A beauty pro scrolls through her Instagram as she plans her Instagram marketing strategy.

Revamping Your Salon’s Instagram Marketing in 2023 

If you’ve been keeping up with our recent blogs, you know we’re focusing our energy on revamping and revitalizing social media marketing efforts! You know the drill, beauty pros–new year, new marketing tactics. Whether you’re a social media pro, need a little guidance, or have no idea where to start, these blogs can provide extra insight and some direction as you revamp your strategy this year. 

In our last blog, we tackled one of the biggest social media platforms of all–Facebook. Now, we’re taking on perhaps the most popular social media platform. Drum roll, please, beauty pros–we’re diving into Instagram. 

Even though we’re beauty liability insurance pros, we also happen to be experts at all things social media marketing. And now, we’re sharing top tips with you to help you take your Instagram efforts to new heights this year! 

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Why Beauty Pros Should Invest in an Instagram Marketing Strategy 

It’s no secret that Instagram is like the social media platform for cosmetologists. It’s as influential as TikTok and has a wide reach like Facebook, making it the perfect platform for ambitious beauty pros like you. But are these the only reasons Instagram is the ideal platform? And further, why does investing in your strategy matter? 

Yep, it does. And here’s why: 

  • Instagram’s focus is on brand awareness, story telling, and sharing visual content. That means you can priortize visuals that draw in audiences, explain who you are, and show off your skills. 

  • It’s estimated there are over 1.3 billion active monthly users on Instagram. Your audience is clearly present on this social media platform, no matter who your audience might be. 

  • Instagram Ads are powerful ways to reach your audience where they’re already at. 

Instagram affords you the opportunity to be creative and effective. 
An aesthetic salon with black and white tile is shown, a studio that would photograph well fro instagram marketing content.

The Top Tips for Upgrading Your Instagram Marketing Strategy 

New Features Are a Must

 Instagram is infamous for putting together new, must-try features. And while the constant evolution of the app might end up overwhelming you, the fact of the matter is that if you want the payoff of the algorithm, you have to use new features. Try to keep up with what’s new, what’s trending, and what’s hot in the world of Instagram–then incorporate it into your strategy.

Reels Really Work 

Instagram, like most platforms, used to be all about photos. Now, video is king. Don’t get us wrong, you can still post photos and be creative with still shots on your Instagram, but the real reward comes when you invest in Reels. 

And look, we get it; Reels might seem intimidating. But trust us, you don’t have to be a filmmaker to put out a quick video that gets a lot of visibility. Pay close attention to what’s trending, know the sounds that capture attention, and don’t be afraid to get creative. If you spend some time creating and posting Reels, you’ll see they’re not all that intimidating! Take the leap, give it a go, and invest time in perfecting your Reel content.

Don’t Bypass the “Link in Bio”  Tool 

Cross-promotion is a big benefit of social media platforms like Instagram. We’ve all heard that whole “link in bio” thing, but it’s a trope because it actually works.

Setting up your Insta bio with a link to your website can get you a whole bunch of visibility you wouldn’t have received before. Why? Because you’ve got a different audience on Instagram–an audience that might have never found your website. But you’re connecting the dots, cross-promoting, and gently pushing your social media audience toward becoming clients. 

Create Content Pillars

When it comes to creating content, the process can make your head spin. What should you post? What content works? Is there a type of content that your viewers like better than others? Whether you’re posting videos, infographics, or photos, one fact remains true–you need to stay consistent in your conversations. 

In other words, you need to post within your content pillars. Your content pillars–or rather, the type of content you prioritize for your digital marketing strategy–need to lead your strategy. Think about content pillars as the main three to five categories you’ll post about and build from. If you’re not staying within these pillars, your viewers are going to be confused about your strategy. Post within these for content success! 

A woman's hair is being combed out by a stylist, an Instagram-worthy picture that could elevate an Instagram marketing strategy.

Don’t Forget Your Hashtag Game 

Yep, hashtags are still a big piece of the Instagram strategy puzzle. Like search engine algorithms, the Instagram hashtag algorithm is always changing.

And, spoiler alert, it’s not alway easy to navigate. Make sure you’re paying attention to hashtag trends, formatting your hashtags correctly, and appealing to the right audience by using the correct hashtags.  

Engage, Engage, Engage 

If you’re not replying to comments and DMs in a timely manner, you’re not engaging well with your viewers. Social media isn’t about posting on a schedule and never interacting.

If you want your viewers coming back for more, staying engaged with your content, and interacting with what you post, you have to lead the charge with engagement. Instagram is about growing relationships and fostering a community–and you can’t do that if you’re absent from the community! 

Try Carousel Posts 

You know what a carousel post is, right? When someone shares several photos and videos in a single post. Aside from being a great way to keep people more interested in your content, carousel posts are also strategic.

If someone glides by your post, Instagram sets you up for a second chance to get their eyes on it by showing the next few pictures in the carousel the next time they open the app. Does it work every time? Probably not. Is it worth a shot to get more engagement? Absolutely. 

At the end of the day your Instagram marketing strategy is a worthwhile investment even if it’s frustrating.

Remember, posting consistently, engaging regularly, and keeping your content consistent are key. Make sure these elements are core parts of your strategy. The rest will fall into place!  

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