COVID-19 Relief Fund

How the Professional Beauty Association Foundation Can Help

If you keep up with our blog, you know that we’ve been trying to provide you guys with some helpful resources, information, and insight during these trying, chaotic times—in other words, we’re trying to provide you all with the tools possible to help you during the COVID-19 outbreak.

But, for the past few weeks, we’ve also been providing you with information about one of our absolute favorite foundations out there, the Professional Beauty Association.

Today, those two topics merge in the form of a resource that we’re so, so glad we can spread the word about—the Professional Beauty Association’s PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund.

If you, like so many others, are feeling the financial pressures of COVID-19 (not to mention additional stress, health concerns, and more), this article could be for you.

What is the PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund?

The Professional Beauty Association’s COVID-19 Relief Fund was designed for stylists, MUAs, and every licensed beauty professional out there who has not been able to work or is experiencing financial hardships as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

PBA has teamed up with a few partners in the industry to create this fund in the wake of this unprecedented crisis—a crisis that’s affected us all pretty directly given that our jobs require us to be up close and personal with our clients.

Here’s a streamlined look at everything you need to know about the fund, how to apply, and how you can start taking necessary steps toward receiving the help you might need:

  • The PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund will provide $500 to licenses beauty professionals who are unable to work as a direct result of COVID-19. That funding is intended for use for short-term emergency aid for things like food and bills.
  • It’s important to note that funds are limited to donations in hand and it’s expected that there will be an overwhelming amount of applications—that being said, as much as PBA would like to help everyone, we realize that $500 will not replace your lost income. Unfortunately, not everyone who submits an application will receive funding.
  • Applications will be reviewed every day Monday through Friday and you must complete all of the requested fields correctly in order to be considered.
  • Only one application per licensed professional will count, so please only submit one application. Unfortunately, because this slows down the process substantially, anyone who applies with duplicate applications will be disqualified.
  • If you’re participating in an individual or salon-based fundraises for COVID-19 relief (like a GoFundMe or something similar), you’re not eligible to apply for this fund.
  • PBA will be delivering this $500 to professionals via electronic gift cards to ensure they’re complying with social distancing standards.
  • Because there are going to be more applicants than available funds, PBA will operate on a lottery system as donations are received so that all eligible applicants have an equal chance of receiving aid.

PBA wants to remind everyone that this fund is for those who are truly relying on access to this aid—please, only apply to this fund if you’re truly in need.

That being said, if you truly need help, please don’t hesitate to apply to PBA’s COVID-19 Relief Fund right here. As PBA says, “we are Connected by Passion. United by Beauty.”

Want to Help? You Can—Here’s How You Can Help Contribute to the PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund?

If you’re in a place to help further PBA’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, you can come together with the rest of the community! There are several ways you can support the industry while advancing your skills or building your stock, all while helping the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Check out options like:

For the full list of ways to donate to the cause, check out PBA’s donation page right here—there are tons of unique options that can help you stock up your supply, continue your education, and more, all while giving back to folks who need it most!

What is the PBA?

This relief fund is, as we mentioned, put on by the PBA—but who exactly are the folks behind the Professional Beauty Association Foundation?

The Professional Beauty Association Foundation is an organization made up of a collective group of beauty industry people just like you—from individuals like MUAS, stylists, beauticians, and freelancers to entire spas, salons, school, and more—that partner together to provide resources, support, connections, and more to elevate their careers and the careers of others, as well as improve the beauty industry overall.

The overall goal of this group is to make differences through their members using their unique talents, all while bettering the beauty industry as a whole. The PBA Foundation puts together charities, events, movements, and more. In other words, the COVID-19 Relief Fund isn’t the only way they’re reaching out to help the community.

The PBA organizes charities like Cut It Out, the Disaster Relief Fund, and the Look Good Feel Better Program.

Want to learn more about PBA before you donate or apply to the COVID-19 fund? Check out our full writeup right here on the PBA!

We know that right now is a crazy, hectic time for everyone. We know it’s scary and chaotic and super uncertain, but know this—we’re here for you, we’re in this with you, and we’re all trying to make sense of this together.

If you’re looking for support, advice, and insight, we’ve got a few resources we’ve laid out right here to provide you with the information you need to ensure you’re taking care of yourself.

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Now, more than ever, it’s important we stick together and help each other get through this crazy time.

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