Beauty Industry Career Options

Behind the Scenes of the Beauty Industry:Some of the Best Beauty Career Options for Licensed Lovelies in Cosmetology Wait—you’re...

CBD In The Beauty Industry: FAQs

CBD FAQs:Commonly Asked Questions About CBD & Beauty CBD—you’ve probably heard the phrase before, especially since it’s currently taking...

Money Talk: How to Price Color Corrections and Transformations

As a talented stylist, you know that your creative skills and professional abilities know no bounds—there’s nothing you can’t...

5 Wasted Expenses For Salon Studio Owners In 2019

Becoming a salon studio owner is the epitome of a dream come true for most beauty professionals.It is truly...

Charging for My Craft: How Should I Price My Salon Services?

Before we start, we just want to say this out loud: We get it. Entering a new salon can...
Welcome To Elite Beauty Society, We're Glad You're Here!

Welcome to Elite Beauty Society,
we're glad you're here!

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The Dangers of Cosmetology Deregulation

The Dangers of Cosmetology Deregulation Listen up, everyone, because this isn’t going to be our normal cutesy-but-informative-little-article that packs a knowledgeable-but-entertaining-punch—this time, this blog post is here to get down to business. We’re here to address something that everyone at Elite Beauty…

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