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Opening a Second Location?
What Every Beauty Pro Should Know

If you’re having that “should we open a second location?” talk, we want to say something before we even remotely dive into the tips, tricks, and logistics stuff–congratulations! 

A second shop, spa, or salon location means you’ve been doing big things–but it also means big things are happening soon! And before you get lost in the ins and outs of figuring out your second shop, we think you should take a moment to appreciate where you are and where you’re going. 

You–and your career–are worth celebrating, after all. 

Now, onto the important stuff–the insight and info you need to consider when opening a second shop. 

Not sure where to start, what to think about, or how to tell if a second shop is right for you in the first place? This blog is here to help. We’re going to walk you through some high-level considerations for your second location to get your brain goin’ on the thought process. Let’s dive in!

Top Tips for Opening a Second Location

Second salon, here you come! We’ve got just a few things for you to consider before diving into a new spot for your blossoming biz. 

Location, Location, Location (Again) 

Just like with your first shop, the location is going to matter. Of course, you want to consider things like foot traffic, audience, proximity, parking, and all the normal stuff–but now, you’ll want to take your first location into account, too.

How far away are you from your first location? Does it serve a new audience or the same? Is it convenient for you to drive back and forth every day (if you need to)? Is the area trendy and growing? Does it show signs of continuing to grow? Keep all these things in mind when you’re picking the perfect location for your second spot. 

Define Your Audience & Offer Services Accordingly

An estheticians second location shop is shown here.

Ask yourself–and be honest–if this second location is serving more of the same audience or a different one altogether. It’s OK if the answer is yes, but it’s also OK if the answer is no. Being honest about this answer and the direction this second location is going is definitely going to help you plan accordingly. Understanding your key demographic is everything when it comes to setting your business up for success. 

Are you hoping to serve a younger, trendier crowd at this second location? Maybe your service menu should focus on the hottest things happening right now (we’re looking at you, curtain bangs, mullets, and brow laminations). Hoping to serve a more mature or upscale audience? Set up your services to reflect their needs and wants (hydro facials, lash extensions–whatever it might be).  

Got Goals? Make Them Clear 

This advice is going to be key no matter what stage you’re at in your career–but especially important as you begin to draw up plans for your second location. What are your tangible goals for this location? What are you going to make happen? What’s the ultimate plan, here?

Do you want to add this second location so you can add and mentor more cosmetologists? Are you hoping to attract a totally different audience here? Do you want to diversify your business? Build a stronger brand?

Lay it all out on the line before you begin the second location process–those goals re going to be your guiding light. 

Consistency is Key 

Consistent customer experience, customer service, branding, and top-notch services are going to matter when building up your second location–especially for those who have already visited your first location.

If you have customers who know what to expect at your first shop, you better be ready to provide the same–if not better–experience at your second location.

Further, if you want to ensure audiences know who you are and what you’re about, you need to retain brand and messaging consistency with your biz’s brand and OG location–that’s going to eliminate confusion about who you are and what you do. 

When all else fails, keep things consistent! 

Keep Your Audience Up to Date & Aware 

Don’t just launch a second location randomly and suddenly–entice your audience and build buzz around the process! If you want your second location to boom, you can’t expect it to happen in a vacuum.

Avoid the “keep it secret” method and make sure your audiences know that you’re in the process of adding a second location; educate them about where it is, and keep them posted on opening dates! 

Hire the Right Crew to Carry Your Legacy 

Your location might be the most important thing in establishing a second shop, but a great crew to carry your legacy is right there, too. Come out of the gate running with a fabulous team who understands and oozes your brand’s ethics, morals, and mission.

The whole “I’ll find the right team later” mindset doesn’t work–you want to bust into the world with your second location with your best foot (and team!) forward. 

Got your own advice about adding a second location? Guess what, team–we’re here for it.

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