin’ the best knowledge in the comments for the beauty community!

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