The Top Ambassador Programs

to Check-Out & Join

Diving into the world of brand ambassadorship can be fun, exciting, and most importantly, beneficial for your career.

Being a brand ambassador—especially if you’re a brand ambassador for a company you really believe in with products and services you totally back—can be a really positive thing for you, your business, your career, and even for the consumers who trust you (i.e., your insta followers, your in-person customers, and everyone else you interact with on a daily basis).


Well, for a few reasons.

Linking up with a bigger company by being an ambassador can grant you access to a larger audience (which is great for your career), it can provide you with tons of connections (also good for your business), can help you hone new skills (are you seeing a trend here? Also a fabulous bonus for your career), and can even bring some extra money, which allows you to diversify your income stream (something we’re big fans of at EBS).

The good news? There are so many ambassador opportunities out there (like hundreds of thousands).

There’s bound to be a handful of programs that are perfect for you, that you actually believe in, that can help you boost your career, and that can ensure you make an actual difference in someone’s life or beauty regimen.

There’s just one problem—with hundreds of thousands of opportunities out there (and some of them being fake or not so great) how can you possibly know which programs are worth your time, energy, effort, and commitment?

That’s what we’re here to help with.

First things first, we’re going to give you a brief little intro on something we feel very passionately about—how to tell if partnering with a brand is the right move for you! Then, we’re going to give you our two cents on something equally as important—listing our some very (very!) excellent ambassador programs that get our EBS seal of approval.

Remember, if an ambassador program isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean it’s not a great opportunity—just use your experience, your common sense, and your gut to figure out what’s right for you!

How to Tell if a Brand is Right For You

In our social media-driven world, it’s no secret there are endless opportunities for ambassador or influencer programs. The problem? This over-saturation can make it tough to decide if partnering with a brand is a good move, legitimate, or even worth your time.

This is such a huge piece of the ambassador puzzle that we wrote an entire article on the subject—we highly recommend you check it out right here.

For those of you who are committed to continuing to read this article, here are some of the main pointers from that other one (we still recommend reading it after you finish up this one).

  • Make sure you believe in the brand, the company, the product, or the service.
  • Your partnership should be symbiotic and never too one-sided—in other words, you and your partner should both benefit. It might not be equal, but it should be pretty damn close.
  • Don’t ignore your gut. If something feels off about an ambassador program, it’s probably off. Trust your instincts.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of marketing benefits in it for you. Your ambassador should have more influence than you, not less.
  • Be fully aware and on board with your ambassador responsibilities. The last thing you want to do is commit to something you can’t deliver on.

Fantastic Ambassador Opportunities You Should Check Into ASAP

Like we said, reading that article (hey, look, we’re linking it right here one more time) is going to be a huge help when it comes to determining if partnering with a brand is the right choice for you. Even so, it’s important to realize the caveat we just mentioned—the brand needs to be right for you. It might hit every single one of those points we mention, but as long as you believe in the brand, it’s legitimate, and you get something you enjoy and want out of it, it’s likely a good choice.

Speaking of good choices, we’re giving you some serious info on some of our all-time fave ambassador programs right here, right now.

Though we highly encourage you to do your own research and find the brands that work best for you, we definitely recommend that you consider this a little cheat sheet.


Though CanvasME as less of an ambassador program and more of a mentorship, this still tops our list as one of the best programs a cosmetologist can get involved with.

CanvasME is a network that’s all about collaborating to help cosmetologists, barbers, stylists, MUAs, and beyond grow their circles and enhance their work. They offer a mentorship mashup program that’s essentially the jackpot for artists who are looking to mingle and meet with professionals who can better them, their careers, and their futures through mentorships. Check out the mentorship section on their site to learn more.

Beauty Changes Lives

This ambassador program is all about bringing some good to the world and making your mark. The Beauty Changes Lives ambassador program combines your passion and zest for beauty with your ability to lead and make positive changes. You’ll receive images to post online every month with updated info on the BCL opportunities for the industry—you could even be a part of the judging panel to select scholarship winners! This program is all about positive impact, being an advocate for education, a conduit for good work, and a champion in the beauty industry.

Paul Mitchell

We all kind of already know that anything the Paul Mitchell brand touches turns to gold. So, it should come as no surprise that their ambassador program is pretty dang badass, right? Paul Mitchell’s JPMS ambassador program is all about connecting with qualified beauty pros who blog, vlog, and are total social media queens and kings.

You’ll receive complimentary hair products to try and review, giveaway opportunities, special campaign consideration, the opportunity to be featured on PM’s Instagram and FB, and the potential for a more in-depth partnership. You’ll need 10,000+ followers on Instagram and/ or YouTube, live in the United States, and have a real passion for hair, their products, and their company in order to have a shot at this program.

EBS Ambassador Program

We saved the best for last (we’re clearly not biased). The EBS brand ambassador program is definitely one you’ll want to check out—and we’re not just saying it because it’s our program.

Ambassadors can receive a free membership with us (that’s like, a must in our opinion), a referral fee for direct sales of EBS policies, digital marketing support, and so much more! Ready to learn more? We thought so. Reach out to our ambassador program point-of-contact right here—

Want some other recommendations? Check out the Amika, Redken, Colortrak, Joico, and L’Oréal ambassador programs, too!  

Ultimately, no matter what program you decide on—one on this list or not—all we advise is that you ensure you’re choosing a program that works for you and never against you. An ambassador program should help you grow, increase your exposure, and create great new contacts and opportunities.

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