rose gold hair color

One Of The Hottest Trends In The Industry Right Now, 

From Makeup To Color, Ismulti-tonal, Light-Catching Shades

A stunning, on-trend rose gold hair color is one of the most natural, eye-catching ways to elevate your client’s appearance. An understated way to transform your client’s appearance from dull to vibrant, this unique and multi-layered look provides depth, brightening, and an instant polish.

As this look becomes higher in demand, it is important to stay on top of the best ways to help your client achieve a gorgeous rose gold shade, so we have dug deep into the best color lines on the market to help you find the top options for rose gold color.

These top industry brands help colorists simplify their process by blending shades in the formula, allowing for a multi-tonal color straight out of the package—no in-depth highlight or balayage necessary.

Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Pearlescence Pastel Hair Color

 This gorgeous formula from Schwarzkopf Professional comes in a stunning range of multi-dimensional pearlescent shades. These shades are intended for use by colorists seeking intensity, performance, and reliability with precise tone direction.

Each shade is stunning, but their rose gold options are top choices when it comes to permanent color. Depending on the shade of your client’s hair, their Ultra Blonde Plus Coral or Pastel Candy are stunning options for creating a bold, unique rose gold hue.

Kenra Rose Metallics

One of Kenra’s freshest new offerings, the Rose Metallics line is intended to deliver glossy, shimmering metallic rose gold tones to any shade. The Rose Metallics line is designed specifically to provide the on-trend rose gold shade.
To drench any color in a gorgeous rose gold hue, this permanent color comes in two variations: one lighter and one deeper. These shades are made to last, promising serious longevity and shine.
There is a demi-permanent option available for those looking to give rose gold a try but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for them.

Kadus Permanent Hair Color

For a look grounded in a more natural shade, Kadus’ Permanent Hair Color is a perfect choice for rocking a fresh rose gold. With variations on rose gold that work for any skin tone, coloring, and level of intensity, hair will look beautiful and nourished more than just on day one.
Kadus utilizes their Vitaflection Microsphere technology, providing deeper color penetration and long-lasting results. The technology uses spheres 1,000 times smaller than the hair fiber, and the rich cream color is enhanced with lipids to strengthen and nourish.
Try Dark Blonde Copper Violet for blondes or Light Brunette Copper Violet for brunettes for a cooler, more natural, and rosier-toned shade.

Wella Color Touch

Wella is a name any stylist will recognize. An industry leader in all arenas of haircare, Wella revolutionizes the way stylists have worked for years.
Their new Color Touch formula is unique and beautiful, depositing precisely to only highlighted sections of the hair. The formula is ideal for those looking to spice up their shade with a hint of rose gold without going fully changing their color.
Dark Blonde/Gold Red-Violet is an ideal rosy shade that works for almost any skin tone due to its balance of red and violet. This shade ensures your color is neither too warm nor too cool, while still delivering a beautiful gold tone overall.

Check out Wella’s vast array of options to find the perfect rose gold for your client.

Joico Color Intensity Confetti Collection

Joico is a brand with a serious focus on intense, vibrant color. Their Confetti Collection is a perfect choice for a bold rose gold!

This demi-permanent color lasts up to 10 shampoos, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking to give rose gold a test drive without the commitment of permanent color.

Their Pastel Extend Technology locks the color in place to deposit a bright, intense rose shade to any natural hue. Joico is dedicated to maintaining healthy hair, including their Quadramine Complex in this formula, which helps to repair and strengthen hair during each service.

For those who like to switch up their color frequently without the damage that can occur with frequent dyeing, Joico’s Confetti Collection is a slam dunk.

Those are just our top picks, but there are tons of great options available. Play around with our favorites to find the perfect choice for you and your client.

Post your best looks, so we can see your beautiful color creations!

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