Professional Beauty Association—

The Disaster Relief Fund 

If you keep up with our regularly updated blog, you know that lately, we’ve been focusing on a particular foundation that’s near and dear to our hearts—The Professional Beauty Association. 

This foundation is important to us for several reasons—not only are they advocates for professionals in the beauty community (they’re literally an organization that’s a collective group made up of MUAs, stylists, beauty students, and more), but they also focus a ton of their energy and attention on using the beauty community to change the world from the inside out. 

While they have quite a few charities that fall under the umbrella of their foundation, there’s one, in particular, we want to highlight today—the PBA Disaster Relief Fund.  

This fund is dedicated to helping beauty professionals—your colleagues!—rebuild and restart their homes, their careers, and their lives if something devastating should happen.  

Who is the Professional Beauty Association? 

But before we dive into the details of PBA’s Disaster Relief Fund and really outline how it can help professionals in our industry, we want to first introduce you to the foundation itself—you know, to really give you an idea of how special and vital they are! 

PBA is an organization designed to support the professionals in the beauty industry in any way they can. The association is made up of beauty pros, knit together with manufacturers, MUAs, stylists, freelancers, spas, shops, barbers, beauty schools, students, and so much more! Essentially, this is an association for beauty pros, created and run by beauty pros. 

But more than that, PBA is all about using the beauty community to make a difference in the world. They put together a ton of different charitable funds, events, movements, and more that are designed to change and improve communities with the help of professionals like you.

In addition to their Disaster Relief Fund, the PBA Foundation has several charities they either spearhead or collaborate with. Included in these efforts are opportunities like Cut it Out—a movement that rallies the beauty community against domestic abuse—and the Look Good Feel Better Program—a public service that was created to help people with cancer to look good, improve their self-esteem, and manage treatment and recovery with greater confidence. 

What Exactly is the Disaster Relief Fund? 

The Disaster Relief Fund is a charitable fund that The Professional Beauty Association created in order to help beauty industry professionals (just like you) recover and rebuild following the devastation of a natural disaster.

The entirety of the funds—literally 100 percent of the funds—that are donated to PBA’s Disaster Relief Fund go directly to the beauty industry professionals who need it most. 

Everything You Need to Know About PBA’s Disaster Relief Fund 

  • As we mentioned, 100 percent of PBA’s disaster relief fund is donated directly to beauty professionals who need it—in this case, following the devastation of a natural disaster.
  • Professionals who donate to the PBA Disaster Relief Fund do not need to be members of the association—you don’t even have to be a professional in the industry. To donate, click here
  • Further, those who are applying to receive relief from PBA’s Disaster Relief Fund don’t need to be PBA members. All beauty professionals qualify to apply. To apply, click here
  • If funding is awarded, it’s intended to be an emergency cash source for short-term needs like food, bills, clothing, supplies, and tool replacement. It won’t assist with the rebuilding of salons, spas, schools, or homes. If you’re an industry professional that has been affected by a natural disaster, you should apply! 
  • As a more relevant note, this fund is for professionals who have been directly affected by natural disasters. At this time, those affected by COVID-19 are not eligible to apply for aid by this fund. But, PBA has a ton of great resources linked right here for you if you do find yourself affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic.  

At Elite Beauty Society, we place a huge emphasis on committing to helping our community. That’s why foundations like the Professional Beauty Association are so important to us. If you also value your beauty community and want to make a difference (but aren’t exactly sure where to start), we suggest you check out the Professional Beauty Association’s website.

Not only can you get involved with the Disaster Relief Fund in an easy, immediate way, but you can also join up with them to partner on a multitude of their charitable efforts.

Have another beauty community-based foundation that gives back, helps, and makes a difference? We want to hear about it! Leave a comment below and let us know about a foundation in your community that’s making a difference!