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What To Consider When Designing Your Salon

How your own unique salon design can determine the essence of your business.

The purpose of your salon, whether it's a rental, booth, or your own boutique, is to provide the upmost, quality service in a clean, professional environment that services haircuts, hair color, and other services. While the first impression is where it counts most, maintaining cleanliness in your salon is not all it takes.

Your space is an extension of yourself. Everything from the color of the walls, to the decorative finishes, to the type of lighting provides an ambiance that will indicate what kind of style represents what you offer.

Consistency Is Important

Successful design is like icing on the cake for any business and it requires good taste. Not only are your decorative choices important, but because you are in the business of outward beauty, your skills should also extend to your environment.

Similar to a trademark, great design helps set you apart from other business.

Your motif preferences for your space should coincide with the type of hairstyles you provide. Perhaps you prefer avant-garde or cutting-edge styles that are a bit out of the norm, in which case, you may want to apply modern design with a cool twist. Or you may prefer classic, elegant hairstyles, which will fit best with a sophisticated, traditional touch for your salon.

Consistency assists clients in quickly identifying your salon. If you walk into any chain business, like Starbucks for example, you may notice that though the layout may change from time to time, consistency in the colors and textures stay the same.

You may not own a chain, but trademark decorations that are all your own will imprint in the mind of customers when they think of your business—especially if the service was outstanding.

Consider Ambiance

Choose textures and colors that tell a story of how you want your clients to feel. Bright colors and strong textures will go great if you offer bold color and cuts, but may not work as well if your salon prides itself on natural colors and a relaxing, spa-like feel.

Don’t forget paint is the most affordable way to revive any room.

Demographics also serve a purpose. A young, modern crowd may not take a liking to a salon design that is all about baroque or classic style. Instead, you may want to opt for a trendier look that is more contemporary.

Consider where your salon is located. Is it on the beach? Or in a fast-paced city or in quaint suburbia? If you are having difficulty choosing a look for your salon or space, then considering your audience within your surrounding location can serve as a building block for décor schemes.

Timeless Design Is Your Best Friend

Though it is important for a business to change with the times, you will not want to gut your entire salon space each time a new trend comes on the market. After all, you do have a business to run.

Timeless style can be any trend that has stuck around for the last 50 years or more, such as mid-century modern, art decor, coastal, shabby chic, eclectic and a host of other long lasting design methods.

Ornamentation that stand the test of time include light fixtures, raw quality materials, mirrors, classic rugs and sofas—not just art. These pieces can be cost effective and take little time whenever you need an update.

Inspire Peace Of Mind And Relaxation

Cultivating a tranquil space invites a rejuvenating feel for clients. Nothing will deter clients faster than a tired, cluttered, dirty salon. A messy space appears frazzled and unprofessional. Rid your salon of unnecessary items including: ratty towels, dying plants, outdated magazines, or dingy furniture.

Follow this simple checklist to diligently rid your space of chaos and non-essentials.

  • Keep everything as clean and as fresh as possible.
  • Sweep the floor after each customer.
  • Remove stains from walls, furnishings, and floors.
  • Try to keep your food and drinks off the work space.
  • Avoid overbooking clients.
  • Make sure your salon smells fresh and inviting at all times.

Maintaining a sharp space looks healthy and balanced. Clients look to you for style direction so bring your salon design to life by cultivating an ambience that is all your own.