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Top 7 Apps for your Salon

The tech world has taken notice of the beauty industry boom, resulting in the creation of some amazing salon apps.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite salon apps for industry professionals to help streamline your business and take your stylist career to the elite level.

Download one of these top seven apps today to keep your professional game on point.

1. SalonCentric App

The new SalonCentric app for iPhone and Android phones features all of your favorite products right at your fingertips. From rates and reviews to barcode scans automatically included in Saved Searches, this new application can provide easier access to reordering products to keep your salon stocked.

SalonCentric’s app makes shopping for salon supplies a breeze by providing:

  • In-app shopping
  • A scanner for barcodes for more information on any product you pick up
  • A healthy list of coupons, sales, and special offers
  • A frequently updated list of events and shows in your area with the option to purchase tickets through the app and sync to your calendar

SalonCentric’s free app is a must for any stylist looking to stay connected and well stocked!

2. Cosmoprof App

Cosmoprof, your exclusive salon partner, has developed an app tailored to the modern stylist for iPhone and Android phones that takes all the wild, moving parts of your life as a stylist and keeps them neat and organized all in one place.

With the Cosmoprof app, you can:

  • Create client profiles detailing everything you need to know about each client, from formulas to basic preferences
  • Organize your schedule with their built-in scheduling feature
  • Process payments quickly via Quick Pay with Square
  • Send and receive messages within the app, eliminating multiple forms of communication to enhance client/stylist relationships

You can keep tabs on every aspect of your business right from your Cosmoprof app!

3. MINDBODY Business

The MINDBODY app is perfect for new stylists who are looking to build their client base and simplify their business. With its’ focus on marketing in addition to business management, the MINDBODY app helps clients find you, aiming to make your small business more efficient.

MINDBODY provides you with the following features:

  • MINDBODY allows clients to find you! Putting your business on MINDBODY will bring you up as an option when clients search for a stylist, helping you grow your business with a single tap.
  • Easy scheduling. The MINDBODY app’s scheduling system allows business owners to control every aspect of scheduling, allowing specific tasks or clients to be assigned quickly and housing each schedule within the app.
  • Quick online booking. Clients can book instantly through the MINDBODY app.
  • Easy-to-use analytics. The MINDBODY app tracks each client interaction, allowing you to see easily what your business looks like through the app analyzing your profits, bookings, and more.

This comprehensive app is a great choice for business owners who are seriously numbers-minded, keeping all of your data in one place while helping clients find you.

4. Milady's Standard Cosmetology Exam Review

Milady Standard Cosmetology Exam Review is a state board exam prep app.

Milady is the only app of its’ kind on this list—an app for those who aren’t yet stylists, but cosmetology school students on their journey to becoming licensed.

The app offers a question of the day, comprehensive guides, and tons of in-depth chapter tests to help ensure you grasp the material.

If you’re prepping for state boards, using Milady is a must to ensure you are totally prepared to get licensed!

5. Salon Software By Rosy

Salon Software by Rosy is an ideal service for those of us who are a bit more scatterbrained. It stores all its’ information not on your phone, tablet, or computer, but in the cloud!

This unique software was designed specifically for the salon and spa industry to ensure stylists and businesses can access their scheduling system from anywhere, providing you with the ability to manage your business on the go and the security of knowing your information is safely stored at all times.

6. Stylie One

Stylie One is an ideal tool for any solo stylist looking to manage their business with ease. Seamless, user-friendly and comprehensive, Stylie One offers:

  • Online scheduling and booking
  • A user-friendly point of sale system built right into the app
  • A catalog in which you can list all your client notes, ensuring you can provide top quality service to each client
  • Automated tools that allow you to send out promotions, marketing, and hot tips to clients with just one tap

For those looking for a more low key system to manage their business that bundles a ton of features into a user-friendly experience, this app could be your answer.

7. MilleniumGo

A well-known salon and spa software company, Millennium has packed all of their amazing scheduling and business-building features into one mobile app.

MilleniumGo exists to help you manage your business on the go and allows you to keep track of:

  • Appointment books
  • Sales statistics
  • Client profiles
  • Employee information
  • Client Intake Forms (on iPad only)

All of the information you need to run your business efficiently is right at your fingertips with MillenniumGo! The app is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and makes running your business from anywhere a walk in the park.

Instead of stressing out about running your business, rest easy—there’s an app for that.

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