A stylists strategizes her social media marketing for the new year.

Revamping Your Salon's Social Media in the New Year
Your Guide to Elevating Your Cosmetology Social Media Marketing Strategy

New year, new goals. Right?

As trite as it might sound, the new year is a great opportunity for you to take a good, long look at your salon, shop, or spa and ask–how can I make giant strides this year? 

If you’re on the hunt to grow your business and push your cosmetology business to the next level, it’s time to focus on how you can revamp, refresh, and renew major aspects of your business. 

What exactly are we talking about? We’ve got three words for you–social media marketing.

Digital marketing is the queen bee of marketing strategy right now. And at the front and center of that is social media marketing.

Even if social media marketing isn’t your thing, there’s no denying that it’s the leading form of marketing with incredibly high ROI. Plus, social media is considered one of the most direct ways to reach your customers nowadays. 

All of that leads us to this point–if you’re hoping to revive, renew, and reinvigorate your business this year, all efforts should begin by revamping your social media. In this blog, we’re going to give a brief overview of the three platforms we believe matter the most for your cosmetology marketing success.

Keep reading to get a little more insight into the must-have, must-know, and must-revamp social media platforms to include in your digital marketing strategy for 2023.

Revamping Your Social Media Strategy in 2023 

Not sure why you should focus your revamping efforts on your social media strategy? We get that. It can be hard to justify putting a ton of emphasis, time, and resources into social media.

But you should–because the payoff can be amazing. To help give you some insight, we’re breaking down why we think each of these three platforms is so crucial to the growth and well-being of your cosmetology biz. 


Many cosmetologists out there–especially the Gen Z crowd and below–might be wondering why we’re even mentioning Facebook. It’s obsolete, right?

Absolutely not! Facebook doesn’t just have a place on the totem pole of social media you should care about; it has a top spot. Facebook is still relevant and is super important for reaching a particular audience. 

For starters, Facebook has over 2.9 billion users worldwide. That’s a lot of potential customers you could reach. But it’s not just about the quantity you can reach; it’s about the quality of the tool. Facebook is one of the only social media tools that put digital marketing fully in your hands. You can create a full-funnel targeting strategy with multiple forms of engagement for anyone on any part of their customer journey with you. 

We’ve got a lot of upcoming tips about how you can elevate your Facebook strategy, but to give you a little spoiler, here are a few things we’ll be touching on in upcoming blogs:

  • Narrowing & understanding your ideal audience for better Facebook marketing 

  • Optimizing your post timing 

  • Focus on the content your fans want 

  • Investing in Facebook Ads 

  • Use tools to analyze what works and what doesn’t 

  • Step up your photo, video, and multimedia game 

  • Remove the barriers to booking and reaching out 

  • Prioritize engagement 

And that’s just the start of what we’ll be touching on! 


Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for all social media marketing, no matter the industry–but it’s especially crucial in the beauty biz.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are so visual; they’re the perfect place to show off your work and get clients hooked on your services.

A top-notch Instagram strategy can drive brand awareness, encourage sales, and elevate audience engagement – all things that a premium marketing strategy is going to be aiming for.

A stylist looks at her phone as she examines her social media marketing strategy.

Furthermore, customers will now expect you to have an Instagram presence because that’s where they go for social proof, to check credibility, and to see if they’re interested in your services. 

But how can you elevate your Instagram and enhance your social media strategy? We’ll be dropping helpful tips in an upcoming blog, but to give you a little preview, here are just some of the suggestions we’ll be discussing:

  • How to create visually compelling content 

  • How to experiment with and track successful content types 

  • Write premium, attention-getting, and result-delivering captions 

  • How to keep up with the algorithm 

  • Cross-promoting Instagram with other socials (especially Facebook) 

  • Which Instagram trends you should be investing in, and which you can ignore 

  • How to provide real value while creating an aesthetic feed 

  • Investing in Instagram Ads 


TikTok might be the newest of the three social media platforms we’ve mentioned, but it’s also by far one of the most popular with the younger crowd. Ignoring TikTok in your marketing strategy is choosing to ignore a large slice of your desired market.

 TikTok has over 1 billion users and is the second-most downloaded app in the United States. All that to say, TikTok is clearly popular, and it’s definitely where your audience already is. We’re going to dive into key details about how to elevate your TikTok strategy, including tips and insights like:

  • When to post and when not to post 

  • How to get users to engage directly with your content 

  • Which content to post and why 

  • How to find your niche

  • Why it’s important to use trending sounds 

  • Recycling content from TikTok comments 

  • When to jump on trends and when to ignore them 

  • Finding the right hook 

  • Experimenting with different types of videos

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