Suites Make Sense in Today’s World

Salons are slowly starting to reopen and regardless of if you’re a hairstylist, an esthetician, a manicurist or a massage therapist, there are new considerations that must be taken as a business owner. After all, none of these professionals are able to stand six feet away from their clients and complete the services that they are being asked to provide. 

Safety standards in businesses will vary according to state, but there are several precautions that can be implemented to keep clients healthy.

It’s important to check with the CDC and your industry to ensure you are doing everything possible and familiarize yourself with the latest standards and guidelines. 

One thing to consider which supports the model of social distancing, and being sanitary, is operating your business in a private suite.  There are several benefits that a suite offers which cannot be obtained in a full-scale multi-professional salon.

For example, clients do not share common waiting rooms. Further, all equipment including wash bowls, cabinetry, and tools are used only by the sole proprietor renting the suite. This reduces the opportunity to spread germs with proper sanitizing between clients. 

In addition, many salon suite concepts allow Lifestyle Professionals to access their suites 24 hours per day. This means that clients who may be at higher risk or simply concerned about remaining healthy, can schedule their appointments during times that are considered off-peak.  Along with the flexible hours of operations comes security systems and private access control.

Other benefits include practical items like setting your own schedule, selecting your own product line to use and being your own boss. With some companies, like Phenix Salon Suites, Lifestyle Professionals are not required to sign long term agreements which allow for the flexibility to determine if the model is the right fit. 

Phenix Salon Suites also offers complimentary online and in person education, complimentary wifi, a complimentary professional business management app, client parking, a national convention and much more. 

Start making your clients feel at home and at ease today. Stop by a Phenix Salon Suites location and learn all about the benefits of this terrific concept. Visit online at