How to Interview Your Interviewer: 

The Questions Every Stylist Needs to Ask During a Salon Interview

You’re about to embark on an epic interview for your dream job. You’re running through the checklist of everything you need to do to prepare and so far, you’re pretty much crushin’ it.

Prepped and researched the salon? Check.

Lucky outfit on lock? Check.

Mock interviews all taken care of, list of references all lined up, resume updated and pristine? Check, check, and check.

Seems like you’re ready to get out there and nab that dream job, right?

Well—you’re close. Before you race out the door, ask yourself an important question—do I have a list of questions lined up for my interviewer?

Seems weird, right? The way job interviews work, you’re the one being interviewed and put on the spot, not the other way around.

But having a good, solid list of questions for your interviewer is a big dang deal when it comes to deciding whether the job is actually your dream job.

Why? Because the culture of the salon, the atmosphere, and the environment you’ll be working in are all vital components to that dream job criteria—if you’re not tactfully and mindfully asking your interviewer about these factors, you could be walkin’ into a job that isn’t the right fit for you.

Does This Position Encourage & Offer Continued Education or Training?

Whether it feels important right now or not, know that—eventually—this is going to be something that matters to you. You might not prioritize advanced training at this moment, but trust us, this is going to be a huge priority when it comes to continuing your career.

Ask about education programs within the salon, discuss the possibility of the salon investing in new products and services, and talk about certification for additional offerings.

Understanding a salon’s take on their employees investing in their own future (and the future of the salon) is hugely important.

Let’s Discuss Your Top Stylists—What Are Their Salaries Like?

Don’t be afraid to ask about the top stylists in the game. No, you don’t need to outright ask for a dollar amount for each stylist, but it’s important to know the ceiling you’re working with and to understand your income or compensation potential.

If there’s not a ton of room for growth at this salon, that might be something to consider. But don’t just fixate on the salary or hourly wages. 

Ask about other benefits like dental, 401k contributions, time-off, sick days, vacation time, healthcare, and more. Take all of these things into account when considering this position.

Talk to Me About Contracts—What Do I Need to Know?

If you choose to work with this salon, what type of contracts do you need to sign? Will you need to sign a non-compete?

If so, how does that work? Does it severely limit your options if things don’t work out with this salon?

Make sure you understand all the details before you sign anything or decide to take on this job.

What Do Your Stylists Love About Working in This Salon?

It might feel like an intrusive question, but we promise you—it’s not.

It’s important to understand what current stylists in the salon space love about their current place of employment. Is it a positive environment? Is creativity encouraged?

Does it feel like a safe, exciting space? Do stylists love coming into work?

Talk to Me About Your Busy Days—What Do Those Look Like in This Salon?

Is there a particular day the salon gets slammed? Any busy trends to be aware of? Is your salon big on running coupons, deals, or Groupons? Are you able to opt-out of it if it’s not your scene?

Try your best to understand what the busy days are like, how the salon handles them, and try to feel out if the way they handle pressure is a good fit for your style.

Do Stylists Work Solo or is This More of a Team Set-Up?

Are you going to be working on more of a lone wolf setup or is this a team-player gig? What are the other stylists like—will they be open to a new stylist in the ring? When someone needs help, do the other stylist in the salon trust each other to work together?

We’re not saying you need to grill your interviewer (that probably wouldn’t go over super well or help you get the job, right?), but it is important to ask important questions about the job. Why? Because you’re feeling them out as much as they’re feeling you out.

Ultimately, you’re both just trying to make sure this match-up is the perfect fit, so don’t be afraid to ask important questions that mean something to you.

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