Pay it Forward: Be a Beauty Mentor

We want to paint a picture for you, but we’ll need your help to get there.

Do us a favor. Shut your eyes and try to flash all the way back to the day you decided that a career in the beauty industry was right for you. Really, really think about that moment. Think about everything you were feeling in that defining, life-changing minute where you finally figured out what could be right for you.

Were you excited? Scared? Nervous? Overwhelmed?

Probably a little bit of everything, right? (And then some, if we’re being honest). Fast-forward to now, to the beauty professional you currently are. Think about everything you’ve learned along the way. The mistakes you made, the successes you’ve found—think about how long it took you to learn what you know now.

We’re not saying you should ever regret your path, but we are going to ask you a simple, but poignant question—what would your path have looked like if someone had been there to guide you along the way?

Undoubtedly, with someone standing there, helping you along every step of the way, you might have avoided some costly missteps, learned things quicker, or leap-frogged to where you are now much faster. Don’t you ever wish that you’d had that—had someone standing in your corner showing you the ropes?

That person—that magical, mythical being that could hold your hand and help you along the way—that person is a mentor. They exist (we’re serious). And you know what? You can be one.

With the way our modern world works, it’s easier than ever to shine your professional, knowledgeable light onto a mentee. One of the best ways? Linking up with a site like Canvas Recruit.

Not only do they make it easy for you to help rising beauty professionals to curate and craft the perfect portfolios, but they also offer dual functionality with a consistently-updated job board!

Thinking about Being a Mentor?—Here’s Why You Should

We’re not going to sit here and try to twist your arm into becoming a mentor, only you can decide that for yourself. But if you’re considering it—or simply want to learn more about why being a mentor matters—read up on a few of the reasons we believe that qualified, experienced professionals like you should invest in up-and-comers:

  • You can be a life-changing influence for a young professional
  • It’s a gratifying feeling to know that you had an involved, unique hand in helping someone rise to success.
  • Being a mentor can help your own career.
  • You can help someone else avoid mistakes or missteps that you made in your own career (bonus points if you believe in karma, right?).
  • It helps you grow, change, and adapt as a human being and as a professional.
  • It brings you face-to-face with rising talent—perhaps talent that you’d like to partner with, collaborate with, or employ one day.

Why the Industry Needs Mentors and Educators Like You

Here’s the thing—we’re not going to make a desperate plea for mentors in the industry, but we are going to be transparent. The industry needs knowledgeable, genuine mentors who care about the rising stars of the beauty industry. As a professional already in this industry, you know how dog-eat-dog it can be. Having an army of helpful, kind, and caring mentors available to newbies, young professionals, and more can make an enormous difference in our entire industry.

  • It can change the lives and career trajectories of young professionals in the industry.
  • It creates a cycle of humanity, compassion, and genuineness that our industry (and the world) desperately needs.
  • It ends the jaded, dog-eat-dog mindset that our industry has come to adapt—we can all succeed, and helping each other along the way is crucial.
  • It helps to hand-select those who are uniquely creative with top talents, as well as weed out those who aren’t passionate about the industry.
 It helps for the overall betterment of the industry from the very root and creates kind, genuine, respectful, and talented professionals who represent our entire industry.

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