The Must-Read List 

of the Must-Haves for Your Professional Beauty Biz Website

A killer skill and a reputation that other beauty pros would kill for? Check.

A team of talented professionals backing you up, growing your biz, and boosting your profits every step of the way? Yep, check.

A breathtaking space that’s home to all your industry dreams, goals, and inspirations? Oh yeah, check.

You’ve got it all, right? You’ve run down this list and you’ve checked every box. You’ve got everything you need to ensure that you’re a non-stop beauty industry success.

There’s just one more box to check—an absolutely amazing, business-driving website.

Can’t check that box just yet? That’s OK—just by opening this blog, you’re mere steps away from getting there. 

We present to you the must-read list of the must-haves for your professional beauty biz website—get to reading and get to designing, people, you’ll be glad you did!

Killer Content That’s Actually Informative 

By this, we mean relevant pages that tell your clients who you are, what your brand is all about, and why you’re a badass beauty pro. This can include a variety of pages and features—bios, stunning photos, links to your social media accounts (this is a super important one, guys), a consistently updated blog, eBooks, a list of services, guides, etc. 

Here’s the thing, what you add to your website is totally up to you. The specific pages and posts, well, that ball is totally in your court. What matters most is that whatever you choose to upload, you’re offering clients (and potential clients) a glimpse into who you are, why you matter, and why your business is better than the rest.

It needs to be current; it needs to be consistently evolving, and it needs to be more than just fluffy words and photos. 

Remember, your website isn’t a formality, it’s a client-winning resource that can work wonders for your business—so treat it as such! 

Reviews & Testimonials

This is where you flex on ‘em, you guys. Sure, word-of-mouth is great for your business, but if you’re going to have a dynamite website, you should be dang sure you’re optimizing that site to bring in the most benefits possible.

Obviously, that means your top-notch customer reviews should be listed somewhere on your site.

Not really sure why customer reviews matter? Read up right here, people—one skim of this article and you’ll be singin’ a different tune.

If you’re totally on board with the power of customer reviews but you’re not sure how to curate the best of the best, check out this post right here about optimizing your reviews! 

Clear Service List 

Don’t make people guess about what you’re offering—show off your services loud and proud and make it readily available for anyone who visits your site.

People are probably checking out your site in the first place to see if you’re a good fit, right? Well, how can they know if you’re the right fit for them if they don’t even know what you offer at your salon, shop, or spa? 

Hint: they can’t. 

Make sure you designate a clear-cut section on your site that’s solely devoted to explaining your services. Whether or not you want to list prices on there, well, that’s up to you—but no doubt, you need to make sure your clients—and future clients—know what you offer.

Professional, Cohesive Layout 

Brand cohesion, people—it’s a must for our websites. And most of the time, that starts with having a solid aesthetic for your site and a clear, brand-appropriate layout. If you’re not sure what your brand is, how to go about branding, or aren’t super-clear on the difference between the two, we recommend you check out our article here all about brand vs branding (and understanding the differences). That’s the best first start we can advise! 

Go ahead, get to reading—we’ll be right here when you get back. 

Ready to dive back in? Good! Now that you’ve got a clear grasp on your brand, you know that how you design your website fits into the branding category.

Your website is a huge part of your brand identity and should be treated as such. That means you need to think long and hard about the look of your site! 

Spoiler alert, we can help with this part.

Did you know when you partner with Elite Beauty Society for your professional liability insurance needs, we actually provide you with a free, professional website that’s totally customizable and totally yours? Yeah, we do that. 

P.S., we’ve got a lot of useful members-only benefits that come hand-in-hand with our insurance. Have we piqued your interest? (Yeah, we thought we might have). Check out our long list of benefits here!

An Easy, Intuitive Way to Contact You 

Don’t make this harder than it has to be—if you do, it’s unlikely anyone is going to connect with you. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how talented you are, how in-demand you are, or how hot AF you are right now.  If you’re making it harder than it needs to be for a customer to contact you, book you, or reach out, you’re going to lose business.

This is the part of the process that should be the absolute easiest. Why? Because you don’t want any roadblocks in your way. 

Make sure you have a clear-cut guide for getting in touch and make sure that no one is ever confused or lost on how to contact you. 

A Healthy Dose of SEO 

We’re not saying you need to be an SEO expert, but we are saying that SEO is a reality we can’t ignore. SEO—otherwise known as search engine optimization—is a collection of specific strategies in website design and marketing that helps bring in traffic to your website based on the keywords that users type into their search engines.

We won’t lie to you—SEO can be confusing. That being said, it’s anything but impossible. If you’re willing and ready to learn all about it, there are infinite sources online (some free and some not), courses you can take at your local community college, and classes you can enroll in taught by SEO experts. 

Not interested in tackling this part of your business? Don’t sweat it—we’re not all meant to run every facet of our business (and BTW, that’s not a bad thing).

There are plenty of experts out there you can hire—some that can even work with your budget! 

Do you have a killer example of a badass beauty pro website that you admire (and is it lowkey your own website)? We don’t care whose site it is—drop it in the comment section and let’s get this convo buzzin’ in the community. 

If you have tips to share, please do! If you have questions to ask, drop those down below as well. Above all, these resources are for learning and sharing, so we encourage you to do both right here.

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