The Top 4 Reasons to Consolidate

Your Spa & Esthetician Services

We’ve all heard the saying less is more, right?

Though this adage might not be true in every aspect of life, we definitely consider it to be a winning mantra when it comes to service lists in the esthetics world.

Over the past year, many of us have looked around and noticed there’s just too much fluff, stuff, and extra junk that’s taking up unnecessary room, diving our attention, and diverting us from what really matters. We believe this is specifically true when it comes to spa service lists.

Have you ever seen a long list of spa services at an establishment and thought, “Geeze—they offer absolutely everything—how do they do it?”

In reality, if a spa can do that, they probably have a giant, trained staff, plenty of resources, and no issues with profit. But this isn’t always a doable (or even smart) goal for spas—no matter what size they might be or the number of resources they might have.

In fact, there are some seriously notable benefits that go hand-in-hand with regularly evaluating and consolidating your spa menu to ensure you’re only offering profitable, useful, and top-notch offerings.

Especially now in  COVID-19 era, it can be important to take a good, hard look at your spa menu and ask yourself, “what could we eliminate to make us better, stronger, and more profitable?

Don’t misinterpret us—this isn’t COVID-specific advice.

It’s always beneficial to stick to a consistent schedule of evaluating, upgrading, and consolidating your menu. It keeps you on-trend, relevant, and focused so that you can offer the best-of-the-best to the clients you love.  

Streamlined For the Staff

Let’s face it, training new staff and keeping current staff up-to-date on a bunch of new and trendy services can be tricky and challenging. Of course, training is an absolute must for any and every service you’re offering, but you can tidy up this lengthy process by consolidating your offerings and focusing on just a few services.

This way, your new hires and your seasoned staff will be able to put all their energy into perfecting just a handful of techniques, procedures, and offerings, making it easier than ever for them to become the go-to pros for specific services.

As another benefit, you’ll likely be able to substantially cut down on training time, allowing you to invest your time more efficiently into other avenues of your business.

Build Your Competitive Strength

Customer service and guest satisfaction should be at the top of your list when it comes to your business model.

Why? Because even though you’re in a creative industry, esthetics also heavily overlaps into the service industry. If you’re not looking out for your customers and offering them premium experiences, they’re bound to find someone else who will. 

How does a smaller menu play into this? When you consolidate your service list, you’re able to highlight and build on your competitive strengths. 

Because you’re not tacking on every new and trendy service under the sun (that you might not have as much experience in and probably aren’t considered the go-to specialist on quite yet), you’re focusing on a few services that are the foundation of your business. 

Being considered the expert in a handful of things is so much more beneficial than being average at a ton of different offerings.

Booking is a Breeze

We’re not saying that booking is always an annoying task, but if you’re dabbling in a little bit of everything, filling up the schedule with XYZ and then some can totally complicate your calendar.

Not only does a huge menu of services make your life harder, but it can also overwhelm your potential customers. Sure, there are some people out there who love a giant selection—that’s OK, too. 

But overall, it’s likely that a big ol’ list is going to stress out your target market. Obviously, you’ll want to look into your customer’s needs, desires, and pain points before you eliminate anything, but don’t be surprised if a smaller menu makes things a whole lot easier.

Cost-Effective Product Selection

If you’re not offering every service under the sun, the list of products you’ll need in order to accomplish your services is going to be a lot smaller. When it comes to costs, we all know that the proper products can eat up you’re your cost.

Because you don’t want to skimp on the good stuff (and because you want to offer your clients the best of the best), it’s likely that you’re willing to pay a bit more for the good products.

When you choose to slim down your menu and focus on your specialty services, you automatically cut out all the funds you’d be spending on premium products for extra services.

See how cost-effective it can be to whittle down your service menu?

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