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Do You Try To Sell Retail Products To Your Clients, But Feel Good About The Products You Have To Offer?

Or, do you feel like you are being too pushy if you try to sell products to your clients? These days, it can be tough to get your clients to buy products from you. The markup is typically double what you pay for it, and with retailers such as Amazon, how do you compete?

Clients are more cost conscious these days than ever before. Even if you are retailing products they love, they can most likely buy them cheaper elsewhere.

If you are a commissioned stylist, odds are you receive compensation for selling products to your clients. If you are a stylist who rents a booth, you might receive some sort of payment when you sell products through the salon. Either way, retailing products is something that can help boost your income every month. 

Why Should Clients Buy Products From You?

Let’s start with the basics. You are providing professional services to your clients, this includes color, perms, keratin treatments, extensions, etc.

Many of your services do inflict some chemical damage to your client’s hair, even when you are careful—it is the nature of what you do. Professional products guarantee your work will not be compromised even after your client goes home.

Many product manufacturers and salon insiders will tell you that when a client purchases a product from outside of the salon, there is no guarantee that it’s authentic.

Chances are, you have seen after-market products at a swap meet, or in other beauty supply stores that might seem questionable. This is a valid reason to encourage your clients to buy from you. You stand behind your work and the products you supply.

You know the best products for your clients’ hair. After you have completed a beautiful color on a client, the last thing you want is for them to go home and strip it out by using the wrong shampoo.

How Do You Convince Your Clients To Buy From You?

One way to convince a client to buy products from you is by offering a guarantee. If they use the products you send them home with and their color fades, you can offer to refresh it at no additional cost. This helps to build loyalty in both your service and products.

Be realistic about what your clients can use on their hair. If your client tells you what they are using at home, don’t have them throw it away if it is a viable option. Instead, encourage them to use what they have, then recommend an alternative after once they run out.

Offer to take time during their next appointment to go through the products they have at home. Ask them to bring in any products they are using, so you can go through them and evaluate whether the products are right for their hair. It might even be helpful to then show them how to properly use the products for the best result.

If they want to purchase products from you, take them off the shelf and bring them to your chair before the client leaves. Explain to the client how they use them effectively or use the products on them before they leave.

Sometimes products work better when you use them with other products. Clients need to know this for a better result. This will encourage them to continue to buy products from you.

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Don’t Be Pushy, Just Be Honest 

I think the aspect of retail sales that I dislike the most is feeling as if I am being too pushy. I was told many years ago that it is your responsibility to recommend products to your clients.

Think about it, you are creating beautiful colors and styles for your clients. When you send them out without the right products to protect and enhance the work you have done, what does that say about your work?

If you feel pushy or uncomfortable selling products to your clients, then change your approach. Instead of telling them to buy from you, ask them what they currently use and tell them why your choices will work better for them.

Be knowledgeable about the products you offer, and gain a better understanding of how the products you offer compare to others on the market. Granted, you can not possibly know everything about every product out there, but having a good idea will boost your credibility as a professional.

Remember, your relationship with your clients is not a sprint, it is a marathon. You want them to stick with you for the long run. Have patience in selling products, be consistent with your approach, and be honest. This will go a long way when building good and long-term relationships with them.