A client shows off her NYE look thanks to her beauty pro.

New Year's Eve Beauty Looks Your Clients Will Love

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to start dreaming about your New Year’s resolutions, fresh looks for 2024, and how you’re going to take your style to the next level. Of course, before you dive headfirst into what lies ahead, it’s time to bid adieu to the previous 12 months with one final fling.

That’s right; it’s New Year’s Eve!

Chances are, people will turn to their beauty pros to guide them to enhanced beauty vibes on NYE. What better way to kick off the new year with a bang than by setting the stage for a fabulous 2024?

Kicking Off the New Year Right: NYE Looks for Your Clients

The start of a new year is a big deal. It’s no time for subtlety or playing it safe.

No, this is a time to flex your beauty pro muscles and craft some bold, eye-catching looks! When your clients turn to you for a memorable NYE look, give them what they want—something not soon forgotten!

Big Bows

With Christmas fading in the rearview mirror and a brand new year ahead, it’s time to rethink gift-giving. Instead of goodies wrapped in boxes beneath the tree, the present is now you—why not wear a big bow show and it?

This festive accessory complements just about look, making it as versatile as it is festive.

Old School, New Year

What goes around comes around, and the start of a new year is a great example of this. Styles like 70’s-inspired bangs are sure to dazzle in the glitz and glamor of a NYE party.

If you want to go all-in on retro, you can even rock a classic bob haircut. It’s the 1920s all over again!

New Year Bangs

A client shows off her NYE look–new bangs.

If you’re going to start the new year with a bang, you might want to consider, well, bangs!

Bangs of all types are trendy right now, and there’s no better time to debut your new bang-forward look than NYE.

From glamorous swooping bangs to flippy side bangs to the curtain bangs of decades past, these looks can highlight your best features, set you apart from the crowd, and give you supreme confidence as you start 2024.

Be Bold

If there’s one takeaway from this deep dive into enhanced NYE looks, it’s that beauty pros shouldn’t be afraid to be bold.

A woman shows off her bold NYE look.

Whether it’s a bold simplicity or embracing all the glitz and glamor of the most upscale NYE celebration, a beauty pro can take your inspiration and your natural features and craft an enhanced look for this one-a-year opportunity to shine.

Ribbons, Accessories, and Bling

Fireworks and NYE go hand-in-hand. To put a little pop in your style, nothing does it quite so well as ribbons, accessories, and other forms of bling.

Ribbons can be pinned into any hairstyle, then braided, wrapped, or left loose to capture a specific vibe.

Other accessories, like pearls and hair crystals, can have a similar glamorous effect, whether they come in the form of headbands or are integrated directly into your style. Even hair glitter and shine are worthy of consideration for an event like NYE.

It’s All About the Eyes

Often called the windows to the soul, your eyes are one of the first features people notice. If you play your cards right, they’ll catch attention and draw people in. They’ll create intrigue, dazzle fellow NYE celebrators, and set the tone for the upcoming year.

Smoky eyes are all the rage, but they’re not the only way to stand out this NYE. Choose the appearance that works best for you and your persona, including sharply defined eyes, metallic eye shadow, bold cat eyes, bright pops of colors, sparkles, and more.

Sparkle and Shine

Speaking of sparkles, nothing quite captures the glitz of NYE like the vibrant shimmer of sparkly elements, whether they come in the form of eye shadow, lipstick, or some other fashion-forward feature.

A client shows off her sparkling makeup for her NYE look.

It can be easy to overdo it on the glimmering goodness, but NYE does grant you more liberty to go bold, so don’t hold back!

Let Natural Beauty Flourish

At a time when everyone is pursuing the biggest, boldest looks, you can set yourself apart by leaning into your natural beauty. There are few looks braver and more confident than allowing your natural look to take center stage and enjoy the spotlight.

A girl shows off her natural NYE look.

Whether you go all-natural or choose to enhance the features you’d like to emphasize, opting for a toned-down, more natural look is a phenomenal option this NYE.

New Year’s Eve is an excellent time to push the boundaries, experiment with new looks, and hone your skills. If you want to stay at the top of your beauty pro game year-round, subscribe to EBS. We’re on the cutting edge of beauty biz info and insights, giving you the knowledge you need to thrive!

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