Pinterest in the Beauty Industry:

How This Platform Can Rock Your Career  

OK, now whether or not you’ve got Pinterest on your social media radar, we know for a fact everybody has heard of it.

C’mon, you know what we’re talking about—that fun little site and app that basically puts the power of crafting gorgeous and inspiring mood boards in your pocket.

But guess what—that’s not all Pinterest does. GASP.

No way, people, Pinterest—like most other social media platforms—is actually a powerful tool that’s crucial for marketing, getting eyes on your content, and of course, getting people into your chairs.

The interesting thing about Pinterest is that it works a whole heck of a lot like a search engine.

In fact, Pinterest actually creates a feed of images based on search terms according to an algorithm that is actively learning what viewers like to see—then it generates content directly into someone’s feed.

Another thing that Pinterest brings to the table that some other social media platforms can’t?

Serious aesthetics. TBH, Pinterest is absolutely gorgeous and highly visual—which, is basically what consumers and customers want to see when they log on to any platform.

Do you see why Pinterest could be an impactful marketing tool when used properly?

We figured you would.

If you’re ready to learn more about Pinterest, why it matters, and how you can better harness its power for your career’s benefit, then you’re in the right place—keep reading!

Why Pinterest Matters 

Pinterest is low-maintenance, easy to use, and gorgeous—it’s bound to be your fave social media platform (for marketing purposes) once you get the hang of it.

But honestly, that’s just the very beginning of the list.

Realistically, Pinterest matters a lot for business owners or entrepreneurs like you—here’s why:

  • Pinterest drives traffic—like, tons of traffic. This platform is a phenomenal way to increase your backlinks to your website, drive more traffic, and convert more would-be clients into customers.
  • Pinterest is where the people are. According to Pinterest itself, the platform has more than 450 million active monthly users. That’s a lot of possibility for connection and conversion.
  • People use Pinterest for inspiration. Seriously! According to Pinterest, about 89% of its audience is on the platform for purchase inspiration—this is a phenomenal opportunity to showcase what you can do and influence a customer’s decision.
  • Pinterest easily integrates with your other social media platforms and your website—that’s a lot of cross-platform opportunities.

The Basics of Pinterest: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Setting up a Pinterest account isn’t terribly hard. If you’ve ever created a social media account for any other platform, you’ll basically know the drill from the start.

Here are a few key Pinterest facts you need to know to get started, though.

  • Pinterest is a lot like Instagram in that it’s entirely visual—so you’ve got to focus on making sure the pictures you share are compelling and beautiful.
  • Format your photos correctly, this makes all the difference (600px by 900px, 2:3 aspect ratio).
  • If you can, try to dual-purpose your images and videos from other platforms onto your Pinterest but also add photos that don’t make it onto your other social media platforms.
  • Take time to understand Pinterest SEO—because it does matter.
  • Organizing boards that showcase your work in specific subsets is a great marketing tool—and with Pinterest, you can have as many boards as you like, so take advantage of that.
  • Organized, searchable content is going to be a big win.
  • Remember, Pinterest is more than just stunning images—that’s just what draws people in. Make sure you’re using this platform to reach audiences and provide great resources and information.
  • Consistency is key—just like it is on every social media platform. Slacking on Pinterest is going to mean less than favorable results, so make sure to schedule your work and give it your all.

It’s important to realize that the above points are just the basics. 

There’s a lot you can do with Pinterest—all it takes is a little time, research, and effort! You’ll be profiting off your social media marketing attempts in no time, trust us.

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