Elite Beauty Society Preps for Premiere Orlando
Everything You Need to Know About the June 4th-6th Event

The beauty event of the year is almost here.

It’s the must-attend, can’t-miss, gotta-go-to-it beauty extravaganza that gets better every single year.

It’s jam-packed with the mentors you’ve been dying to learn from, the biggest stars in our industry, the hottest products that haven’t even hit the markets, and the best of the best vendors out there (and we’re not just saying that because we’ll be there–but like, we will be there).  

Yep, if you’re in the know, you know what we’re talking about–Premiere Orlando.

If you’re not in the know, don’t sweat it. This blog is set up to educate and inform you on everything you need to know about one of the greatest beauty conventions of the entire year.

Read on to dive into must-know details like where it is, how you can prepare, important facts, and of course, where you can find us at the event!

What is Premiere Orlando?

Okay friends, this is the best part of the article. We’re going to dive into the details about Premiere Orlando for ya so you can have the total dish before you buy your ticket. So, let’s start with the basics.

For starters, Premiere Orlando is, like, the largest beauty show in the United States of America.

Think of it as like an enormous beauty extravaganza where you can find top companies on display, the beauty experts you admire on deck, continued education classes, top-notch vendors, and a serious platform for all the latest trends, products, techniques, and more.

Explore everything that’s happening in the industry from every angle at Premiere Orlando! From hair and skin to nail art and barbering, there’s literally no limit to what you’ll discover at Premiere Orlando. If it’s part of the cosmetology industry, it’s happening here at Premiere Orlando.

Where Is Premiere Orlando?

Orlando, Florida. It’s all going down at the Orange County Convention Center–West Complex.

When is Premiere Orlando?

That’s an easy one! Premiere Orlando is happening on June 4th-6th, 2022. So, like, super soon! Check out the rates and get your tickets! (Like right now and right here!)

What’s Going Down at Premiere Orlando?

OK, here’s the drill, you can expect an awful lot at the Premiere Orlando. Here are the must-know things about Premiere Orlando

  • It’s only open to beauty pros–AKA the public can’t wander around at whim. That means more facetime for you with mentors, professionals, and experts!
  • Competitions and educational classes!
  • Special events like a Masquerade Party, Beauty Cast Career Showcase, NTNA + BCL Social, Premiere Orlando After Party, Indie Stylist Awards, and so much more
  • Full access to a top-notch vendor floor (that’s where you can find us!) offering you exclusive looks at new techniques, services, tools, products, and so much more
  • Workshops, panel discussions, continuing education, and live talks from the best in the industry  

Wait–EBS Is Going to Be AT Premiere Orlando?

You better believe it, beauty pros. This year, we’re going to be front and center with bells on.

We freakin’ love Premiere and we know you do, too–that’s why we knew we had to be at the 2022 event to get the full experience, meet all of you, and make some beauty industry magic happen.

So, what do you need to know about us, our booth, and what’s going down with our crew?

Pay attention, because you’re going to want to hear this:

  • First and foremost–we’ll be there, so come see us!
  • We’ll have a booth at the event–come see us at booth #3383
  • Giveaways aren’t the only thing happening­–except discounts a-plenty that you can only get when you meet us at the event!

But when it comes to giveaways, we got that covered too, at our booth you'll be able to enter to win the following:

  • FREE EBS Membership
  • $100 Salon Centric Giftcard 
  • Ivan Zoot Career & Business Education Training 
  • FREE Beauty Pro Federation Membership 
  • Hairstory Wash & Styling Products 

In other words, you’re going to want to find us at the expo for sure. What happens if you don’t? You might miss out on some serious savings!

So, are we going to see you at Premiere? Let’s do this thing!

Make sure you find us, say hi, and chat with us about your career (and maybe even some liability insurance, ya dig?). No matter what, we want you to have an absolute blast, learn a ton, and score some major discounts to put you ahead of the game.

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